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Kelly Evans

Position: Lower House Advisor and ELA Teacher
School: Fordham Leadership Academy
School District: New York City Department of Education #10
City, State: Bronx, NY

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Kelly Evans was nominated by a colleague, Claudia Mendez.

"Ms. Evans believes in the well-being of our students," said Mendez. "She seeks to build rapport and have one-on-one connections with our students. Ms. Evans provides multiple learning opportunities for our students and inspires them to keep trying and reach their goals. She teaches various subjects and also teaches parents during evening classes."

"Ms. Evans encourages students to complete their tasks and obtain passing grades," said Mendez. "She provides individualized learning plans to ensure that our students find the way to succeed. She has supported my work with senior students obtaining recovery support to complete their graduation requirements."

Ms. Evans is a LifeChanger for students and staff because she supports our students and improves our work life. She has a positive attitude and comes ready to contribute to the school life each day. Ms. Evans goes above and beyond for the well-being of our students, and she is an incredible team member who also looks out for her colleagues," said Mendez.

Comments (8)

Alex Draper Posted 8 months ago

Kelly is a youth development champion and advocate for all young people. She has knowledge, experience and skill in educating, supporting, mentoring and coaching young people, and any youth development organization would be blessed to call her a member of their community. More than her ability, it is her character and dedication to serving individual students, and the mission of her work with students families, that make her a true unicorn within the education profession. A true role model for teachers everywhere, and someone who personally inspires me to work harder and dog deeper for our community.

Saphia Posted 9 months ago

Incredible, well-deserved, and unsurprising! Kelly, your unwavering commitment to your students growth and well-being and your enthusiasm for teaching is truly remarkable. You are more than just a teacher; you are a mentor, a role model, and a source of encouragement for your students. Congrats on your nomination!

Jaime Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Evans absolutely deserves this. I have personally witnessed all the hard work and dedication. She truly loves her job and believes in her students. She has a gift and works hard to be positive impact in each of their lives.

Julie Posted 9 months ago

Kelly Evans changes lives with her unflagging commitment to each and every student who enters our school. She is as caring as she is smart and as smart as she is determined that every child get the advocacy and education they need. She is a tremendous motivator; she knows how to make rigorous learning fun.

Lynne Posted 9 months ago

Kelly doesn’t only care about her students success with school work, she is involved in helping them establish life patterns that make a huge difference in the rest of their lives.

Jessica Schnell, PhD Posted 9 months ago

Kelly is the most dedicated educator, especially for our English Language Learners. She is a boss, always uplifting her fellow teachers and students alike. She deserves recognition for the infinite commitments she makes to better the lives and experiences of her students.

Crooks Posted 9 months ago

You are so deserving of this award! You go above and beyond for your students.

James Posted 9 months ago

Kelly is amazing. For her, it is all about her students. She loves, helps and supports them beyond the classroom--educational and cultural trips and experiences and more. She evens spends her own time and money improving her skills. Immersion trips to strengthen her language skills, a second masters degree to bring theater to after school activities. She volunteers for summer classes and efforts to fundraise for their needs. She is a life changer. Just ask her students. Love and support to Kelly Evans!!!