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Stephanie Brown

Position: Gifted and Talented Teacher/Facilitator for K-5
School: Gold Rush Elementary School
School District: Douglas County School District
City, State: Parker, CO

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Stephanie Brown was nominated by a colleague, Megan Fleet.

"Stephanie Brown is the epitome of a LifeChanger. She is an exceptional educator at Gold Rush Elementary. Mrs. Brown serves multiple roles in the building, and I have had the honor of being both her colleague and a parent of a student in her accelerated math and language art programs," said Fleet.

"Often in education, buzzwords and theories are tossed around like "differentiation," "growth mindset," and "data," with little attention paid to how those ideas are implemented at the building level. Mrs. Brown takes the concept of doing what is best for students and delivers a clear and consistent body of evidence that everyone can understand. As a colleague, she leads professional development in making data come to life. Mrs. Brown has created multiple systems to ensure that all students thrive and are seen as individuals whose needs guide instructional decisions. She works to use a student's work product not to check a box, but to unlock their thinking and push it further than anyone could imagine," said Fleet. "As a colleague, Mrs. Brown dives in with teachers to help unlock puzzling barriers and brainstorm the next steps to ensure all student needs are met. She truly is the unsung hero at our school. There is not an area of Gold Rush that Mrs. Brown's systems and or wisdom haven't touched. She collaborates with every staff member on data and instructional programming for all learners. She sees students from all grade levels and works on their reading, writing, math, and social learning plan goals. Stephanie models what good instruction looks like and dives in to help every single teacher, every single student, every single day."

"As a parent, I see firsthand how she can make students feel seen and valued. She has developed a strong relationship with my son over the last three years. She has seen him for extensions in both math and reading. Having this longitudinal lens on students allows her to develop deep relationships and individualized instruction that is continuous and not bound by school years. Over the last three years, Mrs. Brown has helped my son to understand that it is not only okay but good to be challenged academically. She supports his mistakes and shows him how persevering through them leads to celebrating his successes," said Fleet. "Mrs. Brown understands his needs as a learner and gives him a safe structure to take risks and break challenges down into meaningful parts. I don't know how one person can do this for so many students, but she does. The individualized support she provides my son is the same that she provides to many students at Gold Rush."

"Mrs. Stephanie Brown is truly a Life Changer, an inspiring educator, and an incredible asset to our school community," said Fleet.

Comments (5)

Mandy Miller Posted 20 days ago

Stephanie is an incredible educator and absolutely deserves this nomination! She was a wonderful mentor to me during our time working together. I worked at the same school as her as a brand new educator and her kindness and mentorship positively impacted who I am as a teacher. I will take the lessons she taught me throughout my career and many kids will be better for it because of her!

Patty Hanrahan Posted 20 days ago

Wow! Stephanie is a fantastic teacher! Nothing stands in her way when it comes to supporting students. She will find the strategies that work! I had the honor of working with Stephanie at Gold Rush! She has great ideas, is an outstanding leader and connects easily with families. She truly is a LifeChanger, making the school experience joyful and productive for all.

Susan Haley Posted 21 days ago

Congratulations Stephanie. I always knew that you were a very special person not only professionally but also in your relationships with your family and friends. You are a very giving person and you respect all people. I’m so very proud to call you my niece

Stacie Martino Posted 21 days ago

I couldn’t agree more that Stephanie Brown is a Life Changer! Her expertise has touched not only her students but also the colleagues who have been lucky enough to work with her! She is an exceptional educator and Gold Rush would not be the same without her! Congratulations on your LifeChanger nomination, Stephanie! It is the perfect award for you… you’ve had such a positive effect on so many!!

Dan Kennelly Posted 21 days ago

Oh WOW! How appropriate is this award! Stephanie Brown changing lives. I have always know what an amazing person you are and how impactful you are with everyone in your community. Love to see, others recognizing your accomplishments, & contributions to your young learners along with your community! They are lucky to have ya! Stephanie you are truly an amazing teacher and impactful leader for all. Very proud of what u stand for !!