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Casey Doremus

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Lawrence Elementary School
School District: Holyoke Public Schools
City, State: Holyoke, MA

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Casey Doremus was nominated by her friend, Kelsey Reilly.

Ms. Doremus strives to make a difference in the lives of her students every day. This is her second year in the classroom, and it's been incredible to see the growth she has made in just one year. Having had the time to build her skill set and gain support from colleagues, Ms. Doremus has gained the confidence to become the outstanding educator she is today.

Ms. Doremus works in a Title 1 school, and it can be difficult to gather the resources needed to help students succeed, but she makes the best out of any situation that comes her way. She purchases materials, supplies and necessities out of pocket to create a unique classroom experience for all students. Her lesson plans are organized and specific to each child’s individual needs. Her love for her students and passion for their education has propelled her to be the difference in their lives.

Ms. Doremus is a giver who wants the best for her students, no matter the circumstances. She believes that when you put good out, you get good back, and that is exactly what she does in her classroom every day. Her preparation and organizational skills help keep her on track to keep her classroom running as efficient as possible.

"I met Casey during my freshman year of college, and I quickly realized she was going to become one of my closest friends," said Reilly. "We had so much in common and were eager to explore all that college had to offer. While I was struggling to figure out what I wanted to do in life, Casey always knew she wanted to be a teacher."

No matter what it is in life, Ms. Doremus always has a plan to get to where she wants to go - that’s just who she is. Because of her self-starter attitude, she will continue to succeed at anything she sets her mind to. Her kind heart and willingness to try new things is what makes her such an admirable person to so many people.

During her senior year of college, Ms. Doremus was a student-teacher at Lawrence Elementary School, and it gave her the hands-on experiences she had been waiting for. It’s one thing to learn about elementary education in a classroom setting - it's a completely different experience to dive in head first and interact with the students. After her student teaching came to an end, she was offered a full-time position for the following school year, and she couldn’t have been any more excited. Like the go-getter she is, Ms. Doremus graduated college, moved out to Western Massachusetts, and began her teaching career.

"Casey is a LifeChanger who will continue to touch the lives of so many people throughout her life. I am so proud of the things she has accomplished and amazed at the wonderful person she continues to become. Casey will continue to do great things in the education filed and beyond," said Reilly.