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Adriana Reyna

Position: Liaision/Native Tutor
School: Clarke Elementary School
School District: Clarke Community Schools
City, State: Osceola, IA

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Adriana Reyna was nominated by her principal, Jill Kiger.

Mrs. Reyna has served as a native language tutor at Clarke Elementary School for several years. From the moment she arrived, she demonstrated her professionalism in translating for families.

"She helped me understand how to work with the families and modeled what the families would expect. Most of our school's English learners come from Mexico and central America, and they and their families respect her," said Kiger. "After the first year of learning, I had a conversation with the ELL teachers to ask them what they needed. One thing that came out was that they were constantly inundated with phone calls and interruptions during instruction due to parents calling in with questions/requests and staff needing to make calls home. Through this discussion, it was determined to utilize a native tutor as a family liaison. When I asked the ELL teachers who might fill the role, it was unanimous that Mrs. Reyna would be the best fit."

Mrs. Reyna quickly took to the role and has since earned the respect of the community, as well as the staff. She is professional, efficient, and willing to do whatever is needed. She is proactive in her conversations, and she is highly trusted, as families will talk to her to determine if they need to do anything about situations that come in. Mrs. Reyna makes everyone feel good with her positive attitude and contagious smile. She spends time in the office to start the day and end the day. Families and students seek her out to assist them. During the day, she is reached quickly to take phone calls or meet with parents. She embraces the role.

"Recently, we asked her for a list of volunteers to assist the PTO with providing treats for Teacher Appreciation Week. Within an hour, she had six families who were willing to help," Kiger said. "She has had to translate tough behavior situations, and I can always trust her to deliver the message and help me in clearly communicating with families and making sure I understand their questions or needs."  

Mrs. Reyna makes her community stronger and leads with superior attendance and professionalism. When a secretary is gone, she will assist with whatever is needed. New families are greeted warmly, quickly helped, and put at ease. She also tutors newcomers in math. She collaborates with teachers and helps students gain confidence in ability and language. The transition to having her serve as the liaison was seamless because she is trustworthy. The teachers are thrilled to have instructional time back, and the office staff are able to let families know that they will be connected with a translator in a very short time. Many times, she can help a parent without involving anyone else because of the trust and knowledge she possesses. She is also efficient with knowing who a family might need to talk to if she can't help them. Mrs. Reyna exemplifies what it means to be a LifeChanger!

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