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Stephanie Shoemaker

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: Creslane Elementary School
School District: Creswell School District
City, State: Creswell, OR

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Stephanie Shoemaker was nominated by her principal, Summer Martin.

"A few words to describe Stephanie are relational, patient, student-centered, and a school leader," said Martin.

"Stephanie has provided exceptional instruction and a calm, relaxing learning environment, resulting in exceptional growth for her students with disabilities. She has led the students with the biggest relational walls, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence into positive relationships with adults and students. Her work has resulted in increased student self-confidence, desire to 'try,' academic growth, and a decrease in behaviors which allows them to access the general education setting on a much more regular basis," said Martin. "Stephanie also contributes to the teaching team as a strong advocate for students with disabilities, mentors other teachers, and leads EAs. When working with EAs, Stephanie goes above and beyond to ensure they learn their technical job (small group teaching, data, etc.). She also teaches them about the relational and behavioral portions of the job, so their paradigm shifts to the belief that 'Kids do well if they can!'"

"Stephanie's many qualities as a team player, advocate, mentor, leader, and confidant reach deep into the adults in the building, making her influence travel farther than just the students she serves. She is an exceptional teacher," said Martin.

Comments (3)

Shawna Bradley Posted 2 months ago

Stephanie always puts her students first. She holds high expectations for all her students to be successful!

Penny Barenklau Posted 6 months ago

Stephanie puts her heart and soul into her mission as a teacher. She is kind, patient and truly wants children to learn.

Amy Halley Posted 6 months ago

I couldn't agree more! Stephanie is one of the best educators I know.