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Richard Ramos

Position: Principal
School: Estrella Vista Elementary School
School District: Littleton Elementary School District #65
City, State: Avondale, AZ

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Dr. Richard Ramos was nominated by a former colleague, Natalie Vidaure.

Dr. Ramos is very passionate about what he does. He believes in building relationships with his students and employees by greeting them as they arrive each morning before school begins. He is always smiling and continuously showing compassion towards every single person he encounters throughout his busy day.

"Dr. Ramos is certainly my inspiration and has inspired many others who have crossed his path," Vidaure said. "He is always seeking different ways to help others, no matter what the situation may be, without hesitation."

Being a principal is more than a job to Dr. Ramos - it is his passion. One of his priorities is to help parents get to know the educators who will be teaching their children, often by arranging home visits. He encourages educators, students and parents to become more involved in their community, and he priortizes academic excellence. Overall, he is a genuinly compassionate and caring individual who inspires everyone he meets.

Comments (2)

mariah montoya Posted over a year ago

Dr.Ramos Is very passonate he belives that every student has an oppurtunity,he is a kind,and caring I really appriciate him.

Felicity A. Fannoh Posted over a year ago

A principal who is so humble to the many families he meets on a daily basis is remarkable. His early mornings hand shakes when crossing the students on the cross walk is something I look forward. to every morning. Dr. Ramos congrats. You deserve this nomination. EV all the way.