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Jeremiah (Jim) Wendt

Position: Lead Custodian
School: Las Sendas Elementary School
School District: Mesa Public Schools
City, State: Mesa, AZ

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Jeremiah "Jim" Wendt was nominated by two colleagues, Nora Brady and James Cuocci. The following profile contains text from each nomination.

Mr. Wendt has made an indelible mark on his school through his unwavering commitment to excellence. Every day, he puts in tremendous effort to ensure that his school is clean, safe, welcoming, and conducive to learning. His dedication ensures that his school is a place where students and teachers can thrive.

"His hard work and care have transformed our school into a place we are all proud to be a part of," said Brady. "His commitment to maintaining high standards through this dedication doesn't go unnoticed. We're truly fortunate to have someone so committed to our school, community, and Las Sendas family. His work ethic is inspiring, and we're all grateful for everything he does.  

"Jim is a hard worker, irreplaceable, and dependable. He has always ensured our campus is clean and safe daily for our students. He also takes the time to do things correctly so our students have a positive learning environment," said Cuocci.

Comments (28)

Scott Hockings Posted 5 months ago

Our campus has been fortunate to have Jim on our team. He goes above and beyond on a regular basis. His attention to detail and constant effort to ensure things run smoothly make him irreplaceable. It's an honor to have Jim on our team.

Aaron Kaczmarek Posted 5 months ago

Jim is simply amazing. Aside from the custodial duties Jim is irreplaceable as he has an amazing eye to insure safety for all. It could be when a staff member is staying late, and he checks and walks them out, supports for a parent that needs to get homework for their child, gymnasium opened and made accessible to community members, and student advocate to help reshape a student that has made a poor choice into a positive lesson. In addition he is an accountant that makes sure that funds are used responsibly and items that can be repurposed are. Like miscellaneous items that appear in classrooms to give us all a laugh. He is truly remarkable. Jim is the best Facility Assistant I have ever worked with, you only notice how amazing he is when he leaves. He relocated to Florida and his absence was immediately noticed, not just from a custodial perspective. His collaboration with teachers, parents, staff and kids is irreplaceable. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jim.

Angela Valencia Posted 5 months ago

We can always count on Jim to brighten our day while making our campus the best campus in the state! Jim is a delight to work with, always checking in to see what we need and offering to help in any way he can while fulfilling his duties. He is a one-of-a-kind soul that goes above and beyond as a person and employee. I can't think of anyone else more deserving of this special recognition. Jim, we appreciate you!

Christine Davison Posted 5 months ago

My kids were at Las Sendas for 13 combined while I was on the PTO you could always count on Jim to help with any event set up or questions about where something could be.

Mary Posted 5 months ago

We are so lucky to have Jim. His high standards and the pride he takes in his job all contribute to our school being safe and clean. He is truly appreciated for his hard work and dedication!

Alane Eaton Posted 5 months ago

Jim Wendt is the behind the scenes guy that makes Las Sendas and its outstanding classrooms and programs run so smoothly both day to day and for special events. Jim is always willing to help teachers and staff with Anything that needs to be done; he goes above and beyond! He is deeply loved and appreciated by the Las Sendas School community!

Betsy Posted 5 months ago

We appreciate Jim and all of his hard work for las Sendas.

Terry Alfonso Posted 5 months ago

I am proud to say I’ve known Jim for about 18 years. Jim works behind the scenes, quietly going about our Las Sendas Campus, fulfilling his duties as lead custodian, all the while observing other things that he feels need his attention. This is where he goes beyond his obligations. He never forgets a “Jim, can you please….,” from a teacher. He somehow finds the time to get to it without one reminder. Jim is a coworker and a friend. He is irreplaceable.

Renee Briscoe Posted 5 months ago

Jim is so amazing and such a kind man! Keeps and maintains the school to cleanness. Makes the kids feel they are cared for and in a positive environment

Rachelle Sears Posted 5 months ago

I want Jim to know that he is our unsung hero, and it's time for him to shine! His kindness, tireless work ethic, approachable demeanor, and unwavering helpfulness have transformed our school into the best place it can be. He’s created an environment where everyone feels valued and supported. Jim had shown us that greatness doesn't always come from the spotlight, but from the heart. His dedication has not gone unnoticed, and now it's our turn to give back. We believe he deserves to win this recognition not just for the hard work he’s put in, but for the positive impact he’s had on all of us. Jim, you made our school a better place, and we couldn't be more grateful. This is an opportunity for us to celebrate you and everything you represent. You have our full support, and we're confident that your kindness, hard work, approachability, and helpfulness will shine through and secure your victory. Best of luck, Jim Wendt! You've already won our hearts, and now it's time for you to win the recognition you truly deserve. With admiration and gratitude, Rachelle Sears

Cain Reagan Posted 5 months ago

Jim takes great pride in making his school, Las Elementary School, function everyday for hundreds of kids. He does all the little things that are needed. Las Sendas is an exceptional school, and Jim is an important part of that it’s success.

Amber Weaver Posted 5 months ago

Jim is amazing. Being the orchestra teacher at our school I always know I can depend on Jim to help with our concert set up. He puts out seating for the hundreds of parents that come to watch their child play in the concert. He always asks how I want it set up and does it with excellence. I couldn't do my concerts without him. He is a special part of our community.

Kristi Posted 5 months ago

Jim goes above and beyond. We appreciate everything he does for our school.

David Santiago Posted 5 months ago

Me and Jim participate in a fantasy baseball league that we have been part of for the last 4 years. He is a great competitor and a great person.

Bev Posted 5 months ago

Mr. Wendt is an integral part of our school community. He not only performs his duties with efficiency and professionalism, but he also does so with a friendly and approachable demeanor. Jim is diligent, reliable, organized, friendly and takes pride in his work. He plays a crucial role in maintaining a clean and well-maintained school. We are so grateful for all that he does.

David Santiago Posted 5 months ago

Me and Jim participate in a fantasy baseball league that we have been part of for the last 4 years. He is a great competitor and a great person.

Tricia Posted 5 months ago

You rarely seen Jim, but you always see what he has done. He works in the shadows and leaves his mark wherever he goes, there isn't a place on this campus that hasn't been touched by his hard work and dedication. He travels a far distance from home to the job site and wouldn't change that because he loves where he works and with who he works. Las Sendas is lucky to have him.

Nicole Posted 5 months ago

Jim’s commitment to our school is evident every single day. My two sons and I look forward to his time through our classroom each day. He always makes sure our campus is ready for students. He can fix anything! He makes a long commute just to come to our school and make it the best inside and out for all. So grateful to have Jim at our campus and he would be very deserving of this award.

Ali Posted 5 months ago

Jim is truly such an important part of our school family. His dedication to our building, staff and students is apparent in all that he does. He is constantly looking for ways to improve our facility and make Las Sendas a better place for staff and students. We are so grateful that Jim is a part of our Coyote Community.

Laura Arviso Posted 5 months ago

Jim is the best! He is a hard worker and always goes above and beyond to keep our school clean and safe. We appreciate all you do for our school, Jim!

Annie Rogers Posted 5 months ago

Jim is truly a gem. In the dozen plus years he has been at Las Sendas he has had a servant's heart. I cannot think of a time when I had a "Can you help me?" requ that he didn't say 'yes, sure, I'll be right there...', and then respond with kindness, care, and timing.

Allison Posted 5 months ago

Jim is one of the most hardworking individuals I have come across! He never fails to make me feel at home and will listen to me babble for ages!!! We are sure lucky to have him!

Nikki Posted 5 months ago

Jim is the best of the best! Our classrooms and campus is always so safe and clean, but he also genuinely cares about each staff member and kids in our community at Las Sendas! He is very patient and works amazing with everyone!

James Posted 5 months ago

Jim is such an asset to our school, providing a safe and clean environment for our students and staff. He goes the extra mile to help and solve any problems that might come up.

Krystal Posted 5 months ago

Jim is definitely one of the quiet hero’s of the school. He not only keeps our campus clean, he’s also a Mr fix it. He takes enormous pride in what he does and Las Sendas is more amazing because of him.

Jo-Anne Bondelli Posted 5 months ago

Jim Wendt is an amazing custodian, coworker, and friend. He always goes above and beyond to help everyone without complaint. He deserves the LifeChanger award for all he has contributed to Las Sendas and its staff.

Jeanne Posted 5 months ago

Jim is the best. He always has a kind word to give, and will do whatever is needed. I always found him to be helpful.

Libby Micela Posted 5 months ago

Jim is seriously a rockstar! He makes sure the campus is safe, clean, and a positive environment for our students and staff at Las Sendas. He goes out of his way to check in with staff and help problem solve when needed. Thank you Jim! We so appreciate you!