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Christina James

Position: Sixth Grade English Teacher & RTI Coordinator
School: Shue-Medill Middle School
School District: Christina School District
City, State: Newark, DE

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Christina James was nominated by her principal, Michelle Savage. Ms. Savage submitted a terrific nomination below.


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Christina James Posted over a year ago

I don’t think I realized I could reply to you all through here! I have tried to send texts, emails, and personal thank you notes for the overwhelming and positive comments you have left here. Thank you all! I am humbled! I love teaching and I take all the kids as my own for the ten months they are with me. I entrust my own children to others’ care and I want to provide for yours, exactly what I expect for my own. There isn’t a child that has walked through my door that hasn’t created a positive memory or a soft spot within. I have enjoyed every minute, even the challenging ones. The challenging moments push me to be even better and help me engage those students in creative ways. I enjoy watching these kids learn, grow, and mature through their trials and triumphs. Thank you again for reminding me why I do what I do every day. And thank you for remembering me long after. Every once in a while I feel defeated and these comments are a great reminder to keep going, keep teaching, and keep learning!

Kim Turner Posted over a year ago

Mrs. James taught my now 21 yr old son. He had multiple LD's and other road blocks. However, Mrs. James was the one and only teacher he for whom he would open up. J would have never made it to high-school without Mrs. James dedication and love. I thank the gods for her everyday! She was a life saver for this overwhelmed mama, and a saviour for a special needs kid. She deserves this award and many, many more.

Candy Moore Posted over a year ago

Christina is a wonderful teacher and person.She always gives 100% to her students.Her passion for teaching shows in every student that has walked into her classroom.Christina has made an incredible impact on my daughter who was a past student of hers.??

Kirsten O'Quinn Posted over a year ago

Christina is an amazing educator in the State of Delaware, as well as a friend. I love how she always puts "her" children first and foremost in her life, ensuring that they have the tools that they need to succeed in life.

Sharon Doehla Posted over a year ago

Christina James is an perfect example of what a teacher and mentor should be. She inspires her students in such a way that they are eager to learn and complete tasks. She listens to her students, and more importantly hears what they are saying to her - she understands their concerns and helps them through any difficulties they have. Christina James is not just a "teacher" to her students........she's their most boisterous and dedicated cheerleader! A student couldn't ask for a better educator!

Glynne Nagle Posted over a year ago

Christina is a wonderful teacher, friend, and mentor. I have worked with her in all ways; the school district as a colleague, in my community as a friend, and as a mentor for health. I cannot think of a more deserving person to get this award. She is AWESOME!

Marian Thurrell Posted over a year ago


Lynn Moss Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Christina as a building educational diagnostician for a few years and then as a Positive Behavior Support coach affiliated with the UD Center for Disabilities. Christina is very much a life changer for the many students and staff who learn from her actions daily. Her non-stop work on programs for kids' social and emotional growth can't be beat!

Carol Jones Posted over a year ago

Christina’s son became a paraprofessional in her school this year. He told his student’s that is my mom and they said no that is our mom. Nothing else needs to be said.

Jan Bates Posted over a year ago

Truly an inspiration to everyone. You will never meet anyone more driven than Christina.

kim rekito Posted over a year ago

Christina works tirelessly for her students, finding ways for them to be engaged not only educationally but socially as well.

Reid Millius Posted over a year ago

In my opinion, Dr. James deserves this honor because not only does she help her students she helps all students. She offers and make her support and assistance readily available to all students and their families.

Miranda Mitsdarfer Posted over a year ago

Dr James has a positive affect on everyone she meets. Everyone of my friends and family members who have walked through Shue’s halls has nothing but positive memmories when it comes to Dr. James and her loving, caring ways of making sure you’re being the best you, you can be!

Tara Carrell Posted over a year ago

It’s always all about her students! Always making the school the best place for her students.

Lindsey Muldoon Posted over a year ago

Christina is an amazing person and teacher! She loves her student and everything she does professionally is driven by what it best for kids. She inspires me and many of my peers and all of her students, every day!

Marian Thurrell Posted over a year ago

Very passionate teacher who loves her students and teaching!

Carol Jones Posted over a year ago

I wish I had a teacher that wanted to connect with me the way Ms. James connects with her students. As she says many of her students call her mom, and yes she is a mom to many.

Rena Eller Posted over a year ago

I have known Chris for years. She is a very dedicated teacher. She treats her students as though they are her own children.

Randye Posted over a year ago

Dr. James..Christina, never taught me, but I’ve worked with her for more than 12 years now and can absolutely say that she has had a tremendous impact on our school by introducing an opportunity and initiative for our teachers and children to build relationships with each other through a mentoring program called Take Two. Her data has proven this strategy has worked over the course of a few years of implementing it schoolwide. I’ve never known her to not look for continued ways to grow further as an educator and in turn, bring that learning to her colleagues to enhance engagement and proficiency across our building. She comes to work everyday with infectious enthusiasm and ready to share it with us. Glad to work with her!

Deanna Hess Posted over a year ago

Dr James works tirelessly with her students and fellow staff members to work on improving the quality of education for students at Shue. Additionally, Ms James works to ensure that she is growing herself professionally, both at Shue and online via social media. Her desire to strengthen her own learning and that of the students at Shue has made Ms James a valuable member of the Shue community, and deserveing of recognition and honor for her hard work.

Christine Caputo Posted over a year ago

She is awesome! She is always there for her students and always has that "listening ear". My niece adores her!

Claire O'Neal Posted over a year ago

Dr. James is amazing! She taught my son last year in 6th grade for ELA. He loved her class and the structure, positivity, and energy she brings.

Ralph Ferretti Posted over a year ago

I am writing to enthusiastically support Dr. Christina James' nomination for the Life Changer of the Year award. She and I met about 1.5 years to discuss a possible collaboration between the teachers at Shue-Medill Middle School, the University of Delaware, and the Educational Testing Service focusing on the development of instructional materials to teach middle school students about argumentative writing. I was warmly greeted by Dr. James, who explained the teachers' commitment to Philosophical Chairs and promoting critical discussion about controversial issues among their students. I also learned of her efforts to initiate activities to support continuous school improvement at Shue-Medill. I immediately knew that I was working with a person who understood what was needed to improve educational outcomes for kids. This was also demonstrated by her thoughtful feedback about the lessons that we designed. She has inspired me to improve my instructional work, just as she inspires her colleagues to promote the their students’ development. Suffice it to say that I'm very thankful that our collaborative work is continuing this year. Please write ( or call (302-831-1644) if I can do anything to help ensure the success of Dr. James's nomination for this distinguished award.

Heather Miller Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of being one of Mrs. James student aides in 7th and 8th grade. I can’t stress enough how above and beyond she goes for each and every one of her students, she really does treat us like we’re her own. She’s so caring, inspiring and helpful. She definitely leaves a forever lasting positive impact on all of her students lives.

Susan Reazor Posted over a year ago

Dr. James is a game changer because she meets each student where they are. She differentiates learning to challenge and encourage students to succeed! She sees their potential and gives them positive motivation!

Andrea Li Posted over a year ago

Christina not only cares about students deeply but also cares about new employee like me. She shared with me her class management methods, constantly checks with me about how things are going in my class when we meet in the hallway at dismissal time, and offered to help me with my component 5 requirements. It is my pleasure to work with Christina, and see her warm, smiling face every morning at the school lobby. Christina brings the positive energy we all need and her dedication and contribution need to be recognized. I would like to recommend her for the award without any hesitation!

Rosie Miller Posted over a year ago

My older daughter Heather was a teachers aide in Christina’s class and just loved how she cared and went the extra mile for her students! My younger daughter Cheyenne loves helping her with all her awesome projects at Shue! She is an amazing teacher and deserves to be recognized for all her hard work and dedication at Shue Medill Middle School and for all her students!

Serena Socha Posted over a year ago

My daughter is a sixth grade student struggling with both social and academic issues with her transition to middle school. To say Dr. James has helped her this year is an understatement. She is the one adult at the school my daughter most loves and trusts and knows she can go to her for help or just a safe place to hang out before school starts in the morning. As a parent and fellow educator I am thankful for her home-school communication and the way I always know what is happening in ELA class. She sends class emails regularly with important information and personal emails with individual concerns. I love that she attaches blank copies of the assignments and project rubrics, because part of my daughters struggle is organization and she often loses things. Being able to print a new copy makes a stressful evening pleasant again. My husband and I thank you, Dr. James for caring for our daughter. She talks about you all the time, wants to work to make you proud and the confidence you build in her will definitely help her to succeed in middle school and beyond.

Bronwyn Millman Posted over a year ago

Christina stepped in as a long term substitute when my son’s teacher went out on maternity leave last year. My son connected with her immediately and I saw him start to work harder because he cared about turning in quality work for her. She always challenged him to do his best and would require him to redo work that wasn’t up to his true potential. Overall, Christina was a wonderful influence on my son during his first year at middle school in a class with an extremely challenging curriculum!

Madelyn Cisneros Posted over a year ago

Mrs.James was my favorite English teacher all throughout Middle school. The impression she left on me from 6th grade changed my perception of English class for the rest of my life. Not only did she teach me more about comprehension of articles, books, and short stories; she taught me to love reading and story writing. I’m so happy she is nominated for such an award and truly hope she wins!

Kylee Graham. Posted over a year ago

Miss James was my mentor while I was at shue, I used to struggle with many things and have a lot of trouble In school and most of the time would just give up and I wouldn’t of done and achieved as much as I did without her. Ever since she knew my name she’s always been right there to check on me, help me out with anything & be there when I needed her even when it wasn’t about school. Miss James was there for my brother and sister also. She’s not a teacher who just wants to help she’s going to do whatever she can to make sure your doing your best and never let you down. She truly cares. Miss James has always been and always will be very special to me.

Lauren Dorsey Posted over a year ago

I have been mentoring at Shue for over 20 years and have had many mentees tell me that Dr James is their favorite teacher and that they can feel how much she cares about them. She is an amazing teacher, who deep down to her soul, cares and loves her students. She wants to see a difference in their lives and does everything she can to make that happen.

Melissa Bates Posted over a year ago

Wow! Living out of state I don't get to see chrissy as much as I would like but this doesn't surprise me, she tries to stay connected with her family and Godparents all over the country!

Sofi Frankowski Posted over a year ago

I came to know Christina through Shue’s partnership with Schools That Lead. She served as a leader and advocate for the use of Improvement Science at Shue. Collaborating with Michele Savage and with teacher-leaders, Christina tracked improvement in the lives of Shue’s most vulnerable students - those failing key courses, those having discipline trouble and those with chronic absences. Many students’ life trajectories have improved as a result of Christina’s focus and determination.

David Schofield Posted over a year ago

Christina is everyones favorite teacher. She is innovative, loving, caring, and inspiring. Although Im much older than her, Christina is my buddy and "go to" person in many educational situations. She helps and understands people of all ages. Christina's heart is for all people of all ages. Christina is forever humble and kind.

Roni Adams Posted over a year ago

Christina really is a great teacher and a wonderful person. She has a great personality and a beautiful smile. She goes out of her way for the children and everyone in her day. No one is ever left behind and everything she does is amazing. She wears some funny headgear to keep everyone's attention!

Alexandra Marquez Posted over a year ago

Dr. James is a wonderful teacher! I loved how she took it upon herself to let me know how my son, David was doing in her class. David would come home and tell me how he loved being in her class and how fun she is. She is caring, friendly and I love how she makes the kids feel happy and welcoming! Thank you Dr. James for everything!

Rita Jean Carcillo Posted over a year ago

Christina is definitely one of those teacher that has the "IT" that is needed to be an amazing teacher and champion for kids. She goes above and beyond for the students who enter her life. Christina takes every student in her charge and creates relationships that encourage and foster safety, you know the safety needed for kids to take academic risks to grow. Christina is a life changer because she makes daily decisions that push those around her both students and staff members to keep reaching to do their best.

Randye Posted over a year ago

If anyone deserves to be recognized for the dedication and extra energy, time, love, commitment and money put into the passion and children we’s Christina! I’ve watched this woman take children to doctors appointments, the store for supplies, and home with her to eat...not to mention the countless hours spent in the classroom and out- organizing mentoring programs and initiatives that do nothing but benefits our children. She’s spent countless hours analyzing and reviewing data and test scores so that we don’t have to and presenting them to us so that we see what challenges we have in front of us and which ones we’ve managed to conquer. I’ve worked with Christina for 15 years now at Shue-Medill and before that she was a teacher where my mother was vice-principal...and my mom only hired the best ??

Kate Hanna Posted over a year ago

Dr. James has inspired both of my daughters. My oldest helped this summer with the bathroom project, painting inspirational quotes! It's amazing to see when I had a visit this year. She also wrote a very moving and profound post last year after the active shooter drill. It moved me to tears, and others were also so inspired by it. (it can easily be found and shared!) Dr. James also sends weekly texts that are really helpful that help us stay connected with our children and their current work. She is our favorite teacher at Shue, and is an amazing asset! Kate Hanna

Lisa Savage Posted over a year ago

I worked at Shue for seven years as a mental health specialist. Dr. James was not only passionate about teaching her students, but she was also passionate about making sure they had their needs met on every level. Dr. James went above and beyond for her children. If they needed counseling, she made sure that happened. If they needed supplies, she was quick to assist them in getting what they needed. She is also a fierce advocate for kids. I think she is a perfect candidate for Lifechanger.

Isaiah moore Posted over a year ago

Christina is a wonderful and amazing teacher. When I was in school I consider her as my mother still to this day I do.she was amazing person to look up too she helped me get through middle school and all the obstacles that I have encountered. she’s wonderful at her job I don’t know anybody else that can do a better job then she has done this far. Can come to Kristina with just about anything any problem personal life and counters and she would know just exactly what to do. Very aesthetic at this opportunity for her I hope all goes well.

Kelly Netta Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Christina since high school. Christina is a kind and compassionate mother and teacher! She is always there for her friends, family and students with support and encouragement. Her passion for her students is tangible. We are lucky to have her in our lives!

Kim Benson Posted over a year ago

I am a relatively new employee here at Shue - working as a financial secretary. I have not worked with Christina for years, as so many of the employees here have, nor am I a witness to how much the building climate has changed recently. I can speak, however, about Christine's help and encouragement as a new employee. She was extremely welcoming and friendly. If I had any question, whether it was something that she normally was involved with or not, she helped. I soon learned that she was the center of positive encouragement for the students - greeting them each morning with a smile and friendly greeting. Most days, her greeting included a "designed to make you smile" hat. Throughout the summer, she was involved in both the planning and execution of projects to improve the school - both physically and the school climate. She would reach out to teachers and students alike to encourage them to join in - to foster a sense of community. Christina James is a wonderful asset and I hope will be here at Shue for years to come.

Colleen Posted over a year ago

Dr James is one of a kind! I have had the pleasure of knowing her for several years and I am honored to call her my friend. She absolutely loves every child she comes in contact with and will go out of her way to help them succeed. Most of the time she makes this happen by investing her own time, money and creativity. Hands down she deserves this award! Thank you for all you do each and every day Christina! It is the little things you do each and every day that make the unassailable difference! Thank you

Jules James Posted over a year ago

Christina James is not only the best mom ever but is also one of the best teachers i have ever seen in a classroom. She works so hard to not only make a difference at her school but in her students lives. She goes to work and helps so many students and teaches about 120 kids a day. But it doesn’t stop there. She gets home and helps me with school work everyday while she does her own work for her job. She is not only a mom at home at home but is like a mom to her students. She does a lot to help them succeed in life.

Sara Posted over a year ago

Christina was the first person to greet me as a new teacher 9 years ago. She was there to help me plan lessons and more importantly to motivate me when I didn’t think I could go on. She makes an impact on every person she comes in contact with.

Tara Carrell Posted over a year ago

Christina is one of the most amazing teachers I know. As a fellow teacher, I know Christina goes above and beyond to make every student feel special and loved. She makes it a point each day to let her students that are important. She has created a positive and safe environment at Shue where students want to be because they feel like they matter. Best teacher I know. So proud of Christina and she is more than deserving of this award!

Brandy Cooper Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Christina in the Student Agency Improvement Community (SAIC). Schools that Lead brought our middle schools together and introduced us to this group through the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Christina played a key role in helping her school track change ideas being utilized by teachers and spreading this information throughout the network. My colleagues and I were able to learn from Christina and the work she was doing at her school. Christina helped spread the work and learning of Delaware’s teachers to educators across the country!

Candace Moore Posted over a year ago

As a mother of past student’s of Christina. I am so proud of her nomination. Christina is a very passionate and caring teacher. She always went above and beyond supporting and encouraging my kids and others to be their very best.Helping her students overcome huge obstacles and still making learning fun for all.Christina is not only a past teacher of my children she has and will be one of the most influential people from there childhood.

Anthea Bedminster Posted over a year ago

Christina is a caring, dedicated individual who strives to be the best for all of the students in our school. She works hard to help co-workers and students. She makes our school fantastic. She is a bright light of happiness and kindness. We are so lucky to have her as part of our school family.

Kim Rekito Posted over a year ago

Christina is definitely a life changer, in our school community, lives of our students and in the families she touches. Christina is always finding ways to engage students in the classroom but having them learn to engage with each other socially. Christina adds so much to our school community, I am proud and homered to call her my colleague and friend.

Tony Carrell Posted over a year ago

I have known Christina for nearly 20 years, and I cannot think of a better educator for this award. Christina's efforts are tireless as I am aware of great change at her school which are a direct result of her efforts. As her friend, I know Christina puts her students before herself. As a result, her students continue to grow and improve. As a fellow educator, it is an honor to know other teachers like Christina. It is people like her that truly change the world, one child at a time.

Patti Posted over a year ago

Dr James has been in my son’s life since 6th grade. She taught him while he attended Shue-Medill Middle School. Dr James and zachary remained in touch all through high school and then my son was accepted to WVU. While there Dr James invited Zachary to speak at Shue in regards to his experiences attending middle school. She also weighed in on what classes he was choosing and helping with his papers. When zachary graduated 12/2017, Dr James was monumental in helping Zachary become a substitute teacher, then helping him attend a University of Delaware class to be accredited in Soecial Education. Because of Dr James, Zachary is now an employee of the Christina School District and once his class is complete, he will be teaching his own class. Without Dr James’ enthusiasm for learning and mentoring Zachary, Christina School District would not have my son as the new generation of educators.

Eterniti Posted over a year ago

Christina James was someone I always used to go to when I needed help with something she was always their for me she made me a better person always encouraged me to do better she is an amazing teacher she cares so much for her students I don’t know any teacher better then her.

Glynne Nagle Posted over a year ago

I'm so pleased as a former co-worker and friend of Christina to see that she was nominated for Lifechanger of the Year. Nobody deserves this honor more than her. For years, she has worked tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of children, some of whom had very hard circumstances. Christina has always risen to the challenges, and never takes the easy way out. She completely immerses herself in projects, lessons and schoolwide activities as well. She motivates her co-workers and keeps the energy running on a very high level wherever she works. I'm proud to know her and would love to see her win this award.

Meghan Taylor Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to meet and work with Dr. James during our time in the doctoral program together. I was able to see her dedication to her students first hand during that time. They are lucky to have her, and I am lucky to now call her a friend. She is more than deserving of this award.

Kevin evancho Posted over a year ago

Christina is top notch!! One word describes her... SUPERSTAR!! Everything she does makes a difference and an impact.

Anne Slater Posted over a year ago

Christina always brings a smile to my face when I see her. She's always pleasant and whenever you ask for help, she's always a willing participant. Christina works many many hours after school to ensure that the staff and students have what they need to ensure that Shue is a better place. She's very organized and very caring when it comes to the students and staff at Shue. She leaves a huge impact on our building and demonstrates a level of professionalism and knowledge that I admire.

Jeff Frampton Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Christina for ten years now. She is constantly reinventing herself to beckme a better educator, but also to continue to evolve with the ever changing population that is in her classroom. She constantly empowers her students to do their best, but also shows continued compassion for her students during their trials and turbulations that they go through. It is no surprise why so many former students come back to see her. She cares and the students know it. In addition, Christina is heavily involved in all aspects of our school and helps her colleagues consistently to grow as well. She is an asset to our school, but more importantly, an asset to our students.

Lauren DiCampli Posted over a year ago

I have known and worked in education with Christina for over 15 years. She is extremely passionate and dedicated to her students and to her profession. She is always going the extra mile and is involved in anything and everything that makes our school community a better place. Christina’s dedication and drive to always be and do better is inspiring. She’s making a difference each and every day!

Casey Montigney Posted over a year ago

Christina is a colleague of mine and someone that I always look to for teaching advice. She is passionate and always puts students first. Whether she receives this award or not, she has and will continue to change the lives of everyone she encounters— other teachers, students, parents, and the community.

Melissa Espinal Posted over a year ago

I've known Christina since our kids were in Kindergarten together. She has been a friend, a confidant, a lifesaver when times were tough. She is one of the most passionate teachers I have ever known and has provided me guidance through the years in ways to help my own children be successful in their endeavors. I cannot begin to imagine the number of lives and students she has touched with a positive impact through the years. I do know that its is my honor to call her friend.

KAREN Justison Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t ask for a better coworker. Christina inspires me to be a better teacher on a daily basis. Our students are lucky to have her in their lives. She is one of the most dedicated teachers I know!

Michelle Posted over a year ago

I've taught with Christina 4 more years than I care to count. Christina has always been dedicated to school improvement, championing our students, and being a positive force in our school.

Zach Newcomb Posted over a year ago

I am a former 7th grade student of Christina’s and I can honestly say she is one of the most influential people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She inspired me in a way that led me onto a path to make her proud but to also work alongside her! She was able to help guide me through the processes of what it takes to be a teacher after I earned my college degree. It’s really funny being a former student that gets to teach with his former teacher. I appreciate her in ways that words cannot express!

Elaine Jefferson Posted over a year ago

What can I say about Christina??? She’s an awesome teacher who truly loves her students. She will go over and beyond for her students daily! Her caring nature, attitude and motivation is immeasurable! Christina puts students first in all that she does! Her students love her because they know she is she is genuine...there’s nothing fake about Christina! Not only does she do excellent work in the classroom, she is also a motivational force to our staff with her improvement science ideas. We have all grown and benefited from her willingness to research new and innovative practices that our teachers can implement to help our students grow academically and socially. I don’t know what we’d do without Christina. She’s the best and I’m so proud of all of her accomplishments!!!

Carol Mulrine Posted over a year ago

Christina does an amazing job with her students. She makes them feel welcome and appreciated for who they are. She meets them where they are and celebrates their successes at every level. Her intuition for knowing how to approach challenges is incredible as well. She always goes above and beyond. She truly makes a difference in student lives every day!

Jan Bates Posted over a year ago

Chris is a true inspiration to everyone. She loves what she does and it shows thru her students.

Kayla Melendez Posted over a year ago

Im a former 5th grade student and A big piece of my childhood goes to this wonderful woman right here ! She is the proof that great teachers still exist. I Learned so many coping mechanisms, how to give back to my community, what it means to change my behavior for the better etc. We raised so many thanksgiving meals for families in 2006 by organizing a donation program which We both received an award by the Governor of Delaware. She Goes above and beyond for her students and gets everyone involved with pure intentions. Made sure my family had a few things for Christmas with the schools help. She taught me how to work for what I wanted. When things were wrong at home she stepped in because she knew there was something she could do even if so small. And always respected me and my family I truly looked up to her as a mother at one point in my life. Forever thankful to have met someone like her ?? If anyone deserves this it’s her ! Thank you for everything if you’re reading this. You never gave up on me even when no one liked my attitude when I had my bad days when some other teachers would have just brushed me off. I consider You the best and hope my little brother and sister gets a teacher like you.

Jennifer balkie Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Christina for many years and what is so amazing about her is her willingness to do whatever is needed for the good of the children that she works with. She considers all of her kids more than just students and provides whatever she can both during the school day and after hours to make sure that they are successful. She supports parents as much as she supports her students, always making them feel like their child is important even if that means giving them her personal phone number so they can contact her after school hours. Christina isn’t just an amazing classroom teacher... she takes on so many roles beyond that... from training staff in weekly PLCs, to coordinating our Take Two mentoring program, to collecting items and running the student gift auctions so that our students will have Christmas and Mother’s Day gifts for their families, Christina gives her heart and soul to our kids. We are lucky to have her at Shue-Medill middle school!

Kirk Netta Posted over a year ago

Outstanding educator ,helped me and many others thru tough situations inside the classroom and out.

Tim Hughes Posted over a year ago

What better authority on Christina’s ability to change peoples lives than the guy who married her! Since I’ve met her I’ve seen her care for her students like they’re her own. She listens to them, she’ll feed them, she’ll go out of her way to make sure they’re ok at home as well as school. If she had it her way she’d probably have adopted several of them (if I wasn’t in her way). She is very dedicated to her profession. During the school year she will come home from school and work until bed time on a daily basis. She puts in the extra effort to make the school a place students want to be with little things like encouraging quotes to major things like working on bringing school improvement programs to Shue. She doesn’t need a pat on the back to know she’s an amazing life changer, she gets to see her award in the smiles and eyes of her students.

Lynn Laird Moss Posted over a year ago

I worked with Christina for a few years when I was filling in as an Ed Diagnostician at Shue-Medill Middle School. Christina is a fantastic teacher. She develops rapport nearly instantly with her students and other students.She is a trailblazer in education and especially in the Social/Emotional Learning aspect of student needs. She has studied and applied her studies in her day to day work as she earned her doctorate degree. I have remained friends and in contact with Christina since I left her school. I have promoted her as a speaker in venues supporting Social Emotional Learning with kids and the impact that just one adult can have on the well being of children in need. Christina deserves this worthy nomination!

Miranda Moore Posted over a year ago

As a former student of Christina’s (ms. James) I can personally say that she goes above and beyond for everyone of her students not only in the classroom but in the halls and even outside of school. If your haveing a bad day she will do everything in her power to turn that around. She is constantly making sure all of the people she comes in contact with were taking care of mentally and physically, anywhere from offering you one of her favorite pens to coming and supporting you graduating high school. Sometimes just knowing that someone is happy to see you and proud of you pushes you to be the best you you can be. She for sure has changed my life for the better and I strive to have such a positive impact on even half the amount of the people she has.

Nicole Whorl Posted over a year ago

Christina is one of the most caring and dedicated teachers I know. She is always going above and beyond for her students as well as her colleagues. Christina has a postitive attitude which she uses to create a fun,loving, and nurturing classroom environment where every student feels special. She is truely a lifechanger!

Kristopher James Posted over a year ago

Christina is awesome. She consistently champions the needs of the kids and is always making sure the most needy students are getting the attention they need to become successful adults. Christina challenges us, the adults in the building, to continually make sure we are doing everything that can be done and keeping our focus where it belongs. On the students.

Sharon Doehla Posted over a year ago

I've known Christina James for just a couple of years but what has impressed me this most about her is her ability to be able to engage with young people and watch as they actually listen to what she is saying. It's not usual for a middle school child to actually hear what we are saying most of the time, but Christina has the ability to get on their wavelength, not just speak to them, but get them to engage in a conversation and contribute ideas. Christina seems to be able to draw them out. This "gift" doesn't just happen and I could tell she was a teacher from first meeting her, because of this. I'm absolutely positive that in her career she has touched many children and given them the confidence and ability to share their ideas because of her progressive, positive approach to kids. I think Christina James is well deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award.

Mary Higginbotham Posted over a year ago

Christina, Congratulations. Always there for your students, even years after you have taught them.

Jill Decker Posted over a year ago

Christina is a highly motivated person who will always excel at whatever she involves herself in.

Lindsey Muldoon Posted over a year ago

Christina is the best!!! I’ve worked with her for 10 years and she inspires me daily! She’s truly in it for the kids and they love her!

Carol Jones Posted over a year ago

Christina has gone above and beyond to help students throughout her teaching career. She has had students for Thanksgiving dinners, driven them to visit relatives in the hospital, spent countless hours talking to them about what is going on in their lives outside the classroom. She is always there to listen and encourage. She has tutored students in her home free of charge. One of her goals is to help each student find that special gift that is inside. She is most definitely deserving of being selected life changer of the year.

Kate Posted over a year ago

Dr. James is a wonderful person with a heart for all children. Her passion extends beyond the classroom too. I know I can always count on her experience for advice on my child’s education and behavioral understanding.

Elaine Williams Posted over a year ago

Christina is well deserving of this honor. She has changed the lives of so many youth inside& outside the classroom! Thank you for making public education great!