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Cathy Cooper

Position: Principal
School: Orchard Public School
School District: Nebraska Unified District 1
City, State: Orchard, NE

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Cathy Cooper was nominated by her colleague, Bob Evans.

With her commitment and leadership, Ms. Cooper inspires colleagues to be better teachers and people on a daily basis. She has developed a personal relationship with every student in her school, and she encourages everyone around her.

"I find after thirty-two years in education, that with her leadership and support, there is nothing we cannot do to assure that we are providing the highest quality education for our students," Evans said.

Ms. Cooper has always put the best interest of the students and their growth at the highest level of importance. Evans has worked with many administrators in his thirty-two years, and says that Ms. Cooper truly stands among the very best.

"I have shared tears of joy and sorrow with her, and I truly believe she is a blessed angel who our district is graced to have with us," Evans said. "It would be impossible to not be filled with warmth and energy being in her presence. I believe that this tiny bundle of pure heart and energy, in some way, touches the heart of every child in our school. Our entire school reflects her energy every day. I am very thankful to teach in such a great school and to have her amazing leadership."