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Cedric Lenox

Position: Special Education & Emotion Support Teacher
School: Boys' Latin of Philadelphia Middle Charter School
School District: School District of Philadelphia
City, State: Philadelphia, PA

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Cedric Lenox was nominated by a former student who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mr. Lenox is an inspirer, an empowerer, and a Hope Dealer who works to better the lives of his students on a daily basis. The nominator had Mr. Lenox as his teacher during his junior year of high school, when he was teaching at Crystal River High in Florida.

"He opened my eyes to what I could be and what I could do in a way that I’ve never thought possible," the nominator said. "He took a kid from a rural town who seemed hopeless, and made him want to see the world and beyond. Mr. Lenox has been my hope dealer through high school and college. He always expresses his concerns and gives encouraging words to remind us that we can achieve absolutely anything, as long as we work hard and put our minds to it."

The nominator recalled a moment in Mr. Lenox's class when he passed out the first test. After everyone was finished, he made the class write the grade in which they thought they deserved on their own papers.

"Students wrote A, B, C, and my silly self-put a C-," the nominator said. "The reason why I put a C- was because that was what I felt I deserved. Mr. Lenox took our class on a football field and told us never to downgrade ourselves and always go after what we wanted, whether it be a job, college, or even finding a partner. Still today, I never forgot that lesson, and this is the reason why he was one of my favorite teachers."

"I graduated high school years ago, and to this day, Mr. Lenox is a mentor and tremendous role model," the nominator continued. "He has made a difference in not only my life, but the lives of many others. He has inspired me to become a teacher to spread that inspiration for generations to come. I have appreciated all of his help and giving me hope in my dreams."