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Jodie Gracey

Position: Special Education Assistant
School: White Pines Intermediate School
School District: Grand Haven Area Public Schools
City, State: Grand Haven, MI

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Jodie Gracey was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Gracey goes above and beyond her classroom duties to make sure each student is successful. She works with students with severe impairments, helping them with life changing skills, independence, advocacy, and social skills. She not only works in a classroom, but also provides after school care and respite for students and their families. Ms. Gracey believes learning does not stop in the classroom. She also spends countless hours securing donations for the students.

"With the right equipment, the students have more access to their environment," said her nominator. "Jodie has been known to travel across the state to pick up equipment and donations to help her students! She believes ALL KIDS CAN!"

Comments (14)

Kelly G Posted over a year ago

Jodi’s heart to care for children is one of a kind. Her genuine compassion and willingness to go above and beyond is inspiring. She creates a loving environment to help her kiddos grown and succeed. You’re a rock star Jodi! #lcoy

tina mosley Posted over a year ago

hope you win

Wendy Metzler Posted over a year ago

We LOVE Jodie ??????#LCOY

Scott Posted over a year ago


Jenn Posted over a year ago

Jodi, Is a truely genuine caring person and she goes above and beyond to help all.

Heather McCarthy Posted over a year ago

She goes above and beyond to help others, very sweet lady!

Jaime Posted over a year ago

As Jodie’s supervising teacher, colleague, friend, teaching partner, she is my hero! Her passion, drive, love, get it done attitude, nothing is impossible mission... all equates to an outstanding life changer!

Shelley Bos Posted over a year ago

Jodie has touched my heart and life in a special way! Her work with the children is outstanding, but the first lives of children I saw her change, were children in Muskegon that she never met, but went out of her way at Christmas to provide gifts, food, and gift card from her own home for the family I told her was in need. Jodie lives this title. She us truly a life changer.

Scott Posted over a year ago

Jodie is the most caring.thoughtful person.she always puts the kids needs above her own and goes out of her way without a second thought to do anything for her kids She is a champion for all and a hero to her kids..her school..her community..and her family

Sandy Christiansen Posted over a year ago

Jodie is one of the most enthusiastic and most excited teachers I've ever met. She just loves her students and cares so much for them and their well being. She is adamant about not giving up on any student and works with them to help them achieve goals no one else would take time to do. Jodie doesn't do tasks for them but teaches them how to do those tasks for themselves and become more independent. She gives so much of her time in the classroom and then uses a lot of her own time securing donations for the kids. She is truly an asset to her profession. We need more like her.

Jennifer Posted over a year ago

Jodi is a caring always giving of herself, compassionate worker. She engages the students and has a great relationship with all.

Autumn Posted over a year ago

Jodie is one of the most hard working, caring, compassionate and loving people i have ever met. She will do anything and everyrhing for the people that she loves and treats everyone like they are her family. She will literally give the last of what she has to anyone in need and i am honered to be able to call her mom.

Tim Kuiper Posted over a year ago

Jodie is a great individual who loves not only her students that she works with everyday but other special needs children who are not even in her class. Thank you Jodie for all you do

Wendy Metzler Posted over a year ago

We love Ms Jodie! Our family is better for having her in our lives!