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Candace Duhon

Position: Licensed Professional Counselor
School: Positive Connection
School District: Calcasieu Parish School Board
City, State: Lake Charles , LA

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Candace Duhon was nominated by her colleague, Denise Charles.

Mrs. Duhon is a loving, kind, considered and passionate person. She is very knowledgeable about her job and is a team player. Every child she works with leaves with a positive outlook on life. Mrs. Duhon has such a great impact on her students. They come in feeling like everyone in the world is out to get them and has let them down, but with her heart of gold, Mrs. Duhon makes them feel like they are the most important person in the whole world. The students' anxieties start to melt away from just a smile, a hug and offering them encouraging kind words. She is also warm and encouraging to the staff, as well.

"I’ve known Candace for approximately five years, and I’m proud to call her my colleague and my friend," said Charles.

Comments (8)

Leila Shuffler Posted over a year ago

Candace is an awesome person. Sweet and kind. I’ve seen her caring nature when it comes to her family and though I’ve never seen her in action at her work it’s certainly not hard to see that her nature would follow through there as well. Congratulations for the nomination Candace. Well deserved.

Janet Chargois Posted over a year ago

Candance, You were truly a gift to son and to many other kids who attend PC. You and your school will always be in our family heart and prayers for your daily dedication. My son is better now that he had to attend PC bc everyone there truly knows how to support and communicate with these kids

Ashly Golden Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to work with Ms Duhon and it was an opportunity I will never forget. To see the love and compassion she has for her students is something truly amazing and something all should have. Each student that walks into her life will leave with a much brighter outlook and a person they can always trust. Ms. Duhon is amazing at her job and each person that has a chance to get to know her is very lucky.

Krystal Smith Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Candace since she was a softball player at McNeese. She always seemed to have a special quality about her that drew people to her. I’m sure her students adore her for the kindness and genuineness that she exudes.

Meg Sanders Posted over a year ago

I can’t think of anyone else more deserving of this award. She’s a “go getter” and will do what it takes to get the job done. Candace has a beautiful soul and always seems to put others before herself. Even during tough times, she uses her smile and personality to uplift those around her. I’m honored to call her a friend.

Katy LaBauve Posted over a year ago

Candace is such an amazing advocate for the children she comes in contact with. She goes above and beyond any expectations we would typically have for a counselor who works with our mentally and behaviorally challenged elementary children. She’s in constant communication with not only parents but extended family, doctors, other disciplines in the school system and in the community. She remembers birthdays, days or events that bring them down; just so she can ensure that she’s there to help them through it and they don’t spiral down. She’s constantly

Kristal Franklin Posted over a year ago

Candace is a very hard worker! She is one of the best team players I have had and a heart of gold! Congratulations Candace

Dianna Duhon Posted over a year ago

Candace has a heart of gold. She truly cares about each and every child she works with. She works very hard to show them their self worth. We are very proud of the work she is doing and continues to do on a daily basis.