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Ryan Crowe

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Doherty Elementary School
School District: West Bloomfield School District
City, State: West Bloomfield, MI

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Ryan Crowe was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

"My son had Mr. Crowe last year for Kindergarten, and he was absolutely awesome," said his nominator. "My husband and I have never seen a teacher be so passionate about teaching. He treated us like family and helped educate and guide our son to reach his full potential.  Mr. Crowe would stay after school and work with kids if they were struggling. He even met with them in the summer to keep those relationships going. After teaching Kindergarten for 16 years, and being a phenomenal educator, this would be such an honor for him."

Comments (10)

Scott Long Posted over a year ago

Ryan is a special person and teacher. His empathy, work ethic, integrity and commitment to doing whatever it takes to help kids absolutely amazes me. In addition to serving on our building leadership team and student support team (which demands a ton of extra time beyond his teaching responsibilities), Ryan creates an authentic and supportive classroom community where the needs of every child are met. He was born to teach and lead!

Ly P. Posted over a year ago

My daughter had Mr. Crowe as her Kindergarten teacher last school year. Although she had been in a full-day preschool since she was three years old, I was still worried about her abilities entering Kindergarten. But at the end of the school year, she had achieved where she needed to be, and beyond, to be in the First Grade. She loved going to school and enjoyed her days. She started to enjoy reading too. She couldn't have done all those without Mr. Crowe's teaching. I am always thankful for what he has done.

Sesilee Langs Posted over a year ago

What more can I say about Mr. Ryan Crowe that hasn’t already been said. He’s a phenomenal teacher, both my children have had the experience of being in his class for Kindergarten and Kindergarten Plus. The love that he shows to the children is unmeasurable and his teaching skills are superb. “Life Changer” is the perfect title for this outstanding teacher.

Zach Kiefer Posted over a year ago

Two of our kids have had Mr. Crowe as their teacher. Even three years after having him our oldest still raves about him and our middle child was so inspired by him that he wants to become a teacher just like Mr. Crowe. As a parent we couldn't of asked for a greater teacher and mentor for our children. We hope our third child is also lucky enough to have him!

Jeannette Cuda Posted over a year ago

I am a new staff member at Doherty this year. In just the short time I’ve been here, I have observed Ryan’s kindness, calmness, and patience with his Kindergarteners. What a great role model he is for our little Dolphins! Ryan has also been genuinely friendly toward me. That means a lot as a new staff member. Thanks, Ryan!

Linda Ketterer Posted over a year ago

Mr. Crowe can be friendly, loving, firm, thoughtful, caring, patient &/or funny, and is great with students who NEED the extra TLC and/or discipline/guidance and those who are successfully working on their own... he brings the best out in each child and they love him for it! So do the parents! ??

Yara Posted over a year ago

“Stop, think, if it is right do it , if it’s not right, don’t do it” This is Mr. Crowe’s famous quote that we always repeat. I have never seen one person who have met Mr. Crowe and not mention how great he is. I used to volunteer in his classroom when he was my daughter’s teacher in kindergarten,4 years ago! A passionate, dedicated and amazing teacher! He deserves all the best!

Nicole Ketterer Posted over a year ago

I’ve got a lot more, but my first memory of Mr. Crowe is when he contacted me about a sensitive issue with my daughter. Tough, right? Not for Mr. Crowe. He took an awkward situation and made it one of my greatest moments with a teacher. He not only recognized the issue but already had ideas to remedy it. He saw past the problem. He saw my daughter and understood her situation. Did I mention he contacted me about it after school on a Friday? I had never been more impressed and grateful. Thank you, Mr. Crowe. You’ve certainly earned this nomination.

Dorothy Langs Posted over a year ago

My grandson was in Mr. Crowe kindergraten class last school term, this school term my granddaughter is in Mr Crowe class. They both are very happy to have had and have him now as their teacher. I don't think they could have had a better person as Mr. Crowe for their teacher.

Dana Reinke Posted over a year ago

My family feels lucky to have had Mr. Crowe for my son’s Kindergarten teacher. Mr. Crowe was attentive to the individual academic needs of my son, who was ready to learn more than what was offered in the Kindergarten currculum, spending extra time with him during and after school. Mr. Crowe was quick to recognize my son’s personality traits and likely used that to help him develop in his first year of elementary school too. But beyond all of that, Mr. Crowe helped foster a love for school in my son, which we consider invaluable!