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Jessica Ishmon

Position: Preschool Teacher
School: Michelle Obama Early Childhood Academic Center
School District: Riverview Gardens School District
City, State: St. Louis, MO

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Jessica Ishmon was nominated by her principal, Dr. Lanor Payne.

Ms. Ishmon is a positive, professional, hard-working and well-liked member of the school community, gaining excellent feedback from students, parents and colleagues alike. She's involved in all facets of curricular and extracurricular activities. She is able to foster superb relationships with students, showing a deep care for their development. Ms. Ishmon possesses the knack of knowing when to be supportive of students, parents and colleagues. She knows when to be firm, and she provides the support and guidance necessary for all involved to succeed.

Ms.Ishmon is enthusiastic, highly organized, and consistent in her execution of her responsibilities, demonstrating great leadership skills and considerable potential for further growth.

Comments (28)

Stephanie Posted over a year ago

Jessica is a very passionate teacher who excels in going above and beyond to educate, promote and empower students and parents. Being an educator is more than a career choice for Jessica it is a lifestyle that she models and implements Throughout her daily life. Her motto is always give the education she would be proud to receive, guide the children down the path of success and develop relationships and memories that will have a positive and lasting affect. Jessica is consistant and never gives any but her best.

Lena Chapman Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jessica is a great teacher. My child has learned so much since being in her classroom. She has a great balance of structure, flexibility and fun for her classroom.

Mary Reich Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jessica is an amazing teacher who exhibits a calm presence while expecting the best out of every child. She has a great ability to differentiate her instruction to meet every student where they are developmentally. Every student who enters her room leaves prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

sharonda taylor Posted over a year ago

Ms Jessica is amazing! she stays consistent with my Steven and i appreciate her patience with him! Her teaching techniques are amazing! My Steven is writing his name, letters and numbers better each day!

Amanda Jones Posted over a year ago

Ms.Jessica is a wonderful Teacher my son been to 3 other schools before this one. I can honestly say I didn't think he would learn the things he knows now far as writing his name by himself an learning his colors do to his delay. Thank you for everything all your help an support. He gets up on weekends saying he ready to go to school very good Teacher.

Amy Gregory Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ishmon is an amazing teacher and educator. I would not be half the teacher I am today if it was not for her guidance and support my first year of teaching. I could only hope to be half the teacher she is.

John C Posted over a year ago

There is not enough time to talk about Jessica Ishmon and the wonderful impact she has on every student she comes into contact with. She goes out of the way to build relationships and make all students feel special. Jessica is a positive role model for students and staff. Anyone that comes into contact with her will instantly pick this up.

Christel W. Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jessica is a loving and supportive teacher. She nurtures each and every one of her students, which gives them the eagerness to learn. A moment that stands out occurred last year when one of Mrs. Jessica's students was having a medical emergency. She swiftly went into action, soothing and comforting the student, all while maintaining her composure until medical assistant arrived. I have never seen a teacher work in this type of crisis, so fast but as calmly and nurturing as Mrs. Jessica. This is just the kind of professional she is. She definitely deserves this award.

Ashley Carter Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jessica is very patient, proficient, knowledgeable, kind, and professional. I've had the pleasure of having Ms. Jessica educate both of my children. She goes over and beyond the call of duty to make sure her students are ready for the next stage of their lives. She's an asset to the school in every way.

Sheena Baker Posted over a year ago

Long story short.... Please start teaching kindergarten now. And move up a grade every year so Rozz'Lynn can please be in your class ??????. We miss you terribly. You're honestly the best teacher. From the love to teaching you give ??

Ressie Hayes Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jessica is incredible the first day me and my son met her she gave us this warm loving care and from that day on I knew my son was in good care. She has brought things out of my son that I couldn't and for that I want to say thanks for being a life changer cause you have definitely changed ours......

Katherine Whittaker Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jessica is a very sweet, direct, fun, and loving teacher. I am so glad that I've gotten to know her. I appreciate her professionalism and how she cares for each student in her care.

Treniss McAlister Posted over a year ago

Ms. Ishmon is a very warm spirit. My daughter really looks forward to going to school everyday & her teacher is the main reason why. Ms. Ishmon is very creative with her teaching habits & different techniques to get the children more interested in learning. I’m grateful to have her leading my child into academic success.

Maureen Williams Posted over a year ago

She is an awesome smart intelligent teacher. I really love her sequencewith my child n others keep up the great hard work Mrs. Jessica. U r gladly appreciated by me always. She have really talk him a lot as well. I really cant thank u enough.

Neanna Brisbon Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Jessica is a wonderful caring loving teacher who goes above and beyond the call of duty !!!! She’s very serious about her dedication to teaching and grooming our scholars !!! She’s very engaging which gives them a sense of security while being away from their parents !!! I’m so glad my son has the opportunity to have such an amazing teacher !!!! Thank you Mrs.Jessica for all that you do !!!!

Amber Posted over a year ago

She is wonderful, such a sweet lady! So glad my child is in her class!

ROCHELLE TEAGUE GOLDMAN Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jessica is a silent storm. Ms. Jessica is very serious about teaching and learning. She doesn't say much, but will flash you a smile every once in a while. Ms. Jessica is very professional and persistent with her scholars.

Patti Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jessica is a wonderful teacher to work with. Her enthusiasm and professionalism are always present. It is an honor to work with her.

Jack Gillespie Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jessica is passionate about teaching preschoolers the skill of self-regulation. She works overtime to provide early intervention to those scholars who are in need of special services. Ms. Jessica fully understands her pedagogy. She is truly a master of both the art and the science of teaching.

Marissa Walker Posted over a year ago

I am so honored and privileged to have the opportunity to work with this amazing woman. She has such passion and strong desire for the success of every student that comes across her path. She is firm and serious about every mind becoming its greatest self. There is no mediocre to her teaching. She has inspired me as her assistant and as a mother teaching my own children to become their greatest person academically. She looks at each child's whole-self and has a concern for the needs of their overall well-being. She is a true life changer. Thank you Mrs. Jessica Ishmon.

Michelle Powell Posted over a year ago

Although I haven’t worked with you directly I remember when you were doing your Student Teaching. The ladies in the Milkway classroom spoke so highly of you Ana we’re glad to have you as apart of there classroom. Being a teacher takes a compassion, empathy, and flexibility and those are just a few of the amazing characteristics that you possess. Congratulations Jessica you are amazing! Continue to reach our future leaders.

Deija Jones Posted over a year ago

Jessica is an awesome teacher!! You can tell she honestly loves children and what she does. She is a very encouraging and persistent teacher. She even inspires me to pursue education in college.

Shunna Joshua Posted over a year ago

I am a colleague of Jessica Ishmon. We are in the same building and I see her in passing throughout the building. She is always very pleasant. I am always eagered to see her bulletin board outside her room so take the long route. I have not had the opportunity to work with her first hand, but when looking at that bulletin board, I say to myself, "She doing some teaching in there." I love how she take the concepts she is teaching and expand learning for our students! Congrats Ms Jessica

Katie Brown Posted over a year ago

My family and I love Ms. Jessica! She was my sons pre-school teacher for two years before he started Kindergarten. My son was really struggling behaviorally before he entered her classroom. She was so patient, positive, and made learning so exciting! My son is now in 2nd grade and he still talks about Ms. Jessica. She truly helped to build his love for school and learning and was a huge influence on his social emotional needs. Children in her class are blessed to have her as their teacher.

Marissa Smith Posted over a year ago

Jessica is a joy to work with. I admire her as a educator and words can't express how proud,we are to have her at MOECAC. She truly cares for her students and routinely goes out of her way to give her students every opportunity to succeed. #LCOY

Chloe Simpson Posted over a year ago

Jessica's passion for education shines through with each child! She's excels and positive reinforcement and getting through to children! She absolutely deserves recognition! Way to go Jess!!

Nolla Evans Posted over a year ago

Jessica Ishmon takes teaching beyond the classroom. Her desire to see children excel and develop beyond the norm is worth recognition. She effectively tutored my daughter for 2 years. I have witnessed first hand her love and zeal for teaching. She is creative in her teaching methods and genuine in her efforts to help children grow and learn.

Angela Broaddus Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jessica Ishmon is a awesome teacher. She teaches with firmness and kindness. I have worked as instructional assistant in Ms. Ishmon's class she is always engaged with the students. She models how to support her students and teaches them to be encouraging and supportive of each other.