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Doretta Brown

Position: Office Manager
School: KIPP Spring Academy
School District: KIPP Public Charter Schools
City, State: Washington, D.C., DC

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Doretta Brown was nominated by the parent of a student, Batrina Wallace.

Mrs. Brown goes above and beyond her job duties. She is well known for her no-nonsense aproach and has the kindest heart.

"The first greeting she gives is 'Good Morning/afternoon,' followed by, 'Are you okay?' And if you're not okay, Mrs. Brown will find the time to listen, and help in any way possible. Mrs. Brown is a walking resource for city information and also an active community member," Wallace said.

"When I think of Mrs. Brown, the word 'love' comes to mind because she loves children and families and shows it in her everyday interactions with them," Wallace said.

On some days, children will pile into Mrs. Brown's small office when their parents are running late. On other days, children will be sent to her office when they're having a rough day. Sometimes, Mrs. Brown witnesses situations and quickly diffuses them before they escalate.

"Mrs. Brown has a way of encouraging and listening to people, and motivating them to do their best," Wallace said, "She is a KIPP Spring Acdemy superstar!"  

Mrs. Brown is well known throughout the Mt. Olivet Rd. Campus as well as other KIPP schools in Washington D.C.  

"Myself as well as other parents and staff menbers of KIPP Spring Academy, Washington, D.C. love and appreciate Mrs. Doretta Brown so much! She should be recognized," Wallace said.