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Stacie Sevcik

Position: School Counselor
School: Motivated Youth Academy
School District: Charter School
City, State: San Marcos, CA

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Music that Describes Stacie

Stacie Sevcik was nominated by a colleague, Abigail Ganje.

"One of Stacie's most remarkable qualities is her exceptional ability to create a positive school atmosphere," said Ganje. "From the moment students join Motivated Youth Academy, they are greeted with warmth, compassion, and a genuine desire to foster a nurturing environment. Stacie consistently goes above and beyond to make every student feel valued and supported, regardless of their background or circumstances. She excels at building rapport with students, which is evident in the trust and respect they place in her. She supports students by identifying their goals (academic and social) and sharing information, tools, and community resources to help them achieve success."