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Sara Alfred

Position: Second and Third Grade Music Teacher
School: Chandler Elementary School
School District: Kilgore Independent School District
City, State: Kilgore, TX

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Sara Alfred was nominated by a colleague, Melonie Ardoin.

"Sara is a fantastic teacher who inspires her students to love music and express themselves. She has a consistently positive attitude with whoever she interacts with. Sara directs fall and spring musicals that the community looks forward to and helps organize our student council in Ron Clark's 'House System' (where everyone belongs to one big family). She goes the extra mile by creating monthly videos for our school that highlight our students' achievements," said Ardoin. "Her contributions to our school and students are irreplaceable, and she is a true LifeChanger!"

Comments (21)

Zaida Meraz Posted 3 months ago

Mrs. Alfred is not only a great Teacher but is also an amazing human. She truly cares for all of our students and makes everyone feel included. She is always so positive and willing to help anywhere needed. Mrs. Alfred is one of the biggest assets here at Chandler Elementary. Sara Alfred is a life-changer!

Savannah Bickham Posted 3 months ago

Sara is such an inspiring teacher for not only the students but the teachers as well. She works so hard and does so great at her job. She directs musicals, makes videos, choreographs dances, and does much more for our school. She ALWAYS goes the extra mile and is such a positive fixture in our school. Every single student in our school loves to go to music so they can see Mrs. Alfred. I am lucky to teach with her!

Zaida Meraz Posted 3 months ago

Mrs. Alfred is not only a great Teacher but is also an amazing human. She truly cares for all of our students and makes everyone feel included. She is always so positive and willing to help anywhere needed. Mrs. Alfred is one of the biggest assets here at Chandler Elementary. Sara Alfred is a life-changer!

Susan Dent Posted 3 months ago

Sara is a great asset to Chandler Elementary. She has such a great work ethic and has brought so many positive things to our campus. I love the way that she involves all classes and students into her yearly musicals. The students are always very excited to perform and the parents just light up when they attend these performances. Sara is always the first to jump in and help anywhere that is needed. She is a problem solver and innovator. We are so blessed to call her ours.

Kristen Moss Posted 3 months ago

Sara is such a positive light in every student and teacher’s life here at Chandler. The only thing bigger than her loving heart is her infectious smile. She is a way maker and a risk taker. Chandler would NOT be the same without her.

Stacy Gunn Posted 3 months ago

Sara is a great co-worker and is easy to work with. She will step up and help out whenever she can. Sara, not only teaches her music classes, but also puts together our monthly newscasts that showcase our student council members. These newscast take a lot of time and effort to produce and she always does and amazing job with them. In addition to these newscast videos, she also puts together other numerous videos that she is asked to do throughout the school year, even when sometimes she is asked last minute to put them together and she still takes the time to edit them and make them amazing. Sara, also puts on two musicals/plays every school year, one for our second graders in the fall and one for our third graders in the spring. These musicals/plays take a lot of time and preparation and the students always look forward to them. She writes all of her musicals/plays and comes up with all the speaking parts on her own. She is very creative in her ways of thinking and does a great job on writing each one of these. Lastly, Sara partakes in a youth choir program. She helped start up this program this school year, to help build up the choir program and get the students more involved and interested in choir. She does this program out of the goodness of her heart and does not ask for anything in return. We are so blessed to have Sara on our campus and I know the students feel the same way in the smiling faces that I see everyday walking through her doors.

Angelica Martinez Posted 3 months ago

Sara Alfred is a remarkable teacher. She teaches music at Chandler Elementary. Sara has participated in multiple committees throughout the years and is currently on the House committee which is the RCA House System. She is a mentor for new teachers and shows leadership and commitment to supporting the growth and success of colleagues. She demonstrates classroom management skills by creating a positive learning environment that engages students actively in music. Sara wears many hats on our campus, choreographer, filmmaker, DJ, music teacher, Choir teacher, and musical creator just to name a few. Sara has a great support system outside of school. Her family is always there to lend a hand or create something to make our school musicals magical. There are monthly newscasts that she produces featuring students and faculty. She has also started an elementary choir program at our fourth and fifth-grade campus. She always looks for ways to make Chandler Elementary and Kilgore ISD a better place for our students. I am proud to call her a great coworker and friend. I cannot think of a more deserving person to be nominated for such an award.

Carolyn Franks Posted 3 months ago

Sara Alfred is more than just a teacher - she is a guiding force, a source of inspiration, and a true asset to our school community. Her passion for education shines through in everything she does, from directing musicals to creating the newscast and organizing RCA activities. Her dedication to her work, and unwavering support for her students and colleagues make her a truly exceptional individual. Sara Alfred is a life-changing person who makes our school better each and every day.

Lacy Latham Posted 3 months ago

Sara Alfred brings so much fun and joy to Chandler Elementary. The students love her class and everyone looks forward to the musicals she writes for the kids. They are very entertaining and fun to watch. She brings the campus together with her videos that we all enjoy. She works with Student Council and UIL. My daughter loves her music class and looks forward to going every week. Mrs. Alfred also made UIL practices engaging for her team. Chandler Elementary is blessed to have her!

Ann Rossum Posted 3 months ago

Sara Alfred brings so much light and life to our Chandler Elementary campus. She is involved in many activities that inspire positivity on our campus everyday. She is one of the first teachers to greet parents and students in the drop-off line each morning. When needed, she is one of the first to volunteer for afternoon student pick-up duty. As the school's music teacher, Sara directs several musicals each year. By doing so she ensures each of our over five hundred second and third grade students are given an opportunity to showcase there talents. In addition, Sara produces a "Newscast" featuring student council members conducting interviews, broadcasting news and providing updates about campus activities. She is also one of the Student Council sponsors as well as a University Interscholastic League (UIL) Music Memory coach for our students. She is truly a gift to our campus! Sara began the year as Chandler Elementary September Employee of the Month. I believe it would be well deserved if she could end the school year as the National Life Group and National Life Group Foundation LifeChanger of the Year!

Katy Boulden Posted 3 months ago

Sara is an incredible teacher and colleague! I don't know a student who doesn't enjoy being in her music class - she makes them fun and engaging for all the kids. I also love how she consistently contributes to our school culture by finding ways for all the teachers to be involved through dance videos, funny jokes, and school events. She is a life changer for sure!

Lisa Haley Posted 3 months ago

Sara has been a wonderful and positive influence for our campus. She most definitely goes above and beyond for her students and staff. She choreographs, teaches, and films a teacher dance that is used to lift our students and encourage them on their STAAR tests. She also writes and produces phenomenal musicals every year for our 2nd grade and 3rd grade students. Sara always finds a way to get the teachers and administration involved as well. Professor Alfred produces "The Chandler News" in which the STUCO gets to be the news anchors that highlight and interview students and staff. Since Sara has become a part of our campus, she has boosted the moral, culture, and climate here at CES. She makes everyone happy to be a part of Chandler Elementary. We LOVE our Professor Alfred!

Angelica Brandt Posted 3 months ago

Sara has brought so much energy and life to Chandler Elementary (teachers and students included)! She incorporates dances, videos, skits, and musicals every year that people love to participate in. She is very creative and imaginative when it comes to making Chandler a family unit. We all love Sara for who she is and what she brings!

Shelby Turley Posted 3 months ago

Sara is an Amazing Music Teacher! She directs musical for our 2nd and 3rd graders and always tries her best to see that every child is involved in some way! Sara works with the 3rd grade Student Council with weekly newscasts and allows a fun and engaging opportunity for the Teachers and the students. She is ALWAYS finding ways for the staff to participate in videos and fun activities with the students through out the year!

thelma stephens Posted 3 months ago

Mrs. Alfred is an amazing teacher . She shows love and kindness to all of her students and to all of her co-workers. The time and effort she puts into the plays, musicals and programs for our school are outstanding. she orchestrates videos each month for our Chandler page to keep our school community up to date on the activities happening on campus. For me as a new Para/ aide on campus, she has made me feel very welcome and that I am an important part of our campus family. Sara totally deserves this recognition.

Courtney Strong Posted 3 months ago

Sara Alfred is so upbeat and a bright light to our campus and students. Her music class is always engaging and the students just love her. She does a Christmas and Spring musical for the kids. She works countless hours to write an authentic program and its wonderful every year! She is so deserving of this nomination.

Brandie Young Posted 3 months ago

Sara Alfred is an amazing music teacher who instills a love for music and dance in her students. She directs two musicals during the school year with 2nd and 3rd graders. The students, staff and community anxiously await the musical debut each year and are never disappointed with the amazing musical Mrs. Alfred directs. Most of the musicals Mrs. Alfred writes herself. Chandler Elementary is blessed to have Sara Alfred as our phenomenal music teacher.

Beverly Borders Posted 3 months ago

To say Sara is an incredible asset to Chandler Elementary School is a gross understatement. She uses her many talents to better our school, faculty, and students. Her creativity is out of this world and everything she does is with a smile and positive attitude. She loves our students with her whole heart and does what she can to make music a fun, learning experience for each student. She brings students and faculty out of their comfort zones and fosters the talents they didn't know they had. She initiated our newscasts a few years ago and we all look forward to the weekly episodes. She has also been very instrumental in incorporating technology into her subject and has been a leader in starting a children's choir involving three elementary schools. Sara is a very integral part of our staff and we are blessed to have her as part of the Chandler Elementary School family.

Glynette Ford Posted 3 months ago

Sara is creative and resourceful, always coming up with innovative ways to teach musical concepts. Whether it's using interactive games, musical stories, or incorporating technology, she keeps lessons engaging and fun. She inspires and empowers her students to explore their potential.

Cassie McClurg Posted 3 months ago

Sara is such a vital piece of Chandler Elementary! She often goes above and beyond what's expected, show's up energized and with a positive attitude, and brings multiple ideas to life in such creative ways (like our Chandler Newscast)! She is willing to listen to others and takes to heart their concerns, implementing changes to improve programs in place - such as the RCA House System. She values all students and wants to see them express themselves in multiple ways. She is definitely an asset to our campus!

Riana Coates Posted 3 months ago

We love you, Mrs. Alfred! Chandler Elementary is so grateful and blessed to have you and for everything you have done at our campus. You have touched the lives of many staff and students!