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Jarita Williams

Position: Assistant Principal
School: Westview Middle School
School District: Riverview Gardens School District
City, State: St. Louis, MO

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Jarita Williams was nominated by her colleague, Brianna Fritsch.

Ms. Williams exemplifies what it means to be a LifeChanger! She embodies positivity, establishes strong relationships with her students and staff, is hard working, goes above and beyond, and manages to do it all while being a cheerleader for all she meets with a smile on her face.

"When I first met Jarita Williams, I was a new school social worker and still trying to figure out my role in the building and how to best support the students," said Fritsch. "Jarita was the first to welcome me with open arms, tons of support and guidance. She trusted me and what I could contribute to the team. I quickly realized that she was, in many ways, the heartbeat of the school."

Students and staff are drawn to her positivity, contagious smile, and genuine desire to help and support them in any way she can. Whoever talks to Ms. Williams feels like they are really valued and important to her, and it's honest! She really does find value in and care for everyone she meets! She goes above and beyond in her job to make sure her students are heard. Ms. Williams wants students to know the consequences of their actions when needed, but also know they are important and that she believes in them. She does the same with parents of students and builds relationships with parents regularly.

To top it off, she's always trying to make sure her staff know how much she respects and loves them! From thank you notes and coffee, to emails of support, to simple things like stopping what she is doing to make eye contact when you talk to her, she really cares about people, and it shows!

"AP Williams has filled many roles, even in my three short years at WMS," said Fritsch. "Last year was a year of transition and change for our school, as we had a few principal changes throughout the year. Jarita stepped up to not only fill her role as Assistant Principal, but many of the roles of Lead Principal as well. She did it all with grace and a smile."

Leadership and professionalism are of high importance to her. She challenges others to be better, do better, and be the best for the kids at all times. Students are her priority, and doing what is best for them while adhering to moral and ethical standards are a must.

"Jarita is an outstanding leader, woman, and friend. Anyone who meets her is blessed to have her in their life," said Fritsch.

Comments (6)

Pamela Rose Posted over a year ago

Mrs Williams is an exemplary leader who develops relationships with students and staff that are life changing and career altering in a positive and nurturing way. She is a true leader and she deserves to receive commendation for her dedication to her students and team members, parents, school and community.

AReed Posted over a year ago

Jarita is a hard working professional who takes her work seriously. She takes charge and only expects the best from her colleagues, teachers and scholars. She exemplifies leadership skills that are conducive to a successful academic environment and she sets the tone for an excellent day effortlessly! She deserves this award and more for all of the hard work she has done and continues to do to support her staff, parents and students! Congratulations Ms. Jarita Williams!

Jasmine Clay Posted over a year ago

As an outreach program for Westview Middle School, Mrs. Jarita Williams has assisted us with providing valuable services to the participants at WVMS. Despite the priority daily task she may have, she’s always assessable, and make sure that the Educational Talent Search staff are comfortable, included, and supported to better assist and motivate her students. This award is well deserved to the Life Changer that goes over and beyond to exceed expectations. Congratulations! -ETS@HSSU

Donna Harmon Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Jarita Williams is an asset to Westview Middle School. Her expertise in human relations and administration fuels our staff to always do their best. She is the glue that holds Westview Middle together!

Alvinette Collie Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jarita Williams is an awesome educator who works diligently with others through collaboration, motivation and effective communication. She cultivates relationships with her students, parents and team members. We salute your efforts as a genuine Lifechanger. Congratulations!

Lynn Sherrod Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Williams is such an amazing woman who thrives at bringing the best out of all students and staff at Westview Middle! She stays calm under all circumstances and her rapport with students and parents is phenomenal!