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Brittani Smith

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Socrum Elementary School
School District: Polk County Public Schools
City, State: Lakeland, FL

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Brittani Smith was nominated by a friend.

"Brittani is a long-term sub, but she works as hard as any certified, veteran teacher," said the nominator. "She goes above and beyond her position to give her students the best, even if it means staying late, attending additional meetings or trainings, or missing out on extra pay or stipends she'd otherwise receive for her hard work. She never stops trying to learn and improve and handles the job's demands like a champ. Her reliability, integrity, and positive attitude make Brittani a pleasure to work with. She's always there to support her team and cheer them on."

"Above all, she is loyal and has been a valued member of our school since she was once a student there herself. Brittani is a LifeChanger because she is a role model for her students and colleagues, and her dedication to her position sets an example for what it means to have a great work ethic," said the nominator.

Comments (2)

Victoria Posted 16 days ago

Mrs. Smith is passionate about the work she does! Any student that walks through her door is welcomed and treated as her own. She is dedicated and will spend countless hours before and after school making sure that she is prepared to teach her students. This is a rare quality found in long-term substitutes. She cares for her students and has really taken the time to build relationships with her students. Mrs. Smith has created a fun and engaging environment for students and staff alike. She brings a positive attitude to work everyday and is a fantastic team player. It has truly been a privilege to work with her this year. Mrs. Smith is truly inspiring!

Katherine Bohannon Posted 16 days ago

Mrs Smith is a dedicated and talented teacher. She loves working with kids and they love working with her. She has a Mary Poppins style of maintaining a classroom. She not only teaches academics but things like creativity, respect and having dreams. She has developed many young minds to seek greatness through mentorship, leadership and guidance. Mrs Smith has changed lives for the better. She greatly deserves the Life Changer of the year because she is a real Life Changer