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Lisa Thompson

Position: Principal
School: Moline Elementary School
School District: Riverview Gardens School District
City, State: St Louis, MO

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Lisa Thompson was nominated by a friend of over 38 years, Denise Mackey.

Ms. Thompson is an extraordinary leader, educator, and genuine person who believes that every child deserves to be nurtured, treated with kindness, and respected. It has been her life-long passion to be an educator who makes a difference in the lives of others. In her current role, she created an atmosphere where students are excited to learn and become young innovators who believe that success and achievement are possible.

"I’ve witnessed the love and respect the staff, students and parents have for Lisa. Lisa created a school community that is inviting, and a place where every child is valued," Mackey said.

She maintains a high moral standard, and she takes her role as an educator very seriously. With over 25 years of experience, she has a proven track record of leading schools with a high attendance rate and strong scores of student achievement.

"What I admire most about Lisa is her advocacy for every student who is entrusted in her care," said Mackey. "She has the ability to put herself in the place of her students and see the subject matter from their perspective. She engages the parents and develops partnerships so that together, they can foster life-long learning in students."

Ms. Thompson was recently recognized by the St. Louis American as an outstanding educator. Moline Elementary received the Bayer School of Excellence award as result of her leadership. During the ceremony, it was noted that Ms. Thompson's test scores have increased significantly, and the number of suspensions in her school had decreased.

"Without hesitation, she recognized her staff and shared this prestigious honor with them. This is the type of person is - someone who is kind, compassionate and humble. She is a true LifeChanger, and her commitment to excellence in education demonstrates this fact based on the hundreds of lives she has touched," Mackey said.

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Tamra Butler Posted over a year ago

That’s my #1!!! She deserves it all

Amber Posted over a year ago

I vote YES!!!

carla cousley Posted over a year ago

She has my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!