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Stephanie Faulkender

Position: Paraprofessional
School: Doherty Elementary School
School District: West Bloomfield School District
City, State: West Bloomfield, MI

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Stephanie Faulkender was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

Mrs. Faulkender, also known as Ms. Stephanie, is an phenomenal woman who always puts students first in everything she does for Doherty. 

"The first thing I noticed about Ms. Stephanie is that she goes the the extra mile by making sure the kids are safe, working the car line in the morning and afternoon, and getting to know the children and their families by name to make them feel welcomed," said her nominator. "She's a fierce leader and motivator, and she has a passion for inspiring kids. She helps them if they're struggling by giving a high five or words of encouragement to motivate them. This woman has truly been a LifeChanger to my family and other Doherty families."

Comments (12)

Tiara Yakini Posted over a year ago

I just love her! You can always catch her smiling while working the car line. She learned my daughter’s name right away, which made us feel welcomed as a family new to the district. I’m glad to see her get the recognition she most definitely deserves!

Scott Long Posted over a year ago

Stephanie is one of the most selfless, humble, and caring people I have ever known! I see her being breakfast for students, bring gifts for students, and be a champion for students that need a champion the most. On top of that, she naturally connects with students in an unbelievable way!

Geena Nisula Posted over a year ago

Ms. Stephanie is so deserving of this nomination. She is always willing to help any student in need. As a new parent to Doherty last year, she helped me navigate through my first year questions and always did it with kindness and a smile. She looks out for all the children in the school, not just those she’s assigned to work with. She is a true treasure!

DIANE MAURY Posted over a year ago

Ms. Stephanie is definitely a Life Changer! She can be found every day throughout the school, putting her heart and soul into making a difference in the lives of our kids. Whether it's handling the daily carline, assisting and mentoring kids one-on-one in the classroom, making sure the kids are safe as they move through their day, stopping in the hallway to help someone in need; whatever she sees needs to be done, she does it and with so much kindness! It takes a very special person to give selflessly to helping others, and Ms. Stephanie is one of those people. We are beyond lucky to have her as part of the Doherty Family and appreciate her so much. She is an amazing person!

Nicole Calvin Posted over a year ago

My middle child has issues with speech and anxiety and takes a little while to warm up to people. This year she has started to look for Ms. Stephanie in the hallways and I-center. It is so amazing to see my daughter interacting in such a playful and comfortable way with another adult at school. ??

Rebecca Fry Posted over a year ago

My oldest just started kindergarten this year, and Ms. Stephanie stood out to me immediately. Her kind smile each morning is a joy to see as I drop off my son. She is also committed to creating a safe and smooth environment for the kids in an often hectic and very busy car line. I am so appreciative of all she does!

Jillian Sharfner Posted over a year ago

Ms Stephanie, like many of the staff at Doherty is a true Gem. She puts her all into everything. My son was hurt at the school & I will never forget how she came up to the hospital and brought him a special package to make sure he was ok and she genuinely cared about his well being. God Bless Her! She really is a life changer

Jeannette Cuda Posted over a year ago

I am a new staff member at Doherty this year. I work with Stephanie daily, as she supports one of my students. The support she provides goes far deeper than helping with academics. She makes sure this child is treated with care, love, patience, and support each day. She is calm, patient, hard-working, and extremely humble. My student and I are very blessed to have a person like Stephanie at our side each day. Thank you, Stephanie!

Nicole Samuilow Posted over a year ago

Steph has been a friend of mine since the minute she came to Doherty. We first connected through our similar interests and likes, but our friendship has grown immensely and I consider her a really wonderful friend. Steph is loved and adored by both staff and adults at Doherty. We could not do what we do without her. She is completely all hands in and would do anything to ensure that a child is safe, loved, and his or her needs are taken care of. Over the years, I have seen behaviors in students turn positive and students form strong bonds with Ms Stephanie. When she engages with a child, there is always a mutual affection with huge smiles and laughter. Steph is a huge asset to Doherty Elementary and we honestly could not do what we do without her. She is a friend, an encourager, a joke teller, a giver, a manager of all things Doherty parking lot, she can do it all! Thanks Steph for being YOU!

Jodie Ostrowski Posted over a year ago

Miss Stephanie is truly a Doherty VIP. She is loved by the kiddos, always greeting them by name and with a smile. More importantly, Miss Stephanie keeps students and families safe during morning drop offs and afternoon pick ups rain or shine! Every time I see her I get a wave, or if I'm lucky a quick joke. We are so lucky to have Miss Stephanie at Doherty!

Kristi Askew Posted over a year ago

Ms. Stephanie as she is known by our family, is one of the greatest assets at Doherty. She is truly a gem with her effervescent smile and upbeat demeanor! Each day she is the first face we see upon entering the campus and we are greeted with THAT smile and a wave. My twins love to shout HELLO and she responds with a HELLO to each of them by name. It takes a special person to make time to learn each child's name and vehicle so that they can be personally greeted. Each interaction with her is phenomenal as she leaves her hand prints etched upon our hearts and minds of our children as she pours into them. She wears many hats in our lives - as protector, cheerleader, motivator and example of great citizenship. She is a potter as she works with each child where they are, helping them to evolve into their personal best (molding and shaping their minds). Ms. Stephanie is one who shows our children where to look, but doesn't tell them what to see. She exemplifies as the essence of her being (being nice) what my late Grandmother used to always say "it's so nice to be nice". We are grateful and thankful to share in this journey of our lives with Ms. Stephanie...thank you!

Dorothy Langs Posted over a year ago

My grandchildren think Mrs Stephanie is awesome, and so do I. She shows how much she cares for kids and she knows them all by name.