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Karol Ann Coleman

Position: Special Education High School teacher
School: Sequoia High School
School District: Sequoia Union High School District
City, State: Redwood City, CA

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Music that Describes Karol Ann

Karol Ann Coleman was nominated by a colleague, Debolina Dutta.

"Karol Ann has a vision for ensuring equity is a part of all teaching and learning. She instinctively knows what a good curriculum and solid teaching look like. She can also manage different and sometimes challenging personalities so that all students and parents feel heard and have their needs met while ensuring that teachers' jobs are manageable. The combination of these skills allows Karol Ann to effectively facilitate different aspects of the student's learning goals in science and other subjects," said Dutta. "Karol Ann is tireless in her work to positively impact the school community. She spearheaded the Wellness Box Project for students, allowing them to turn their struggles into their anchors for growth and strength, especially after a year and a half in isolation."

"Karol Ann also presented professional development to our department for implementing an extremely hands-on lab that teaches basic lab safety skills and protocols; it was effective for students of all disciplines and levels and has become a core part of the SHS science curriculum. I was able to see her passion for teaching leap from within her. Karol Ann also organized student wellness lessons for the entire school by period, so there were no duplicate lessons. There were a total of 21 lessons," said Dutta.

"I am constantly impressed with Karol Ann's support of students with loving arms. She approaches each kid as unique and comes from a place of love regardless of how gruff their initial demeanor is. She fiercely advocates for students, especially those without a strong voice. Her drive for understanding all subjects is coupled with her desire to make the curriculum accessible to students of all learning levels. Karol Ann's classroom interactions are clear evidence of her pedagogical strengths and strong connection to students," said Dutta.