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Dr William Childers

Position: Principal
School: Griffith Elementary School
School District: Sequatchie County Schools
City, State: Dunlap, TN

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Dr. William Childers was nominated by Jo Lynn Schultz, a member of the community.

Dr. Childers has been an educator for a number of years.  He has been a teacher, administrator and superintendent.  Presently, he is the principal of one of the largest elementary schools in the state of Tennessee.  His schools have exhibited growth in academics and performance at all levels, and currently, he has been notified of having several level 5 educators in his school.

"Recently I spoke with him about things he has done and is currently doing for a positive atmosphere at his school.  He chuckled and told me about dressing up with his office staff for Halloween," said Schultz. "This year, he is going to be Hagrid from Harry Potter.  He explained his attire in previous years , which had us both laughing.  He indicated he will visit the classes and greet the students."

Recently, a member of Dr. Childers' staff unexpectedly lost their husband.  When someone young experiences this kind of loss and has children, it is very devestating.

"When I asked him how she was doing, he told me how tough it had been for her and her family," said Schultz. "He went on to tell me that she had wanted to come back to school to work, and he told her that if she needed a break during school, he would provide someone to cover her class in any capacity.  If she just needed to step out of the school to just catch her breath or even take a walk, she had the opportunity."

"When I work in this school, I observe him walking the halls, greeting the students and checking on his staff.  He provides rewards for good behavior and attendance, not only to students, but to faculty and staff, as well," Schultz continued.

Dr. Childers has an open door policy and is always willing to listen to his teachers and provide feedback and support.  The working environment is clean, and the students are well behaved.

"I have heard him on the intercom in the morning leading the pledge and praising faculty, staff and students for positive actions.  Many students have issues affecting their lives and learning, and I truly believe Dr. Childers is setting a good standard for everyone at his school to prepare for success," said Schultz.