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Jennifer Meng

Position: Ninth Grade Counselor
School: Garden City High School
School District: Garden City Public Schools
City, State: Garden City, KS

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Jennifer Meng was nominated by her principal, Steven Nordby.

Garden City High School is one of the largest schools in the state of Kansas. Despite its size, all GCHS students have a relationship or have been impacted by Mrs. Meng's work. Mrs. Meng is one of five GCHS counselors. She serves the 500 students who attend Freshman Academy each year. In addition to academic counseling, Mrs. Meng designs weekly lessons in the areas of digital citizenship, self-esteem, and suicide awareness. The lessons she designs are implemented in classrooms throughout the school and positively impact students of all grade levels.

Garden City High School was recently impacted by the suicide of a student. Despite being intimately close to the tragic event, Mrs. Meng continued to serve her current and former students, potentially saving the lives of those who had difficulty managing their feelings and grief.

"When GCHS students and staff have a need, Jennifer Meng responds with incredible energy and provides essential service to those in need. She is our LifeChanger, and we are forever grateful," said Nordby.

Comments (34)

Angie Price Posted over a year ago

I have been so fortunate to have worked with Jennifer for several years. She is hard-working, intelligent, and efficient, but those qualities are over-shadowed by her compassionate, warm, comforting and practical personality that allows her to so effectively listen to those in need and offer the comfort and helpful advice that they need at a stressful time. But she can also be a cheerleader for those students that need support when they are not getting it from any other direction. I love her as a sister and know she is so deserving of any award that relates to her ability to do an outstanding job with students as their counselor.

Jessica Dirks Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Mrs. Meng for years and witnessed the strong bond she has with all her students. I’m blessed that my children have now become her students and she is their go to person at the high school. In good times, she celebrates with them and in hard times she encourages them to keep their head up and get back on track. She’s is a wonderful example for my children and I’m incredibly blessed to have Mrs. Meng a part of my children’s life. I can’t think of a more deserving person!

Alesa Meschberger Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Meng makes a difference on the Garden City High School campus - one student at a time. She cares about their academics and about the challenges they face outside the classroom. Few of us embrace the opportunity to change lives every single day. Thank you Jennifer for battling for our children!

Michelle Posted over a year ago

Last year my son was under the guidance and love of Mrs. Meng. She met with him weekly if not daily to help him with his anxiety and depression. Her ability to reach him and help him was unique and a true gift. She positively impacted not only his life but our entire family's. To us she is not just a Life-changer but a Life-Saver! We are eternally grateful to her! ?

Barbara Hilt Posted over a year ago

Jennifer does her best to understand the student perspective and she does this with caring and compassion. I have been in several meetings with her and a student where she was the voice of reason with a parent and an emotional support for a student who needed someone on their side as an advocate. She truly cares about the well being of all students and believes in their ability to succeed in and out of the classroom.

Phil Keidel Posted over a year ago

I have known, and worked with, Jennifer since she began in the field of education. Through personal observation I can state without a doubt that she has had a positive impact on many students and families lives. Jennifer is the kind of person that will always work to do what is best for everyone she comes in contact with. You only have to be in her company for a short time and you will feel better about yourself and any challenges you may be facing. I honestly can't think of a more deserving person for this "LifeChanger" award than Jennifer Meng.

Lynda Jordan Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Meng was an amazing mentor to my daughter, Rox Ann Harper. We love her dearly.

Abbi Shaddix Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Meng is the very best!! So thankful for all she did for me and others! So deserving!

Tami Maynard Posted over a year ago

I have experienced Jennifer Meng from the perspective of a mother, as my child's counselor, and as a coworker. She is so very caring and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone has the necessary tools to be successful in life. The relationships she has with her students is amazing. They all know she cares about them! I'm so happy she is being recognized for something that really just comes naturally to her! Congratulations!!

Tammy Wilson Posted over a year ago

You make such a difference for so many struggling kids! You're your smile and kind words mean so much! You are amazing and very deserving of this award!

Christine Cupp Posted over a year ago

There is no person more deserving than Jennifer! She has touched our lives from many different angles often knowing what we need and encouraging us way before we need it! She has been there for us day, night and summers even when she wasnt working. Love watching her joy and passion when interacting with students and families. GCHS is fortunate to have her and she has been a life changer for us! It’s easier navigating life with high school students when you have Mrs Meng along side you!

Michael Lemke Posted over a year ago

Mrs Meng has been a quality influence on our children’s lives as well as my wife and I. She has advised and counseled is all for the past six years. Garden City is fortunate to have Mrs Meng (and her husband) to provide such great examples of helping all of those around us in joy and sadness.

Kay Linville Posted over a year ago

Thanks for all you do for students. May God bless you.

Corinna Lemke Posted over a year ago

The impact Mrs. Meng made on my high school career was so important and helped me get where I am today. Her office is where I found myself many, many times throughout high school seeking her advice or comfort on a bad day or celebrating and sharing my little wins on a good day. She supported me then and continues to support me so much! She is a gem and the high school is so lucky to have her.

Michelle Newsome Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is one of the very best people I know! I have known her most of my life and I am in awe of the person she has become. Her love for her students and commitment to her school are qualities any school should be proud to have. Her nomination for this award is very well deserved.

Shelly Schap Posted over a year ago

Truly a blessing and a very deserved honor or. Congratulations!

Symone Simmons Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Meng is an awesome counselor and person in general! She is always there for you and never fails to put a smile on your face!

Laurie Bailey Posted over a year ago

Well deserved award for an amazing person. Jennifer is the most caring and selfless person- always willing to go above and beyond to lend a helping hand. I have never met a more kind or caring person!

Megan Ryan Posted over a year ago

Jennifer has always been such a caring, sweet spirit. I’m so glad she has been able to impact our hometown in such a tangible way through her work at the high school. We need more people like Jennifer!

Mary Karlin Posted over a year ago

Mr. Nordby’s words are so correct. Students are Jennifer’s priority all day long and sometimes all night long if she is needed. She has created relationships with all of her students and they trust her and know she will be there when they need her. Can you imagine having someone like that in your corner as an adolescent? Jennifer is truly a life changer!

Kelly Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is the best. Always putting kids first. No matter the situation Jennifer is there to help.

Kristi Posted over a year ago

Jennifer has one of the most caring spirits around. She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure her students have what they need. Her positive words and thoughtful gestures make Jennifer one of the reasons It’s ALWAYS a GREAT Day to be a BUFFALO!

Leigh Strecker Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Meng has the most generous, kind heart. She is a ray of sunshine and lights up a room with her smile! Her dedication to her students and the lives of kids is so comforting! We have a freshman daughter under her watch and care and it gives me such comfort to know she loves her and checks in on her as one of her own! GCHS seems big from outsiders...but it is caring people like Mrs. Meng watching out for her that makes it seem small! We are so lucky!

Elena Lemke Posted over a year ago

LOVE HER. She is easily the most supportive person I’ve ever met ??

D’Arcy Meng Posted over a year ago

Many people search their whole lives looking for their “purpose”. Without a doubt Jennifer has found hers. She brings a level of support, strength, kindness and friendship to everyone child she meets.

Jenni Hipp Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Meng has been an amazing influence in both of my kids’ lives in school and out. She goes above and beyond for her students! GCHS is lucky to have her!

Ann Case Posted over a year ago

I served on Buffalo Legacy scholarship committee. Jennifer was tireless in her efforts to raise scholarship funds for GCHS students. Amazing woman!

Johanna George Posted over a year ago

Congrats on your nomination, Jennifer! This award couldn’t go to a more deserving person! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and our school! You are a wonderful, caring person! We love you!

Kylee Posted over a year ago

Even as a freshman in college I can still reach out to Jen and she would be there to help in an instant! She loves her job, and her students whole heartedly and there is no doubt about it. There is no one more deserving of this award! The high school and the community of Garden City are truly blessed to have such a beautiful soul to guide and be there for our students!

Erica G Posted over a year ago

Such an amazing human being who continues to impact the lives of our youth every day! No one is more deserving of this award as Jennifer! #LCOY

Jeneria Bennett-Burgardt Posted over a year ago

I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award. Jennifer goes above and beyond to help these children. In our community and other community’s as well. She has reached out to me multiple times to let me know about an issue with my teens, just so I can have an inside view. She truly cares about the students and our school. She has had a rough start this year. A huge undertaking from the 1st day of school. She is a compassionate, humane and more than fair counselor. We are lucky to have her here at GCHS. Thanks for all you do Mrs. Meng!!!

Ryan Meng Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is my wife at home and colleague at GCHS! I see, firsthand, the difference she makes each day. Her work as school social worker/counselor is heavy at times but she approaches each day with grace and passion. She is a master relationship-builder and champion for ALL students. Her work is never finished and I can think of no honor as fitting as Life Changer of the Year!

Sheila Juhl Posted over a year ago

I’m am so proud of this amazing woman! She is truly an angel!

Jill Wessels Posted over a year ago

Jen, you are one of the greats! You are kind, compassionate, not to mention downright passionate! You are so loved and valued in our community and very deserving of recognition. You do what others simply cannot!