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Linsey Hayman

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Ruskin Elementary School
School District: Ware County Schools
City, State: Waycross , GA

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Linsey Hayman was nominated by an anonymous family member.

Ms. Hayman is one of the most treasured teachers in Ware County. Her enthusiasm, passion, and love for teaching and her students does not go unnoticed. Each one of her students lights up when they walk in her classroom each morning. Her positive attitude and contagious smile brings joy to her classroom family. She teaches her students to strive for excellence, to love to read, and to show respect and kindness for one another. She expresses to others the importance of giving your best to all students.

Ms. Hayman does not thrive on awards, but simply wants to inspire others and have a positive impact on everyone she comes in contact with. She spends countless hours researching and implementing new instructional strategies to engage her students and help each student in her class succeed. She not only looks for strategies to help students who struggle, but also to accelerate her students. This past year, Ms. Hayman was nominated as Teacher of the Year. She truly has a calling in life, and that calling is teaching. 

Comments (14)

Diane Johnson Posted over a year ago

Linsey is a compassionate teacher for 2nd grade students. She goes beyond her teaching responsibilities to see that all of her students get an equal chance at learning and experiencing different aspects of life. She is so loving that she wants to take her students home with her. Students that she has taught in the past still run up to her when they see her around town and give her a big hug and tell her they love and miss her. She has that special quality that makes her an outstanding teacher and is an excellent candidate for this award. Good Luck Linsey.

Janice Skinner Posted over a year ago

Linsey has a kind and loving spirit. She makes a positive impact on her students and exhibits leadership qualities. Linsey strives to expand more opportunities in her classroom. The students Linsey has taught will someday say..Mrs. Hayman made an “impact” in my life. That is what Life Changer of the Year is all about. Not only the present, but the future!! That is why Linsey is so deserving of this award. I am so proud of the woman you have become, a true inspiration.....

Maggie Posted over a year ago

Linsey is such a sweet, caring person & has always truly cared about her students! I love seeing what new things she does with her classroom to make learning fun for her students. I can tell that she puts ALOT of time and effort into her teaching!!!

Sandy Corbett Tiner Posted over a year ago

Love, grace, kindness...combined with the ability and quiet determination to not only teach every student blessed to be in her classroom, but to also make each child feel treasured and capable of any task or goal....this is Linsey...those who are lucky enough to know and love Linsey are the richer for it...a quiet, humble spirit who has answered her calling...Linsey exemplifies what every quality educator aspires to be...

Pat griffin Posted over a year ago

Linsey is a very special person. She has a very loving and caring spirit and a heart of gold. She definitely deserves the award for Life Changer of the year.

Jade Skinner Posted over a year ago

My whole life Linsey has always been a role model to me. Her loving personality, contagious smile, and strive to make each person/student better than they were the day before is a prime example as to why she has been nominated for this award. Anyone that comes in contact with her is lucky to have her in their lives.

Lisa Durrence Posted over a year ago

Thanks for making a difference in the lives of children!

Alicia Alderman Posted over a year ago

Linsey Hayman is such a positive role model not only as an educator but also in our community. She is very compassionate and caring with her students and co workers. We need more people like Mrs. Hayman in our community.

Misty Gray Posted over a year ago

Linsey is such a sweet, caring and loving person. She goes above and beyond daily for her students. Ware County School district is lucky to have such an inspiring person!

Carolyn Hall Posted over a year ago

I am Lindsey’s sister-n-law and am so proud of her, but I’m not surprised. She’s pretty amazing!! Every time she post something on Facebook about her classroom I’m amazed at the creativity she uses to teach her students. You can see every child fully engaged in the lesson or activity. There is not a doubt in my mind that Lindsey is changing the lives of her students. She’s the teacher they will never forget and she will be one of the first people her former students will reach out to share their successes in life!

Gary Strickland Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Linsey since early childhood & she is and always has been a person with high & great moral character. She is teaching great wholesome direction and example to our young children. We need more teachers like her. GOD bless her endeavors & accomplishments.

Kem Strickland Posted over a year ago

Thank you Ms. Hayman for putting so much work & effort in your students.

Cheryl Hayman Posted over a year ago

She is a awesome teacher - loves and cares for her students - wants them to be all they can!

Janice Collum Posted over a year ago

I have known Linsey since birth. As a child she was always a go-getter and dedicated to what she believes in. As a teacher she still has that quality. She always encourages her students to do the best they can do and strive to do more. She is a loving and caring person and she reflects that in the way she treats her students. Linsey is deserving of this award.