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Julie Warmack

Position: Fourth Grade Math/Science Teacher
School: Ethel Taylor Academy
School District: Cincinnati Public Schools
City, State: Cincinnati, OH

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Julie Warmack was nominated by her friend, Trisha Pimenidis.

Ms. Warmack is an exceptional teacher. She gives more than 100% to her students; to her, they are not only students, but family. The motto of Ethel Taylor this year is, "Love is a Game Changer," and Ms. Warmack exemplifies this motto.  She gives every student that she teaches the love and respect that she gives her own children. She has three amazing and very different children. One skipped a grade, one has physical and developmental delays, and one is a sports star.  This perspective gives her the unique ability to connect with each student at their level. It also allows her to relate to parents better.

Ms. Warmack's skills are not limited to connecting with students and parents. She has an innate ability to teach.  It's not just her creativity in lessons, but her ability to readjust, change gears, or alter the lesson to the learner's needs.

"I am always in awe watching her evaluate a situation and access the needs immediately. She is able to pinpoint issues and problems and come up with immediate recommendations," said Pimenidis. "I think Julie is an excellent candidate for Life Changer of the Year, because every day, she is changing lives.  She is using love to let her students know that if no one else has told them today, they are loved. They are special. They are enough.  She makes sure they are fed, clothed, and nurtured.  She is the epitome of a LifeChanger - just ask her students."

Comments (9)

Ann Marie Posted over a year ago

Wow...a more amazing and deserving person to receive this special lifechanger award does not exist. I've known Julie for 25 + years and I have only wonderful and positive things to share about her. She is so strong and dedicated to her children's success first and foremost but a close second to her own children are her students whom she dedicates her life to day in and day out. Her goal is to give them the tools to have a different future than their circumstances foster. She wants them to have a life better than their parents and she tells them every chance she gets that they have all it takes to do so! She loves them with such a deep deep love and it shows in the time and energy she gives them in and out of the classroom. She has even dedicated many summer vacation hours, when the rest of the teachers want a break, to help the students who need that little extra push to succeed. Julie has had to face adversity over and over again in her life and she has ALWAYS handled it with grace, faith and a beautiful smile on her face through it all! I am forever in awe of her "way"! She is, by far, the best candidate for this wonderful lifechanger of the year award. She is the epitome of lifechanger as a Mom, Teacher and Community Leader! I am so grateful to have this opportunity to share with all of you what I've known about Julie since I've known her!

Kristen Frank Posted over a year ago

I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award. Julie is truly the definition of selfless. She gives so much love, inspiration, and truth to the kids in her classroom, to her family, and to her community. She is a force of faith and compassion. Having faced challenges and obstacles in her own life, Julie understands how valuable education is, and the role it plays in sparking positive change in an individual's life. She always fights for what it right. I'm so proud of all of her accomplishments, but more importantly I am so proud to call her "sister." Congratulations, Julie! I hope you know how loved you are and how inspirational you have been and continue to be not only in my life, but in so many others' lives as well.

Belinda Wunsch Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Julie since 2007. I consider her a friend and a wonderful neighbor. What stands out in my mind about Julie is she is such a caring and loving person. Julie has always been very generous, kind and a very strong woman. I know she is very devoted to her family and her students. She is very committed to the education and well-being of her students. She is definitely a Life Changer of the Year!

Cindi Hoggard Posted over a year ago

My knowledge of Julie is through Trisha. I have always been impressed with her undying passion for teaching and nurturing. A well-deserved nomination!

Michelle Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t agree any more with this. Julie, for the 18+ years I have known you, you have never put in any less than 110% in to your job. You truly love what you do and it shows in how you talk about your classroom & everything you do for your students. Teacher was your calling and you do it exceptionally well.

Rhonda Jennings Posted over a year ago

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have and always will be an outstanding woman!!!

Jeanne Frey Posted over a year ago

Julie is an amazing woman, mother, daughter and teacher. Throughout her entire life she has shown so much loving care and nourishment to others in so many different ways. As a daughter she willingly took on the older sibling's responsibility of helping out the younger ones and assisting her mom in the kitchen many, many times. As a mother herself, she raised three wonderful, loving children on her own while going to school and teaching others with the love and positivity she taught her own children. Throughout her teaching career she has shown great skill in not only teaching the material, but getting the children to understand and become responsible in their daily tasks. Though sometimes her life has been very difficult, she comes through each time with flying colors thinking and helping others instead of herself. Julie truly is a Life Changer - and I, for one, am in AWE of her! Congratulations, Julie - we are so proud of you!

Laura Quigley Posted over a year ago

Every day Julie makes a positive impact in someone's life. She is strong and caring and I'm lucky to have her as my sister.

Amanda Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Julie. You are an inspiration to so many!!