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Chandra Graves

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: The Main Street Academy
School District: The Main Street Academy
City, State: College Park, GA

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Chandra Graves was nominated by a family member, Janice Hogan.

Ms. Graves has been teaching for 15 years in grades ranging from Kindergarten to Third Grade. Ms. Graves has always served as a mentor to not only her students, but to older students and past students as well. She has made a difference in the lives of her students and has served as a positive force for them and their parents. She ensures her students see her presence in and out of the classroom. Ms. Graves supports them in their extracurricular events and other events that they are engaged in.

In previous years, she has served as grade level lead teacher, first year teacher mentor, and cheerleading coach. Currently, she also serves as the volleyball coach and President of the PTO. In these capacities, she develops strong relationships with parents and students, who value her compassion, commitment and passion for their future endeavors and well being. In 2005 and 2018, Ms. Graves was named the Teacher of the Year for her school.  She is committed to the value of education within her students, developing their moral characteristics and becoming well-rounded, valued citizens within the community. She is committed to higher learning and continued professional development for herself as well. Ms. Graves has received leveled and mastery observations from her previous principals.  She has supported her educational certificate with an ESOL and Talented and Gifted endorsement this past year. She ensures that she continues to master and learn best practices that will assist in her students' learning and comprehension of needed skills.

"Ms. Graves is a strong role model within her school and community. She has a strong passion for learning and teaching and continues to strive for the best, not only for herself, but for her students as well," Hogan said.

Comments (14)

Horace Carroll Posted over a year ago

Super dedicated and hard working. She doesn't take any days off and works tirelessly to meet the needs of her students. Continously improving her craft he works for the betterment of herself to support those around her. Parents love her work ethic and how easily she communicates with them in regards to her students success.

Nekita Pullins Posted over a year ago

Working with my Graves this past year has been a wonderful experience. Being a new teacher, Graves has helped me in so many ways, whenever I need help or have questions she does hesitate to share her expertise. Ms. Graves dedication to the world of education, to our school, and to the students that we teach is visible every day. Ms.Graves has touched the lives of so many students and their families; she is an inspiration to us all, and is more than deserving of this award.

Jessica Monti Posted over a year ago

As a third grade teacher, Ms. Graves demonstrates leadership, loyalty, and dedication both in and out of the classroom. Caring, energetic, and dedicated are just a few of the descriptors that identify Ms. Graves. She is a teacher who cares deeply about the well being and achievements of her students, and also provides an environment in her classroom that is conducive for learning. She always pushes her students to work diligently and strive to be outstanding role-models. Her knowledge of the curriculum, instruction and assessment, and discipline enable her to provide effective support to both teachers and students. Ms. Graves possesses the skills necessary to empower the students to become lifelong learners and she is a life changer!

Rekina Hall Posted over a year ago

Ms. Graves is truly deserving of this award.”Life changer” is a wonderful fit for this beautiful and talented women. She is so much more than a teacher. Her outgoing personality and hunger for knowledge is addictive. She has been such an inspiration for many children and she continues to demonstrate her dedication everyday.. way to go Ms Graves you are truly deserving .

M.M.Worsley Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Graves for 20 years. Since our time as undergrads at Clark Atlanta University I've witnessed Ms. Graves matriculation as a wonderful educator. Furthermore I understand what drives Ms. Graves to put forth her very best everyday. Kids are her passion. Armed with compassion and creativity, Ms. Graves inspires a new generation to aspire for greatness.

Deborah Scott Posted over a year ago

Ms. Graves is an amazing teacher, mentor and co-worker. I've known Ms. Graves for about 5 years as a co-worker and friend. I've watched her teach with passion and encourage her students to be life long learners. Not only does she care about what her students learn, she cares about the whole child, always providing her students with a second "mom" at school and beyond. She supports her students even outside of the classroom by going to games, providing extra resources, volunteering on Saturdays and more. As a co-worker and friend and is always supporting and truly cares about helping in any way. Ms. Graves is truly a life changer!!

Karin Smoot Posted over a year ago

Ms. Grace’s has a magnetic personality. I am a parent at TMSA and although my child is in the 1st grade Ms. Graves makes no distinction SHE IS A TEACHER AND NURTURER OF ALL CHILDREN! She is engaging and interacts positively with all parents. I see her in the mornings and it’s not uncommon to see her in the LATE afternoons! Her presence is felt and I only hope that when my first grader reaches 3rd grade she will be lucky enough to be in and. Grave’s class.

Vernon Weathers Posted over a year ago

The lovely, Ms. Graves. She is beyond deserving of such an awesome acknowledgment. I've had the opportunity to be embraced by her intentional zeal to bring about change to her students, and the communities she's apart of her. Her impact is valuable and has changed many lives. Ms. Graves is such a joy to work with, and she possesses a great deal of knowledge. Her classroom is a safe environment for her students to learn, and become productive citizens, a true role model for our future generation. She is a LIFE CHANGER!

Selena Tucker Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Graves for about a year and a half. She is awesome! She works with her students by going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure they reach their goals. She helps the parents as well to better enhance their child's growth. There is never a time you can not depend on her. Ms. Graves listens to anyone's needs and goes to work in implementing a solution. She is an educated Warrior that goes to battle for her students. I am proud to call her my friend.

Richard vance Posted over a year ago

Ms. Graves is an amazing example of excellence, determination and passion. The students, staff and community she serves are extremely luck to have her. I can’t think of another person more deserving of this acknowledgment.

Kimberly Tavares Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the pleasure of calling Chandra my Sister-in-Law for over 10 yrs. I am so proud that she has been nominated for such an amazing award. Chandra’s dedication to her students both in & out the classroom is unprecedented! The passion she has for our youth is so admirable! I’ve witnessed the countless hours she devotes in preparing her work plan. The worry & concern she carries for her kids (as she calls them) ??Chandra strives to reach & capture her students attention. Her methods vary because she understands not all kids learn the same or at the same pace. Chandra is patient yet strong! When visiting her classroom, I was amazed (not surprised) how her students react. They truly “Love” Ms.Graves. Chandra is a blessing. Always, ALWAYS willing to help. No matter the day or time! She not only helps my son with his studies & he’s in the 7th grade but also her nieces as they enter kindergarten & 1st. grade! If you’re looking for the Epitome of a Teacher, Leader & strong role model for our youth, look no further! Ms. Graves is certainly deserving of this honor!

Vondriele Fears Posted over a year ago

I’ve have know Chandra for going on 5 years and since the first day we met she has been an absolute blessing in our lives!!!! Chandra was my daughters 2nd grade teacher and as soon as we walked into her class she embraced us and hasn’t let go since!!! My daughter is now in the 5th grade and Chandra takes care of her and works with her, tutors and mentors her as if she were still a direct student of hers! She is the real MVP on and off the court! She has gone above and beyond the call of duty for not just my daughter but for many students! She has attended my daughters games and cheer competitions! She is an outstanding individual! She stays after school hours most days and is always helping someone in some way! She is the president of the PTO and she is absolutely great at it!!!! Ms. Graves is most definitely a tremendous role model for my daughter and myself!!! She is the true meaning of a LIFECHANGER!!!

Nona L Posted over a year ago

I have known Chandra for decades now. When we first met, I just gravitated to her. She has always wanted to change her community. I value and trust her insight as a teacher that I have sought her advice when I wasn’t sure how to best advocate for my child. Chandra deserves all of her accolades! Im so glad this was created so that we can tell the world how great Chandra is.

Rachael Steed Posted over a year ago

This nomination is truly deserved! Ms. Graves is inspirational, enthusiastic and dedicated to all of her students and colleagues! Anyone who is lucky to spend time with her will instantly see her love for teaching and for life!