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Ashley Adams

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: Camp Mohave Elementary School
School District: Mohave Valley Elementary School District #16
City, State: Fort Mohave, AZ

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Ashley Adams was nominated by her principal, Rick Cottrell.

Mrs. Adams joined the Camp Mohave team and immediately began making her school a better place. She arrives at school by 6:15 every morning to prepare fun and exciting units for the kids. She brings in outside experts, including entomologists who discussed various types of insects when students were studying the animal kingdom in science. Mrs. Adams also brought in representatives from the National Parks Service to talk about what they do and how it impacts the students. These activities bring a little reality to the students' education.

"Mrs. Adams gets to know each one of her students individually. She councils them when they need advice, listens to them when they need to vent, holds them accountable when they need to learn responsibility, and most of all, loves them regardless of who they are and where they are from. Many students still come back after being out of her room for a couple years to talk to her, spend the day with her, and express gratitude for what she gave them," Cottrell said.

In addition, Mrs. Adams is a die hard believer in Kids At Hope. She knows every child can succeed and pushes them to do just that. In an effort to facilitate this, the students will work with her after school every Monday through Thursday. As one of the main teachers in the 21st Century Program, she comes up with fun and exciting enrichment activities as well as effective tutoring activities based on each student's needs.

Comments (3)

Melinda Robbins Posted over a year ago

I worked with Mrs. Adams at a bank for a while when I went off to be a teacher as we continued our friendship and she would help me in my class preparing for lessons, I saw a great teacher she could be. She then began her journey to an outstanding teacher. Mrs. Adams goes above and beyond to ensure her students understand on many levels and creates a classroom environment that turns 5th grade students into stars. I am proud to be her colleague and friend. Way to go Mrs. Adam!!!

Nicole Greer Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Adams is an amazing teacher ! Always happy very enthusiastic! And is a great asset to our school district !

Laurel l Bowen Posted over a year ago

Ashley Adams is my niece. She has always been one to go above and beyond in all things .I have talked with her many times about her job as a teacher,and she is beaming when she speaks of her class and how these students challenge her in her lessons. You could not ask for a better role model for the young minds in her class.