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Krista Ingle

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Trailside Elementary School
School District: Park City School District
City, State: Park City, UT

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Krista Ingle was nominated by Andrea Solum, the parent of a student.

Ms. Ingle is not only an amazing person, but a teacher who never gives up! She helped Solum's son, Robby, who is in 8th grade and has OCD and anxiety. She did not view this as a weakness, but embraced his differences and helped Robby become a hard working, independent student.

"The skills she taught him in third grade are still being used today," said Solum. "When Robby is asked who his favorite teacher is, hands down, he says Mrs. Ingle."

Ms. Ingle is constantly striving to make learning meaningful and fun.  She challenges all students and encourages them to always do their best. It's rare to find such an upbeat, positive teacher who shows professionalism, kindness, commitment and dedication to her students, self, and coworkers. 

Ms. Ingle also never stops learning.  She has multiple endorsements, is a member of her union, advocates for teachers, serves on school committees, and is always looking for the best strategies to reach all learners. She is always wanting and willing to try new ideas. Ms. Ingle was the first teacher at Trailside to remove desks and use tables. She makes a community and family out of her students each year.  She has alternative seating options and truly reaches all types of students.  

"I was considering pulling my son from the public school, but Mrs. Ingle literally changed everything!" said Solum. "She embraced Robby's idiosyncrasies and never made him feel inferior for having OCD.  She was able to view his numerous and endless questions as a desire to learn instead of an annoyance. Krista has not only touched the life of Robby, but many other students. I honestly cannot say enough positive comments about this teacher.  I would love for her to receive recognition for her dedication and kindness to children, especially my son!"

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Christina Adrian Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ingle is honestly one of the best teachers I have ever encountered. We had our kids in private school when they were very young and transitioned to public school years ago because the Park City School District is so amazing. Ms. Ingle was the first teacher we encountered and we were so incredibly impressed with her. She was kind and patient and grounded and smart and funny and... She made the transition incredibly easy and I cannot say enough good things about her. Since our transition, 3 of our kids have had the pleasure of being taught by Ms. Ingle.

Lila Jacoby Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ingle was my teacher for 3rd grade and I think she is amazing! I love that she had fun ways of teaching things and I learned so much in her class. She's definitely a life-changing kind of teacher!

Stephanie Crosby Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ingle went out of her way to make the classroom a great learning environment for all the kids. She was not content with settling. All of the kids in the classroom were learning and eager to continue to do so. Thank You Ms Ingle for instilling the love of learning into my kids.

Suzanne Jacoby Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ingle is the quintessential teacher - she meets every child where they are at, shows them respect and encourages them to respect themselves. My daughter never wanted to miss a day while she was in Ms. Ingle’s class last year. She taught her incredible skills both academically and socially and challenged her to always be her best self in terms of school success, citizenship, and organization. She is definitely a life changer and does it all with a smile!

jacquelynn beason Posted over a year ago

Ms. Single has been an amazing teacher to my son Alexander who is now a 7th grader. He struggles with his ADD and ADHD. she went out of her way to make sure that Alex succeeded. She is a sweet and caring teacher. I hope that she will be there for years to come.

Seth Dromgoole Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ingle is my daughter's (kindergarten) mentor/buddy. My daughter speaks highly of Ms. Ingle and has learned a lot from her. I really hope my daughter ends up with Ms. Ingle as her 3rd grade teacher.

Reese Posted over a year ago

Ms.Ingle has thought me so many life skills that I still use to this day! She has changed my life and shaped me into the person I am today

Sylvia Hebert Posted over a year ago

Ms Ingle taught my 14 year old in second and third grade. The skills she learned then are still being implemented today! Reese still has a ‘check list’ for organization that Ma Ingle taught her how to organize and stop ‘dawdling!’ She knows every student and focuses on ever students needs. The most amazing teacher I have ever run across, and I myself use to be a teacher, along with both of my parents! She is a difference maker and a life changer!

Emily Olsen Posted over a year ago

In August of 2016, my terrified, sad, and angry 9 year old began her first year at Trailside Elementary. Just weeks before school started, my daughter lost her father to cancer. Although it was a 5 year battle, his passing was quick and without much warning. My daughter was dealing with all the complications of grief and didn't want to socialize, much less attend a new school. Fortunately, she was in Ms. Ingle's class. Krista greeted my daughter with warmth and a sense of security. For the first time in several years, my daughter felt safe. At this pivotal moment, my daughter chose a healthy direction at the guidance of her teacher. She went on to have a successful year and still talks often of the influence Ms. Ingle had (and continues to have) on her. She truly changed my daughter's life. Really, the lives of my entire family.

Cortney Martinez Posted over a year ago

As a colleague, I have worked with Krista for over 10 years in her role as a special educator and regular education teacher. She is a team player and has an attitude that is optimistic and forward thinking. She sees each individual student as unique. She is determined to make student personal connections which lead to greater learning opportunities and successful outcomes. As a parent, we were fortunate to have Krista as my daughter's 4th-grade teacher. This was a particularly difficult year for our family. However, each day, my daughter came to school excited and ready to learn. She expressed her days were good because she felt respected and safe in her care. She learned more than academics that year. It was a year of emotional and academic development. I appreciate Krista's wilingness and natural ability to treat each child with respect and devotion.

Shelley Posted over a year ago

We wish she could be our teacher every year! We were lucky enough to have Mrs. Ingle for a few months, until a teacher change happened at the school, and it was handled in a wonderful and professional way! She still continued to be a resource and mentor, and then we were lucky enough to have two teachers that were amazing. So happy to have met her and have her in our life.

Amy Omessi Posted over a year ago

We are so lucky to have Ms Ingle as our teacher this year. Our daughter is growing not only academically, but is gaining confidence in herself. We appreciate Ms Ingle daily.

Kathy Bochnowski Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ingle has a positive impact on everyone around her. At Trailside Elementary she greets everyone with a smile and the students are drawn to her. She is always striving to improve herself and enjoy life and this inspires her students to do the same.

Jessica Lerner Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ingle embodies who you would want any child to have as an educator. She is honest, relatable, positive, and a joy. She is the first to greet each parent and student in the hallway, and welcomes each child into her space. Our school is better with her in it.

Sarahjane Howard Posted over a year ago

We were privileged to have Ms. Ingle for third grade. When our son suffered a concussion, she was compassionate and understanding. Our son’s academics never waivered despite his injury. We owe that to Ms. Ingle; she has mastered her craft.

Kirk Kessler Posted over a year ago

Krista had a huge impact on my son during his time in third grade. She continues to empower him by being his mentor this year. As I type this, she actually emailed me to check on my sons progress. Multiply that by all the lives she touches and you'll see how special she really is to all of her students.

Lesley Rockwood Posted over a year ago

Krista Ingle is one of those special people that makes an incredible impact on everyone she meets. She is warm, positive, enthusiastic, accessible, and passionate. Her enthusiasm, generous nature, and commitment to excellence is contagious, inspiring her colleagues, school, and district for greatness. As a teacher, she sees the potential in each student and encourages them to be the best they can be. She is also a great listener, always seeing the good in difficult situations. Krista is an open thinker, always striving to present material in an innovative way. Her students are constantly exposed to a wide variety of hands-on lessons that other teachers are often afraid to even attempt. It is truly inspiring! She is a lifechanger and I feel so privileged and honored to be able to celebrate Krista Ingle!

Lisa Stein Posted over a year ago

She knows how to make every child feel completely unique, special, and competent. She empowers kids to believe in themselves.

Christian Waters Posted over a year ago

We were fortunate enough to have Krista Ingle as my son Julian's third and fourth grade teacher. We loved the way Krista made an effort to connect with each family, truly attempting to understand what made the family and the student, tick. This intimate relationship established with her students allowed Krista to understand the academic strengths and weaknesses of each student and more importantly, the students' emotional needs. Krista encouraged Julian to pursue an independent area of study and he and a student researched and built a model of the Titanic just for fun! We loved having her!

MarjeanJohnston Posted over a year ago

Krista Ingle is an outstanding teacher in so many ways. She has knows that building relationships is how you change lives. I've been impressed with her empathy and desire to make strong relationships with everyone and especially her caring for each individual student. In the short time I have known her, I've seen her work with troubled students over and over again and have seen remarkable changes in those students as she helps them mentally and emotionally navigate through their hard life issues.Krista frequently writes grants for technology, and mindfulness, and other needs from which she see her students would benefit. Among her many magical teaching tools, she uses her STEM endorsement to infuse her lessons with engaging content and the growth mindset for all her students and the students in her whole grade level. Krista is very worthy of being nominated as a "Life Changer" for she has been and continues to be a "Life changer" for her students.

Jacqie Spell Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the opportunity to teach on a 4th grade team with Krista as well as reap the benefits of my oldest daughter having her as a teacher. Krista is very compassionate in everything she does. She’s a terrific team player and supportive of all. Krista works tirelessly to differentiate for each student in her classroom and to truly address the needs of the whole child. Krista is genuine in her interactions and makes time for students, parents, and colleagues.

kristen blum Posted over a year ago

We feel very lucky to have our son with Mrs. Ingle this year. Not only does she help them learn but she teaches with sincere compassion and care for their emotional well being as well. With so much pressure for teachers to perform to the testing these days the need to care for the students and help them enjoy learning sometimes fails. Mrs Ingle still keeps a nice balance of learning and happiness.

Miranda Boss Posted over a year ago

Ms Ingles was my son, Dawson's teacher last year. She was so wonderful! She made Dawson feel safe, important, smart and wanted every day he went to school. He always says, "Mom, I bet I will never get as good of a teacher as Ms. Ingles." and I agree 100% with his statement. Ms. Ingles is definitely deserving of this nomination!

Lesa Hudgens Posted over a year ago

Hands down a life changer! My son had Krista last year as his third grade teacher and while he was going thru some sad times at home, she kept his heart next to hers and guided him thru a year that was life changing for him. She teaches from her heart and that allows all kids to succeed academically, emotionally, and socially. She is truly one of a kind and will impact my son and our family forever.

jill Posted over a year ago

We have never had her as a teacher yet, but her warm energy lights up her room. I have passed her room probably 1000 or so times in and out of school, and I hear her talk to her students with kindness and patience. Kindness, I feel trumps everything else.

Amy Fiedler Posted over a year ago

I am fortunate to know Krista as a colleague as well as a parent of a third grader who has Mrs. Ingle for math. Every time I have visited her classroom, students are engaged in their activities and she is working patiently with small groups or individual students. Math is now my daughter's favorite subject. "Mrs. Ingle makes it fun" she says.

Jennifer Brinton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ingle lights up the classroom. Her enthusiasm for student learning is contagious, and her ability and willingness to reach all students - regardless of ability - is inspirational. Not only does she work to draw out those students who need extra help to master the basics, but she works to challenge those students who have already moved beyond the required curriculum. My husband and I couldn’t be happier that our daughter is lucky enough to have Mrs. Ingle as her teacher.

Olivier Lambert Posted over a year ago

Krista is a fantastic team member and teacher, always looking for the most adapted teaching plan for every single kid.

Catherine Deeken Posted over a year ago

Krista is an incredible teacher! She works tirelessly to create unique ideas to teach each child in a way that best speaks to their individual learning style. And she does it all with grace and patience! The environment of her classroom is set up to allow students to learn in a variety of ways with tools that make my son look forward to going to school each day. It is clear that shaping these young minds a calling for Krista and I am so grateful that we are getting to spend this year with her.

Susan Beasom Posted over a year ago

Krista is the best! She is an amazing teacher and treats all students with respect. She never stops learning, or finding innovative ways to reach every child. She is also invaluable as a colleague- humor, support, and dependability. We are so lucky to have Krista!

Carolyn Synan Posted over a year ago

Krista is an amazing teacher to have on your team. She knows how to reach all of her students and uses so many different methods to make sure it happens. She is dedicated, determined, and passionate in her teaching and life. I feel lucky to be her principal and I look forward to watching her change the lives of so many more students in her career. Trailside is a very lucky school.

Kit Howard Posted over a year ago

Krista Ingle acknowledges, validates, and teaches the whole child in her classroom. Her diverse and create ways to reach each students in her classroom makes her an amazing educator.

Heather Metzger Posted over a year ago

This is my first year having Krista as a teacher for one of my kids. Friends have raved about her for years and I'm so lucky to get to finally get the chance to know her. Shes wonderfully informative, she's positive, inclusive, radiant and you know she truly loves what she's doing. Any child is lucky to get her.

Amanda Lawing Posted over a year ago

Krista always tries to get to know her individual students so that she can find the best way for them to learn. She goes above and beyond expectations whether it be in the classroom or out of classroom activities. She always has the best interests of her students in mind, as well as the whole school community.

Amanda Godfrey Posted over a year ago

My son has Mrs. Ingle as a teacher this year. We can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award. She is simply amazing!

Lisa McInerney Posted over a year ago

Krista's motto is always "what's best for students." No one works harder than Krista to implement this motto into the classroom and it shows in her students progress, motivation, and especially her students love for her. Krista's attitude toward teaching is contagious. Working with her makes me want to be a better teacher.

Brecon Posted over a year ago

Krista is the light. She digs inside herself and finds the way to ensure that every student she works with gets everything they need. She is experienced, educated, and born to teach. She thinks outside the box and challenges the restraints that are put on teachers fearlessly. She is hilarious, kind, loved by all, and just models to everyone that being you is what is needed in this world. I love her and know she is derserving of this beautiful honor.

Chrissy Nichols Posted over a year ago

Whether you're an adult or a child, Krista has time for you. She never makes you feel like your question is a bother, she never rushes you out of her classroom or hallway, she has time for you! Krista has that amazing talent of making your (and your problem) feel like the most important person in the world. Krista is a true educator in every sense of the world and she cares.

Jessica Ho Posted over a year ago

I can’t thank Krista enough for fighting hard to help my daughter get tested for an IEP. Because of Krista my daughter is making great progress and is a freshman with straight A’s. She is an amazing teacher!!!!

Shamby Polychronis Posted over a year ago

Krista is an amazing examples for new teachers! She differentiates as naturally as breathing, and employs the newest strategies and tools available. I have been fortunate to place student teachers with her over the years and I am in awe at her excellence! She is truly ‘one of a kind’.

Heather Horsley Posted over a year ago

Krista, I am proud to call you a friend, I’ve watched you over the past 30 years give, teach and learn, you deserve all the best!

Becky Brady Posted over a year ago

Krista Ingle is one of the most amazing teachers I have worked with. She embraces new ideas and technology that will aide individual students. She is a life changer for students and colleagues.

Peter Ingle Posted over a year ago

Krista is an amazing teacher who gives her ALL for her students. Once the school year starts, Krista is at school until late every day and almost a full day on the weekends getting her classroom ready. Her students are always getting the best teaching possible. She is amazing.

Jennifer Giblin Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ingle is Amazing! I have been fortunate to work with Ms. Ingle on Trailside's 3rd grade team. She is a leader. She has fantastic skills in teamwork and collaboration. Ms. Ingle is flexible, supportive and respectful of others. We love Ms. Ingle!

Ben Kahn Posted over a year ago

I wouldn't last one day without Krista Ingle! Not only does she have possess endless patience for her students, but she also makes time for me...constantly! If I have a problem, a question, need to vent or simply want to share a funny story, I head straight to Krista's room. Her balance of empathy, knowledge, and humor have made her a trusted confident and friend. In addition, she represents all of our PCEA members with the same level of care and consideration. I'm sure they couldn't last day without Krista either.