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Christy Shepard

Position: Principal
School: Coldwater Elementary
School District: Oxford City Schools
City, State: Anniston , AL

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Christy Shepard was nominated by an anonymous parent.

"My children have had different principals and have gone to other schools, but they have never had anyone like Dr. Shepard," said her nominator.

It is easy to recognize Dr. Shepard's love for children. When they come and leave her school, they know they are loved more than anything.

"My child has a learning disability, and we found out he had major discipline problems and often got in trouble a lot. Dr. Shepard made a big impact in his life; she never gave up on him and was determined to help him be successful," said her nominator. "Now, he doesn’t get in trouble, and she praises him all the time."

Dr. Shepard's love goes beyond her school walls. You can find her cheering on the children in other activities, even when they're in another state. She has high expectations for the students, and she does not allow them to make excuses. She is an advocate for all of them, from those who are smart and those with learning disabilities, to those who wear the best clothes and those who may not have the best, to those with working parents and those with non working parents.

"She cares about all students, and that's why I love her. She has changed my son's life for the better, and has made my life as a mother better," said her nominator.

Comments (22)

T. Stewart Posted over a year ago

Dr. Shepard is an amazing person inside and out. She is always interested in how the students are doing and encouraging them to be their very best. She is absolutely the most wonderful person I have ever worked for. She makes coming to school fun for the students and her staff.

Chrissie Lott Posted over a year ago

It is such an honor and blessing to work for Dr. Shepard! She encourages our students, teachers, and staff to be the best that we can be and to uplift one another each day! She makes an impact on our school AND community!

Mp Posted over a year ago

Dr.Shepard love her students and teachers,she is Avery charing person.

Chandler Jones Posted over a year ago

Dr. Shepard is truly one of a kind. She leads well and loves well! She is always finding ways to encourage her staff and students. We are blessed to have her as our leader! She is so deserving of this honor.

A. Wages Posted over a year ago

Dr. Shepard is an asset to the Oxford City School System and Coldwater Elementary! She has an active interest in extra curricular activities and travels with her students each year to the Special Olympics state games. She also travelled all the way to South Carolina to support the paddle board team!

Hollie Payne Posted over a year ago

Dr. Shepard is an inspiration to all that work for her. She encourages her staff to be they can be. She supports us on our professional and personal lives. She is a mentor and leaderboard her staff and students. I couldn’t ask for a better person to work for.

Troy Posted over a year ago

I was a student of Dr Shepard’s. She is phenomenal an excellent teacher, Motivator and mentor. You will never meet many people that actual loves their job as much she does. Everywhere she goes she leaves an impact. She still had an impact on my life today!

Holly Cothran Posted over a year ago

I have Mrs. Shepherd as a boss and I absolutely love working for her. She really cares for all the students, as well as the staff. She is a wonderful role model for people of all ages!

Ivone Millirons Posted over a year ago

I am very honored to work with Dr. Shepard. It is such a blessing to have leaders like her whom genuinely love and care for students, teachers, and the community as a whole!!!

Kaelyn Ostolaza Posted over a year ago

Dr. Shepard deserves this! She is an excellent principal, and she leads her team well. She’s encouraging and uplifting, and she always supports her employees. Dr. Shepard has always made me feel like a valuable part of the team. I love working for her!

Amy Knighton Posted over a year ago

Dr. Shepard challenges her teachers and staff to find our strengths and run with them! She encourages, motivates, and celebrates our students. I’m so proud of her for being recognized for this award!

Tim Cooper Posted over a year ago

Best Principal ever. Supports my paddle board special Olympics team 100%. Allows fun and innovated ideas in PE

Kim Hendon Posted over a year ago

Ms Shepard is one of the finest educators I know. I had the privilege of working w/her in a turnaround school years ago and we have remained friends. She loves children & teachers too!

Shanekia Miller Posted over a year ago

Dr. Shephard is phenomenal!! She was my teacher in high school and always showed her love and dedication for her students! I look up to her in SO many ways if there is anyone that deserves this and so much more it is definitely her!!!

Jamie Thomas Posted over a year ago

I have had the honor of working with Dr. Shepard and I can truly say she loves all of her students. I worked with her on the High School level and she was such a positive influence on the students. They truly looked up to her as an influence on their lives.We miss her here at OHS but she is doing great things at CES.

Arien Posted over a year ago

My husband and I had Dr.Shepard as our high school principal. She is truly an amazing educator who cares for her students. Now our son is lucky enough to have her as his principal. Shs is still just as amazing as she was when we were her students.

Amanda allen Posted over a year ago

Mrs Shepard is my son Dylan Norman and destiny Norman’s principal at Coldwater, she is Great!!! Very caring, and informs the parent of upcoming events or problems that my child may have encounter. She is very kind and down to earth! We love her and Coldwater school!!!

Megan Posted over a year ago

Dr. Shepard is a great leader and we are so fortunate to have her at Coldwater Elementary!

A. Edwards Posted over a year ago

Dr. Shepard is an amazing leader! She truly cares about what is best for our students and school. She is a very passionate and driven lady. She truly wants the best for Coldwater Elementary!

Artisha Richey Posted over a year ago

Coldwater is a wonderful educational environment! It is all possible because of Dr. Sheppard's outstanding leadership!

Kim Wagner Posted over a year ago

She is the Best!!!! I had the honor of working for her for several years at OHS! She is a true leader! She not only loved the students, she loved her teachers as well!!!

Stephanie Posted over a year ago

A true professional. I met Dr. Shepard at a conference a couple of years ago and her passion for education and youth is amazing. Amazing person.