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Joseph Brown

Position: Guidance Counselor & Lead Beta Club Sponsor
School: Holly Hill Elementary School
School District: Orangeburg County School District
City, State: Holly Hill, SC

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Joseph Brown was nominated by a parent of a student, Kacey Lupton.

"Mr. Joseph Brown is a LifeChanger. He is our school's guidance counselor and Beta Club lead sponsor. Mr. Brown works tirelessly, juggling school-wide activities and the one-on-one mentoring of the Beta students. He is so successful that our little Holly Hill Elementary School has taken home dozens of National Beta Club awards, beating out significantly larger schools with much deeper pockets," said Lupton.

"Our school is part of a Title I district, meaning most parents don't have access to money to fund the Beta Club travel expenses. Mr. Brown does not let that hold us back! From January to June, you will most likely find this angel of a man calling anybody and everybody, soliciting donations and doing so with a smile! He sees firsthand how hard his students work and does whatever he can to ensure that work is acknowledged. Mr. Brown truly is an inspiration," said Lupton. "The dedication he has in lifting his student's confidence is paramount, and that will have a lifelong impact on not just my children but every child he meets."

Comments (11)

Shelia Kinsey Williams Posted 19 days ago

Best person counselor and all around great man

Stephanie KeyAsia Bryant Posted 20 days ago

Mr. Brown has been in my life growing up as a kid and now he's in my child life. To have that type man figure around these kids is amazing. He knows what to expect from the kids and the parents. He has been very dedicated person to the kids and the school district. Even though he's not the principal of Holly Hill Elementary School but we treat him like he is the principal at Holly Hill elementary School. That's how much we as the community love and respect Mr Brown.

Arwonder Posted 20 days ago

Mr. Joseph Brown is an amazing person and he is the AWESOME at what he does!!

Kelly Williams Posted 21 days ago

Mr. Brown was my music teacher in first grade, administrator in elementary school, and continues to be a mentor today. I was his student 31 years ago-Mr. Brown played his saxophone while I walked down the aisle to get married seven years ago and if I called him right now he wouldn’t hesitate to do anything he could to help me. You see, Mr. Brown’s students are never just that, we are his children!

Niki Griffin Posted 21 days ago

I believe our community has been blessed with Mr Brown. Even after kids he touched have graduated students and parent alike still okay to him for guidance. He is an amazing example of what true unconditional support and love is. Mr Brown is a wonderful man all the way around and deserves any and all recognition even though he isn’t going to want it because he is so humble. Many conversation have been had between him and I weather at the school or dollar general Mr Brown always makes it for his people. We love Nr Brown.

Kelli Hall Posted 21 days ago

Mr. Brown is not only supportive of each and every student but offers a tremendous amount of support to us parents as well. My children look forward to seeing him every day. Mr. Brown is always “on the move” doing things for the school as well as the beta club. He has really been such a positive role model for my kids and I’m sure other kids as well. So thankful our school, children and community have him!

TyIonna Gillam Posted 21 days ago

It gives me great pleasure and warms my heart to know that my guidance counselor 20 something years ago in Elementary school is now my daughter’s guidance counselor. I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of recognition but Mr. Brown.

Stephanie Harris Posted 21 days ago

Mr Brown is an amazing person. We are extremely lucky to have him at HHE. He’s made a huge difference in my son’s life.

Frankie Locklair Posted 21 days ago

I was on the initial interview team when Mr. Brown was hired by the district. Every school wanted him. He was an amazing candidate and has wildly exceeded all our expectations. No one cares more about children than Mr. Brown and no one works harder to help them achieve. Our school is fighting against poverty and low teacher pay. We are a school in The Corridor of Shame. It has never held Mr. Brown back from having his students experience everything available. He has been able to take Beta Club students to state and national competitions. Nothing stands in the way of him helping improve the lives of his students. I spent 39 years as a teacher/administrator. No one I have known in those years can compare to Mr. Brown's love, concern, and commitment to children.

Loutricia Posted 21 days ago

Awesome!! congratulations. The kids really love you!!

Carol Birt Posted 21 days ago

All three of my children have had this many involved in their education. That's saying something cause I had one child in the 70's #2 in the 80's and #3 in the late 90's there's and age gap of 22 years from oldest to youngest. All 3 adored this teacher and I'm grateful he was in their lives period. If they come any better you'd definitely have to prove it to me! Thank you J. Brown for everything. You're truly one of the BEST!!!