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Dusty Spence

Position: ISS Coordinator
School: Blacksburg High School
School District: Montgomery County Public Schools
City, State: Blacksburg, VA

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Dusty Spence was nominated anonymously. 

"When you say the word 'Ms. Spence is the definition of LifeChanger'. She has taught all of my children over the years both in a private school, and as they have continued virtually in public school, and she has tutored them in college," said the nominator. "Over her decades of teaching in both the private and public sectors (both in person and virtually).  She has changed the lives of so many students, parents, and future teachers she has mentored.  She has taught every grade level over the years, as well as kids across every economic, emotional, and academic spectrum. She not only provides her students with information, but she gives them the belief that they can accomplish anything they are determined to work for. Ms. Spence attends after-school activities and sports events, visits homes, and is a partner and advocate for parents.  She supports her Administration and is the first one to offer assistance to everyone around her.  'Not my job' is not in her vocabulary."

"Ms. Spence makes sure each child is remembered, loved, and included," said the nominator. "She has provided clothing, gifts, and meals, not only for her students, but their extended families. When her private school closed due to COVID-19, she was immediately sought after by different schools. She now taught children virtually across three different school divisions for grades K-8. She now is an integral part of her local high school.  She provides a safe place for kids to receive additional one-on-one learning. Parents trust her. Kids adore her.  Administration relies on her expertise and knowledge.  Student teachers want to shadow and learn from her.  She has provided before and after-school programs and summer programming. She makes learning fun, and her students are always active, learning, and involved with giving back to the community."

"Ms. Spence also loves her community," said the nominator. "She is very active in government and civic groups to promote learning and advancement.  She has raised two of her own children who have excelled in their own educational endeavors and careers. She is considered a "mom" to all. Her high standards of learning, character, and morals are respected. She disciplines with love and believes in the hopes and dreams of each child, pushing them to give their best. She is a blessing to all who are lucky to know her.  Students adore her, parents love and respect her, faculty appreciate her, and the administration is amazed by her dedication and abilities to teach all students while changing lives every day. She has continued to do this despite her own struggles with blood cancer and health issues over the last several years.  She is a true LifeChanger!"

One of my children wants to add:

Ms. Spence is one of the most loved teachers at BHS.  She provides a safe place for all students to learn, talk about problems, and help us to come up with a solution.  She not only helped me to pass my classes,  but she provided the guidance and help that I needed emotionally to make sound choices and gave me advice in every area of my life.   She treats every student as if they are the most important person to her, but she holds us to high standards.  She helps us with our classes but teaches at our own individual levels.  She builds us up daily and most of the kids love to see her each day to check in.  We love it when she is able to sub in our rooms (when she is available) or proctor testing.  But she also gives tough love, and we hate when we have disappointed her...but she always treats it as a life lesson and she makes sure that we learn from it.  She makes each student feel loved, and secure, and that each of us has the ability to conquer the world.  Whether it’s tough love, or a shoulder to cry on, she is there.

She can teach any subject and has helped so many of us with extra tutoring or just teaching in small groups.  She attends sporting events and extra-curricular school never know when she will show up.  She is there for us 24/7.  She always has a smile, a kind word, and a loving spirit and heart to everyone. She’s been teaching forever and I’ve had older family members that have had her as a teacher.  She is one of the teachers that you remember for a lifetime, and she will remember you.  My cousin had her as a teacher in kindergarten, and he sent her letters in college and invited her when he graduated with his Master's Degree.  She is the one teacher that you don't forget.  When you think of a LifeChanger, you think of her!


***Don't print this part and we both wish to remain anonymous

We have been nominating her for MANY years and we hope she wins this year.

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