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Leyla Richards

Position: ESOL Teacher
School: Babb Middle School
School District: Clayton County Schools
City, State: Forest Park, GA

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Leyla Richards was nominated by a colleague, Pamela Thompson.

"If I had to use three words to describe Ms. Leyla Richards, they would be passionate, resourceful, and dedicated," said Thompson. "She is passionate about her students, her position as an English as a Second Language Teacher, and her role as a leader in her department, school, and community. Another word to describe Ms. Richards is resourceful; she has so many resources in the community that her department and soccer team always have what they need. Ms. Richards is dedicated to the students, parents, other teachers, and community leaders."

"I am proud to nominate Ms. Richards for the LifeChanger Award as she is so deserving," said Thompson. "Ms. Leyla Richards is a true LifeChanger in the Forest Park community and Babb Middle School. Ms. Richards is an excellent leader, mentor, friend, and teacher. She always puts the kids first. She even helps and supports students and parents after school hours. Ms. Richards always arrives early and leaves late to work on school-related activities. Her students love her and understand she is dedicated to them. She also helps with translations of Spanish to English and English to Spanish. She does a host of other behind-the-scenes tasks most do not know about. She ensures that all students receive optimal service academically, recreationally, and socially. Her students come to her and stay with her for life."

"I have never seen an individual who has dedication running in their veins," said Thompson. "She put her whole being into this school, her students, and this community. Ms. Richards is well-respected amongst students, staff, and parents. Ms. Richards always helps with interpreting when asked and is very knowledgeable. Ms. Richards is a fabulous leader in the ESOL department for the school and district. She cares about her students and is a strong advocate in the community. Ms. Richards is also the Soccer coach for Babb Middle School and led her team to the first-ever Middle School Championship for the 2022- 2023 school year. Amazingly, they won and played in the rain! This achievement is a true testament to her being a LifeChanger."

Comments (71)

Ms. Alexander Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards is not just a phenomenal teacher but she is so much more than that. She is very supportive, positive, kind, committed and she is a life changer because she goes above and beyond her duty. Everyday Ms. Richards has the right attitude no matter what she faces, a passion to inspire and the urge to reach not just the students but her fellow coworkers.

Axel Abdiel Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Richards is one of the best teachers ever! She has helped many students throughout their journey. When she faces hard challenges, she does not back down. She is one of the hard working teachers I know. Congratulations Ms. Richards!!!!!

Miguel Alexander Pleitez Velasquez Posted 10 months ago

I think Ms.Richards should win this. She is a great coach and teacher. She has helped me get better at soccer and always pushes me to the best of me. Thanks to her we won the championship at Babb.

Brian Martinez Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards is probably the best teacher in babb middle school. She is nice,caring,and patient and she tries her best to teach us the stuff we got to learn. Another reason i say Ms. Richards is the best teacher is because she always wants to see us succeed she does not want to see us fail.

Wallace Richards Posted 10 months ago

best sister in the world, always going above and beyond and lifting lives congratulations well deserved

gabriel Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Richards is one of the best teachers ever! She has helped many students throughout their journey. When she faces hard challenges, she does not back down. She is one of the hard working teachers I know. Congratulations Ms. Richards

Sandra Suarez Posted 10 months ago

There is so many amazing things I Can said about Leyla (a.k.a Corita). I know her ever since I was a little girl! As I grew up, I could just remember amazing things with Leyla. I would never forget the time when I was 15-year-old, and she was part of making my 15-year-old birthday celebration. She came to my 15th year old trip we had an amazing time with her. She shows me many amazing thing throughout my trip. She has been a wonderful friend of my family from many years ago. She is a wonderful lady; she is always smiling, and you can never tell when she is sad. I love that she is a very caring person, she always caring about everyone, making sure everyone feels welcome. I believe she would be the best life change of the year, since she always put herself last and always cared about others first. I would not have a second thought in nominating her as the first candidate. She is a wonderful definition of an amazing person. Love Sandra Suarez

Felicita phillips Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Leyla is a great person, friend, aunt, sister, and teacher; she has the sweetness, patience, understanding, and knowledge to contribute to every person or student who needs her. All her qualities and passion she has when teaching and educating left her mark on her students Ms. Leyla Richard is an excellent nomination for. LifeChanger. I had an example of that Ms. Layla helped my 17 years old daughter with her correction of the letter to be admitted to SCAD and changed my daughter’s life Because she was accepted. Thank you Ms.leyla for being there for everyone!

Brandon Padron Vazquez Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Richards is the best esol teacher and the best teacher that babb middle school has.She is also the the best coach of clayton county.Thanks to her we were able to win the first clayton county soccer championship.

Evaline Thompson Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards is one of the most dedicated individuals I know. She always go above and beyond for her students, school and community. From the tiresome night with soccer to fun filled days of learning she will wear a smile. She may be imitated but never can she be duplicated.

David Hernandez coronel Posted 10 months ago

M.s Richards is a really good teacher and also a good esol teacher and M.s Richards aslo a really good soccer coach really support thats needs help everybody.

Ruth Hernandez Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards is an amazing human being and teacher! all of our students love her!

Justina Jackson-Brownlee Posted 10 months ago

Leyla Richards is a very dedicated teacher and soccer coach. She has gone above and beyond for her students every year. She headed up the soccer club for Babb Middle for years, volunteering her time and expertise. Now that soccer has become a sanctioned sport for the district, it was a no-brainer to appoint Ms. Richards as the coach. Ms. Richards led her team to the first-ever Middle School Championship for the 2022- 2023 school year. I am ecstatic for her and to see her being chosen as the TOTY and for any other awards coming her way. She is well deserving of it all.

Jovani Olvera-Cruz Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards really deserves this, she works very hard for her students and her soccer team. She is the only reason the Babb Soccer Team won the championship. Whenever we didn't give the best on a game she would motivate us and push us to give our 100 the next game. She non stop begged to get soccer to be an official sport, 13 years she tried and tried and it happened. Ms. Richards changed my life and filled a spot in me forever.

Jorge S Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards is an incredible teacher who always helps everyone achieve their goals and helps them overcome their challenges.

Alexis Garcia - Saguilan Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Richards is a really awesome coach and shes also a nice teacher from what i've heard. She likes to help out and go out of her way to ensure we can accomplish things and plans things.

Christian Cortes Posted 10 months ago

For my time I went to Babb I was very lost and confused. I really needed a cool, and chill teacher to guide me, and help me with my dream of being a professional soccer player. Ms. Richards will always cheer you on, and be there for you when you need help. Ms Richards would feed our team with her own money, and give us car rides and would never leave us stranded.

Aida Loredo Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards is a great teacher, coach and person overall. She is our Babb Middle School Teacher of the Year for 2023-2024. She is always willing to help our students, parents and staff. Ms. Richards is a great leader.

Tenancia Quick Posted 10 months ago

I have watched Ms Richards influence the lives of so many students and families in our community as a teacher and leader. Her involvement exceeds the boundaries of the school walls. She offers resources, advice and love. So much so that she is also family to so many. Please accept her nomination because she is truly a LifeChanger.

Tammera Robinson Posted 10 months ago

The quote "Be the change you want to see in the world" and "Be the person you needed when you were younger" characterizes Ms. Richards. She is a wealth of knowledge in many areas of academia. Hand over fist she provides guidance, support, assistance, and encouragement to teachers, students, and stakeholders alike. She plans events for our school community as a whole to promote inclusion and goes above and beyond to give our students and families quality experiences within our school community. Ms. Richards is an example of a great teacher that every school community needs.

Ruth Caine Posted 10 months ago

I'm proud to have worked with Ms. Richards for the past 8 years at Babb Middle School. She is a dedicated ESOL teacher, mentor, coach and Lead Teacher of the ESOL program. She is an integral part in bringing the awareness to the different cultures represented in our school. As a Soccer Coach, she made history when she led our School's undefeated soccer team on to becoming Clayton County's Middle School Soccer Champions! I am delighted that she was nominated for this honor.

Harnary Seng Posted 10 months ago

I am writing to your organization in hopes that Ms. Leyla Richards will receive the LifeChanger of the Year. I have had the privilege of being Ms.Richards’ coworker and friend for for the past several years and have been consistently impressed by her dedication, her influence on others, and her commitment to her community. In my role as an educator, I have had the opportunity to witness Ms. Richards’ tremendous influence and involvement with the staff, the students, and the community. Her exceptional work ethic is truly commendable. She consistently goes above and beyond to excel in her work with the ESOL department and actively seeks out opportunities to further her knowledge and understanding. Her determination to help support the community is evident in her consistently sustaining an ongoing relationship with others. Her willingness to take on challenging assignments without hesitation is commendable on its own. Ms. Richards' commitment to her students is matched by her passion for helping others. She actively participates in various community service initiatives, dedicating her time and energy to making a positive impact. Whether it is providing assistance to our community and organizing events to bring people together or volunteering within the community, Leyla consistently demonstrates her kindness and compassion towards those in need. Her selflessness and willingness to contribute to the well-being of her community are truly inspiring. Furthermore, Leyla's leadership qualities have not gone unnoticed. She was recently recognized as the "Teacher of the Year" in our school, an accolade that speaks volumes about her impact on both her peers and the faculty. Leyla's ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, and motivate others is a testament to her exceptional interpersonal skills and her ability to inspire those around her. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly hope you see that she is deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award. She possesses all the qualities of an exceptional educator and individual, and I have no doubt that she will continue to thrive and make a significant impact in any community she becomes a part of. It is with great confidence that I endorse Leyla's application to be a recipient of the LifeChanger of the Year. Sincerely, Harnary Seng

Alondra Godoy Zambrano Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards you are a good teacher, you are the best and you help students that don't speak english and also you are so king, loving, and You are the best teacher because you taught us that life outside of school is nothing the same and you taught us kindness, respect and also to be proud of where we came from. You taught me to learn many things including English and that helps a lot, today I am in high school and i am learning a lot of new things in english GRACIAS A TI!, now I miss you, but I need to go forward :(. WE LOVE YOU MS. RICHARDS!!!!!!!!!

yimara urbano Posted 10 months ago

Ms.richard es una gran maestra que ayuda aprender ingles i es divertida.

Ms. Leyla Richards Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards is so deserving of this prestigious award. She is a hard worker and has a heart for the work she does inside and outside the classroom. She not only serves as a teacher, she is also a mentor, coach, and leader. The faculty, staff, and students love her at Babb Middle School! She is a jewel and one of a kind. Her love for the Forest Park Community is seen in everything she does, from planning cultural celebrations, translating for parents, assisting students with their schedules, providing professional development to staff, to coaching the Middle School Champion Soccer Team. She goes above and beyond and puts the needs of her students first. We are so very blessed to have her!

Shantel Gordon Posted 10 months ago

I am so proud to know that my aunt Ms. Leyla Richards has been nominated for this amazing award. It is well earned and deserved by her for all of the children and families she has helped in her teaching years. I know and believe that the life's she has helped change will go on to do amazing and great things!

Benjamim Gordon Posted 10 months ago

Leyla is always looking out for others. She goes above and beyond when it comes to support. I am blessed to have you as a sister in law.

Vielka Gordon Posted 10 months ago

Leyla is the most reliable person I have ever met, you can always count on her, and this trait is shown not only with family and friends but also at work and the school community she serves. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

Latasha Clements Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards, you are a gem! Babb is blessed to have a woman with such stature.

Luz M. Rodriguez Diaz Posted 10 months ago

I strongly believe that Leyla Richards is the the best choice for the LifeChanger of the Year Award because she is a team player whose sole focus is teaching and helping students achieve academic success, which continually motivates her to go above and beyond her stated job requirements. Students love her because she has a passion for teaching and is kind, loving, fun, and cares about them. Ms. Richards' years of professional experience in Clayton County Public Schools include working as a Paraprofessional, an Interpreter and Translator at the International Center, a Certified Special Education Teacher, and currently an English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Teacher. Her bicultural experience, integrity and professionalism have granted her great success in working with students, parents, school personnel, and the community. Mrs. Richards' love for people and her willingness to serve others is exemplary. She is unique and special. She is blessed. I believe that she is a deserving candidate for the LifeChanger of the Year Award!

Mireya Lopez Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards is a great teacher, there is no surprise that she has been nominated for the LifeChanger of the Year. Always doing was best for her students in the classroom and also as a soccer coach. She is a dedicated teacher, currently serves as the Teacher of the Year for Babb Middle School here in Clayton County Public Schools. Congratulations and very well deserved!

Rene Posted 10 months ago

Great person, cousin, teacher. She likes challenges and always overcomes them. If you need a helping hand, she is there for you. Total LifeChanger!!!

Astrid Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richard has taught me so much inside and outside of school, she is one of my bigger role models In life and every time I need something she always there for me

Charmaine Francois Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Leyla Richards is wise, organized, understanding, and helpful. She is an essential part of the ESOL department from school level and county level. Ms. Richards is always supporting her ESOL team as well as all other staff support. She is the ESOL connector for our community too. Overall, Ms. Richards is G.P. Babb Middle School Teacher of the year and the best candidate for the next Life Changer Winner !

Sandra Phillips Posted 10 months ago

I know Leyla Richards aka Corita, since we were teens. Leyla is a good friend/sister and my family adore her. She has always been there for us and the children in my family see her as their aunty. Leyla is so reliable, trustworthy human being. Leyla deserve to be nominated for her hard work and dedication she has to her students. You go girl, I'm so proud of you!

Marie Kossonou Posted 10 months ago

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for your extraordinary skills as an ESOL teacher. Your ability to make complex concepts accessible and your unwavering dedication to each student's progress is nothing short of remarkable. Ms. Richards, Your innovative teaching methods, coupled with your genuine passion for helping others, have created an environment where learning flourishes. The way you tailor your lessons to meet the diverse needs of our class is truly commendable. Your patience, empathy, and encouragement make all the difference for us as learners. Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure that we not only grasp the language but also gain confidence in using it. You are making a significant impact on our educational journey, and we are fortunate to have you as one of our ESOL teachers.

Ana Rebolledo Posted 10 months ago

Tengo más de 25 años de conocer a mi compañera de colegio excelente persona amiga y hermana siempre en las buenas y en las malas. Está haciendo lo mejor de ella allá con sus niños. Cuando termine la estaremos esperando con los brazos abiertos. Cosechando exitos amiga.

Marta Jimenez Posted 10 months ago

Es una gran persona siempre dispuesta a ayudar

elder cordova urbina Posted 10 months ago

l like your class because is esol and l learn english with ms. richards think you ms. richareds.

Alejandro Mendoza Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards is a very very cool teacher,she is pretty and funny,is a very cool class :) .

Miriam Samano Benitez Posted 10 months ago

Me gusta su clase porque nos ayuda,en barias cosas, tambien es buena jugando futbol.

Oscar Gomez Posted 10 months ago

ms richard es buena maestra me ayuda mucho me ensena muchas cosas

Kevin Hernandez Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards es muy trabajadora siempre es buena con los estudiantes me ayuda mucho a aprender ingles y ayuda a mi mama tambien ella es una muy buena maestra y persona la quiero mucho

Gustavo Jacinto Morales Posted 10 months ago

She is a very good person and i am very grateful for teaching me English

kaelyn perez Posted 10 months ago

ms. richards you are so pretty and funny.

alexis delgado Posted 10 months ago

Ms Richards es muy atenta con nosostros.

rodolf reyes Posted 10 months ago


Hannah doroteo carrasco Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards es muy buena en clases , es amable .

Sheree Smith Posted 10 months ago

Greetings: It is with great pleasure to leave this comment for Ms. Richards as she has been nominated for the LifeChanger of the Year. She currently serves as the Teacher of the Year for Babb Middle School here in Clayton County Public Schools. Ms. Richards is so loving and kind not only to the students but also to her colleagues. She's a teacher with passion, grace and kindness. Going over and beyond for her students in the classroom and on and off the soccer field is her middle name. She's fluent in English and Spanish with twenty plus years of dedication and commitment to the kids. She continues to make such a great impact of our youth's future while Building A Better Tomorrow, Today!

Victor Aviles Posted 10 months ago

ms. richards is like a mom for me she loves teaching me and she loves me too ms richards is very, very, very nice, good and fun she is a good teacher and good person i love her very much

Javier Villalba Posted 10 months ago

Ms. richard is a good teacher and she nice and help me with my work she teach me new things and always tell me to do my best she is loving and patient ms richard also help my family with different things and she is the best soccer coach in the world ms. richard always smiling and never get mad

Litzy Martinez Posted 10 months ago

Ms Richard es una profesora muy comprometida a su trabajo,es muy divertida y muy amable

jusdeyling valenis delgado delgado Posted 10 months ago

ms.richards es una persona incondicional es muy buena maestra es muy buena persona y muy linda por dentro y por fuera siempre me saca una sonrisa es muy divertida siempre está ahí parmi en las buenas y en las malas le encanta ayudar alas personas y es encantadora los que la conocemos nos encariñamos rápido le e agarrado un cariño impresionante

ADRIAN Oliver Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards is so passionate about her students and the community. She is not only dedicated to their education, but she is also an advocate. She is not afraid to stand up for what is right for her students and their academic success. She has always gone above and beyond to help the students and their families. This is a well-deserved honor to be nominated for this award.

Jonathan lorenzo Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Richards is a vary nice and understanding person and hope she can be picked.

issac romero Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards is a very good, nice, and funny teacher. She makes learning fun and she love her students very much. She always help me with everything even outside of school. Ms. Richards also help my parents a lot. I love Ms. Richards

kenneth Posted 10 months ago

Ms Richards is a very good teacher she is very good at helping her students she is a very nice teacher.

maria aguilera Posted 10 months ago

La Ms Richards es muy buena, increible y excelente maestra

Yussberlyn yilmari marin suarez Posted 10 months ago

La ms. Richard es muy amable y buena Maestra y bonita

Belsy galvez Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Richard es muy buena y amable y tambien es muy buena mestra

Minh nguyen Posted 10 months ago

so ms.richards she is so very good i'm for 2 years i look so good , She likes to drink lemon and she stays bms 13 years , every time she helps body and some time she does something to make everyone happy and she is a doubles coach at bms, she helps your her students every time. i like her because she funny, and cute.

Vi Luong Posted 10 months ago

Today I will tell about a person in school who taught me English. Yes her name is Richard, she is my esol teacher. she is very friendly with everyone for me she is a good teacher. She teaches me very easily and this year is the second year she teaches me also the last year of middle school. I will not forget her gratitude.

carolina rios Posted 10 months ago

La Ms richard es mi maestra de ESOL es mi primer ano con ella y quiero aprender con ella ingles.

Avril Hernandez Juarez Posted 10 months ago

El poco tiempo que llevo con ella e aprendido muchas cosas y que ella lo que quiere lo logra si quiere que yo aprenda ingles ella hara todo lo posible por yo salir de la escuela aprendiendo y hablandolo correctamente

luis guzman Posted 10 months ago

Ms.richards es muy buena maestra porque con ella puedo entenderle mejor a las clases ensena cosas de la vida y como es realmente por ella mejore mi ingles y muchas cosas mas ella es muy buena maestra

Melvin Garcia Posted 10 months ago

La MS Richard a sido mi Maestra de ESOL por 3 years y he mejorado mi ingles que cuando puedo lo hablo con algunos amigos y en la clase para poder participa cuando puedo

Marisol Negrete Posted 10 months ago

Ella me esta ayudando a aprender ingles ,tambien en otras cosas sobre la escuela y la verdad yo la aprecio mucho porque es muy buena con todos nosotros

Donovan Carles Megia Posted 10 months ago

muy buena maestra muy nos ayuda y nos da tiempo para hacer nuestros trabajos y nos ayuda con nuestro Ingles y nos motiva a aprender

Darey Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Richards is a nice Teacher.

Juan Pablo Merino cortes Posted 10 months ago

Ms Richards me ha ayudado a poder expresarme más y a participar y no tener pena para poder participar y poder pasar mis clases

Lillian Mitchell Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Richards relentlessly serves the students at Babb Middle School and their families. When students enroll in the ESOL program and. RICHARDS ensures that they receive all of the services available to help them thrive academically, and socially regardless the the economic challenges the parents face. Ms. Richards engage the students in events outside of the classroom to give them real world experience in the community. Ms. RICHARDS coach the schools soccer team and the won 1st place in our district. Each member earn a ring. Ms. RICHARDS provides Professional Development to the staff to help us better work with our ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) population. Ms. Richards provide enrichment activities to the entire student body so that students and adults are culturally sensitive to our diverse population. Ms. RICHARDS USA LifeChanger.