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Sandra Gulley

Position: Head Custodian
School: Ryan High School
School District: Denton Independent School District
City, State: Denton, TX

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Sandra Gulley was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

"Ms. Gulley is reliable, responsive, and respectful," said the colleague. "Ms. Gulley has been the lead custodian for many years at Ryan High. While the building is the oldest high school building in the district, under her leadership, it remains the cleanest. She has a great team who take pride in keeping the building up to the highest standards. Restrooms and halls are consistently being cleaned. Classrooms are checked daily. Her entire staff takes pride in their work."

Comments (70)

Shirl Posted 4 months ago

Simple, my sister-in-law is the best sister ever!

RLWatson Posted 4 months ago

Mama Gulley has the biggest heart paired with the biggest smile. She always show love and care.

Amy Matthews Posted 4 months ago

What an amazing human! Sandra always goes above and beyond to make sure we feel seen and cared for at RHS.

Greg Moreland Posted 5 months ago

Positive life changer!

Joyce Houston Posted 5 months ago

Sandra Gulley is one of the most kindest and sweetest persons that I know she is so deserving of this award.

Gregory Posted 5 months ago

Congratulations sister

Asia Posted 5 months ago

The most God fearing, hard working woman of God I know.

Sabrina Black Posted 5 months ago

She truly deserves it.

Sharenda Robinson Posted 5 months ago

She's a wonderful person!

Claretha Williams Posted 5 months ago

Mother Gulley has a beautiful soul heart if gold always praying for everything step with know matter what I love and she is very deserving of this she has my vote

Nakeyia pitts Posted 5 months ago

Ms gulley is the best!!!

Ann Johnson Posted 5 months ago

Phenomenal woman! Encourager. supportive, family oriented. I LOVE HER!

Cedric Posted 5 months ago

Good job

Maurice Posted 5 months ago


Trezmond Posted 5 months ago

congratulations auntie!

Rosalyn Posted 5 months ago

Congratulations And Blessings

Shirl Posted 5 months ago

So, there are a lot of things that I could say about my sister-in-law, but for now I'll say she has been one of the best sister-in-law's that a girl could have. She has always been my biggest supporters. I can tell her anything. She made such a difference in life a long time ago. She was easy to love when I first met her. She immediately became a huge part of the family when she first met and married my brother. Sometimes, I forget that she is an in-law. She truly is my sister. So much so, that we fought my brother to watch Dolly Parton. LOL! Lord, the stories I could share. She is so deserving of this award!

Lashawn Posted 5 months ago

Congratulations my Beautiful and Blessed Sister Love you

Belinda Shavers Posted 5 months ago

I love you!

Ms.Shelia Posted 5 months ago

Mrs Gulley, is well respected, she is loyal and dependable to any task assigned to her. Not only that she's a Head Custodian, she has been a great Prayer Warrior Leader who always provide word of encouragements to anyone in these challenging times that we are facing. She has made a great impact in many lives as well as mines. She is definitely a Jewel to be honored.

SKM Posted 5 months ago

Mrs. Gulley is amazing. She takes great pride in her work. She is dependable and very detailed. Every day she ensures that the school is immaculate. From the restrooms to the floors, everything is spotless. She takes pride in her job and it definitely shows on our campus.

Shanda Posted 5 months ago

Mrs. Gulley is such a wonderful person. She loves people and does whatever she can to help and support others.

Christine Moncrief Posted 5 months ago

a wonderful lady and leader!

Victoria Rennicks Posted 5 months ago

You rock and you got this!! Congratulations!

Shirley simmons Simmon Posted 5 months ago

She is like a mother to my son Nick. I pray she is successful.

Trish Anderson Posted 5 months ago

One very kind woman.

Denise Stephens Posted 5 months ago

I’ve known Sandra for many years. She is a wonderful woman, person and friend, and is truly deserving of this honor.

Angela Anderson Posted 5 months ago

Much love to a wonderfully kind hearted and sweet woman who is a role model to young women today. I'm so proud that our lives have intersected and connected.

Syreeta Posted 5 months ago

Let's go Sandra!

Nicholas edwards Posted 5 months ago

Great woman and overall worker

Autura Posted 5 months ago

I vote for Sandra Gulley

Sharonda Price Posted 5 months ago

Great woman of God very sweet and will love you and truly cares about people

Kennedy Posted 5 months ago

We love you Mama Gulley! You deserve this and more!

Brian Posted 5 months ago

Sandra Gulley is always the same! She loves people and serves with excellence. Thank You for making impact on my life! You deserve the best life has to offer!

Sondra Wilkerson Posted 5 months ago

Mrs. Gulley is an exceptional woman who helps and assists many people from a young age up to senior citizens as well. She’s genuinely helpful and resourceful in helping others.

Josette Posted 5 months ago

She deserves this honor! One of the sweetest persons I know!

Sharon Ross Posted 5 months ago

Sandra is one of the most genuine and honorable ladies I know. She’s care and well deserving of this recognition.

Melanie Lopez Posted 5 months ago

I went to Ryan High School from 2000-2003 when Sandra was the lead custodian. Kids are very messy especially HS kids but those halls, bathrooms were always cleaned trash bins were never too full. Not only did she lead a great team, but she also respected the faculty and students.

Demkia Posted 5 months ago

Mrs. Gully has been inspiring and helping the youth that walk through the halls of Ryan High School since the 90’s

Delmy Barillas Posted 5 months ago

The best!!

Vickey Posted 5 months ago

Best person I know she’s dedicated she’s reliable and always there when someone needs help.

Wyatt Posted 5 months ago

Mrs Gulley is an awesome woman and a pillar of the Denton Community!

Michelle J Posted 5 months ago

Sandra smile lights up any room. She is professional on and off the job. She exhibits work ethic, compassion towards others , and genuine concern for the good of others. She is definitely a life changer in many ways

Debra Woods Posted 5 months ago

Sandra Gulley is a wonderful woman of character..with love for all students and people..

Carrie Cross Posted 5 months ago

Mrs. Gulley is by far one of the most outstanding people I've ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with. She's a very proud of her work and the staff with whom she works. But beyond that, she has a beautiful soul. She's willing to help anyone she sees in need. As soon as you meet her, you become family. She's not a judgemental person and loves everyone for who they are and never imposes change on those unless those individuals are going down a dark path. Then she becomes a protector of this person and will try to help them better their self. She's as close to a perfect person as you can get! She's loved by her family and community.

Robbie Posted 5 months ago

The love she gives out to everyone she comes in contact with is a blessing!

Keysha Posted 5 months ago

The sweetest, most deserving!

Pam Posted 5 months ago

Beautiful lady

Wanda jackson Posted 5 months ago

She is a wonderful supervisor

Ana Puga Posted 5 months ago

Awesome person human being

Tammy Hernandez Posted 5 months ago

Loving, caring person

Paula Posted 5 months ago

She’s a phenomenal woman! I see her more than a custodian. She’s a mentor to our youth and everyone looks up to her. She’s amazing!

Shirl Richardson Posted 5 months ago

Sandra, came into my life when I was 11 years old. After growing up with 6 older brothers, it was a blessing to finally have a big sister. She taught me how to be a little girl. I love her so much!

Emily Posted 5 months ago

May her hard work, wonderful heart, and contagious joyful spirit be recognized!

Tammy Hernandez Posted 5 months ago

hey great boss understanding person

Juanita Briggs Posted 5 months ago

Cant imagine a world without her. She is one of the nicest people I know. Truly an amazing woman.

RW Posted 5 months ago

Momma Gulley always encourages me to keep my head up and know that God got me! Her spirit is radiant and a true blessing to staff and students.

Candy Posted 5 months ago

Ms Gulley is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes. She is a lady that has integrity & encourages everyone she comes in contact with. She lives her life to the fullest & is an example to the children of the school & her coworkers.

Krystal Stotts Posted 5 months ago

I love Mrs. Sandra Gulley. She is so sweet and caring. Her wisdom is unmatched. She is always willing to help. She makes my heart smile.

Amber Jones Posted 5 months ago

I love Sandra Gulley. I'm so happy she is apart of my life. I can always count on her kind words and most of all her prayers. So is a beautiful woman inside and out and the world is so much better with her in it.

LaTwyla Phillips Posted 5 months ago

Sandra Gulley is an amazing woman, who will give you her very last, so that you will have what you need. She will always greet you with her beautiful smile, with a good morning how are you today. Sandra is an endless source of wisdom. As a wife and mother, and grandmother she pours so much love and support to ensure her family is well. To the students she comes in contact with she always speak life and encouragement to them and help them work through any issues they may have. She is a women who truly cares about people, and displays great character and integrity. Very active in her community and church.

Charla Nichols Posted 5 months ago

Sandra Gulley is truly an AMAZING person & has a passion to serve! She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. To know her is to love her. She has touched the lives of so many people and will continue to do so.

Bret Warnack Posted 5 months ago

Simply the Best! Tremendous asset the the Denton Independent School District. She is a true "Rope Holder"!!!

Gregg Posted 5 months ago

Ms. Gulley is always responsive to anything any staff member needs. She has met with students wanting to work as Custodians, encouraging them to continue with their education and take pride in accomplishments.

Shanice Ready Posted 5 months ago

This prayer warrior is the reason I felt right at home when I first came to Ryan HS. Her nurturing spirit creates such an inclusive environment. She makes you feel like you are a part of her family.

Mary Durbin Posted 5 months ago

Sandra Gulley is definitely an amazing leader at our school. She keeps a tight ship and all of the custodians respect and appreciate her. She is kind and helpful to all the staff, teachers and students while she manages the cleanliness at our school.

Angela Holl Posted 5 months ago

Ms. Gulley is more than an employee. She greets everyone in the halls with a warm smile and hello. I have had the pleasure of getting these greetings as an employee but also when I was a student in these same halls many years ago. She motivates her staff to have the same kind and generous spirit and to treat everyone in the building as a VIP guest.

Virginia Keeling Posted 5 months ago

Ms. Gulley's leadership has been exceptional for every one of the many years she has been Head Custodian for Ryan High School. The building is kept clean and in order all the time. Quite the feat with hundreds of kids going through it every day. If I ever had a question or problem, she was there with an answer or solution. She also has the sweetest demeanor I have ever met.

Carolyn Harrod Posted 5 months ago

Ms. Gulley has helped me out so many times, and always with a smile. She brightens our building and keeps everything running smoothly. She must be a pretty awesome leader because the custodians on our campus are always friendly and willing to help. I very much respect Ms. Gulley on many levels.

Lauren Coffey Posted 6 months ago