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Brooke Krohn

Position: Social Worker
School: NRHEG Elementary School
School District: NRHEG Public Schools
City, State: Ellendale, MN

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Brooke Krohn was nominated by her principal, Doug Anderson.

Ms. Krohn's colleagues in the NRHEG District have known about her for years and have been the lucky recipient of her efforts. They believe it is time for others in the state of Minnesota and beyond to realize and come to know her and her efforts in this small, rural south-central Minnesota district.

Ms. Krohn’s priority and passion is serving students and families. As a licensed school social worker, she effectively and consistently provides all school staff with the education and resources necessary to remain current and effective while supporting students with their mental health needs. She is a strong supporter of PBIS and serves as its coach for the district. This spring, she provided a session for all paraprofessionals on the effects of poverty on students and families. This year, she will be attending a WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) training session designed to support middle school students as they transition from one building to the next and from the elementary to the secondary school. She is a strong student advocate and stands firm in her ideals and beliefs regarding students.

"As elementary principal, it is my honor to observe first-hand her interactions with students on a daily basis. From seeing them lined up at her door at 7:30 a.m. each morning, to cramming her office to overflow capacity at noon to be a part of her effective 'lunch bunch' group, she demonstrates compassion and understanding for every student she works with." Anderson said.

Ms. Krohn doesn’t hesitate from taking the “hard-line” position when needed to support what she feels is best for students. Whether she is engaged in one-to-one, small group, or classroom presentations, her message is clear: “I believe in you, we believe in you, and we are all here to help you.” Ms. Krohn is skilled at organizing collaborative activities and opportunities for students and district residents. She works closely with school staff, community volunteers, clergy and others to coordinate efforts to support students. Along with a couple of other individuals, she has organized the school’s backpack program, which ensures that students receive a bag of food items for each and every weekend. Ms. Krohn works closely with a mental health therapist and caseworker to ensure that services are available for students and that flawless transitions occur. She makes certain that no time is wasted in serving students and their mental health needs.

Ms. Krohn knows kids, and kids know Ms. Krohn. She is consistently available in the community and will seek out opportunities within the community to support students. She devotes countless personal hours of her own time to ensure that students’ needs are being met and that families are supported.

"It has been a privilege to sit in on many family meetings with Ms. Krohn, where at times, it is her responsibility to share the 'honest news' about a student. Her professionalism and respect for families is remarkable," Anderson said. "In moments of crisis, Ms. Krohn is the first individual that I call and the one that I want beside me as we navigate whatever the incident, or situation may be. As a small district in rural Minnesota we have experienced our share of tragedy and despair. As a school social worker, Ms. Krohn, working very closely with others, tends to the needs of hurting students, families and staff all while maintaining dignity and respect for everyone involved."

She isn’t afraid to show her emotions and to educate children on the process of grieving and healing. Ms. Krohn is also an individual who, long after an event has passed, continues to quietly and respectfully check in with students and families to just see how everyone is doing.

"As a member of the NRHEG District, one tends to forget how truly lucky we are to live where we do and to work with the individuals that we work with. We become so accustomed to the high standards that are in place for meeting the needs of students and families. We tend to forget that other places aren’t as lucky as we are and are not as fortunate to have access to the mental health staff in place in their schools and communities," Anderson said.

Every day, the NRHEG District gets to witness an outstanding school social worker go about the business of meeting the needs of students and families. That social worker is Ms. Krohn.

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Amy Posted over a year ago

As a parent in the NRHEG school district, I cannot fully express how much the compassion and deep concern Brooke shows for the students in our school district has made a difference. For those of us who have gone through a mental health crisis with our children, having an understanding advocate there at school with them has truly been life saving. There is a line out her door because the students know she legitimately, personally cares, and that she can guide them to the bright futures they aspire to. They respond to her honest kindness and know that she will be there for them for the duration of their school years. There can be no one greater qualified to receive this award. Rural America is statistically underserving the mental and behavioral health needs of our children. To have someone like Brooke dedicate herself to serving us in this way is truly a blessing.

Gratia Johnson Posted over a year ago

The nomination of Brooke for your award is so very appropriate! She is the most honest, caring, insightful, compassionate, intelligent, unselfish person I know. Working with Brooke for nearly 10 years before my retirement as NRHEG School Nurse was inspiring. Before Brooke came to NRHEG, we did have a wonderful social worker ... but Brooke took the reins and ran with it. She is selfless in her involvement with individual students, student groups, and staff groups. She fully supports NRHEG's positive behavior principles and leads in many ways. When students came to the nurse's office that were "in crisis", depressed, or frightened, Brooke helped me in my dealings with the student and almost always took over that crucial piece of support by inviting the student to stop by her office every day to let her know how things were going. And, because of her knowledge and experience, she knows many, many local and statewide resources to contact should outside help be needed. I could not have done my job without her!! Like the article about Brooke states, our district has had it's share of tragedy and despair. Even everyday "drama" seems to take its toll. Brooke is that "bridge over troubled water" for all our students, grades K-12. There could be 10 of her and they would all be busy with kids in their offices.... just because she is that much loved and THAT GOOD at what she does and who she is. Thank you for considering Brooke Krohn for your award. There is none more deserving! Sincerely, Gratia Johnson, retired NRHEG School Nurse

Teri Kormann Posted over a year ago

Mr. Anderson has portrayed Ms. Krohn perfectly. She is so worthy of this nomination, and I am so proud to be able to call her my colleague and friend.