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Terence Hickey

Position: Law & Public Safety Teacher/Wrestling Coach
School: Cienega High School
School District: Vail School District
City, State: Vail, AZ

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Terence Hickey was nominated by his spouse, Stacey Hickey.

"Terence has selflessly devoted his entire adult life to the service of others and making a positive difference in youth's lives. Terence served in the US Air Force before becoming a police officer for the Tucson Police Department. After devoting many years to public safety, Terence decided that he wanted to be able to directly impact students' lives through education as a Law and Public Safety teacher and Wrestling Coach. Throughout this time, Terence has coached hundreds of children. Terence is also a foster/adoptive parent, having fostered 17 children over the years and adopting his two daughters, who are his pride and joy," said Stacey.

"Terence leaves a positive impact on his students and wrestlers daily. He leads by example and always demonstrates doing the right thing even if it isn't the easiest choice. Terence's classroom is never without a student who wants to hang out and chat, get advice, or say hello. He shares his lunch break with 15-20 students who enjoy being around him and his company," said Stacey.

"Terence has grown the Law and Public Safety program into one of Vail's most successful CTE programs. His classes are busting at the seams. He challenges students to think outside the box and form their own opinions based on the research they have completed. As a coach, Terence always puts his wrestlers first. He sets aside his pride to ensure his wrestlers can access the best opportunities. Students/wrestlers love Terence! He is their confidant, their trusted person, their biggest champion, and at times their father figure," said Stacey. "He has grown the wrestling team from a group of 25 wrestlers to over 70 wrestlers solely because he is who he is. He is all in for these kids, and they know it!"

"Terence is the ultimate team player. He is happy to stay out of the spotlight while quietly volunteering to help his campus wherever possible. He rarely, if ever, says no and does it all with a level head and a smile," said Stacey.

"Terence's life goal is to impact youth positively, and he is doing that daily through his personal and professional life," said Stacey.

Comments (2)

Josh Robbins Posted 8 months ago

Great guy! Great Coach and teacher! He has coached my sons for the past 3 years. They affectionately refer to him as their "Wrestling Dad."

Donovan Redding Posted 8 months ago

Great teacher and great coach!!!