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Anuradha Bajpai

Position: Sixth Grade Science Teacher
School: Windsor Mills Middle School
School District: Baltimore County Public Schools
City, State: Windsor Mill, MD

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Faith Smith Posted over a year ago

As a parent of a child with disabilities, I cannot thank Mrs. Bajpai enough for her everlasting affect on my son. He was nervous enough about entering middle school and she went out of her way to pave the way to a outstanding and successful school year. It started even before the school year started by meeting with us prior to the first day. As she was his home room teacher, she explained to him (with patience and understanding) what was expected of him when he arrived at school. She gave him his locker assignment and worked with him until he fully comprehended how to open the lock. During her class time, she made sure he was on task and was able to keep up with the group. My son has little to no social skills and she made sure that he was not bullied and that he was included during science labs. Her interaction with him during this critical period of adjustment to middle school helped him gain confidence that carried him throughout his years at Windsor Mill Middle School. Mrs. Bajpai has my eternal gratitude. She is definitely a “life changer.

Janet Corson Posted over a year ago

I first met Anu Bajpai when she was a young woman seeking employment as a microbiologist. She had come to a preschool co-op with her young child, and she was also hoping to get back into a position in science. We worked on her resume, but the position she was seeking didn't come. Instead, she tried different avenues, while learning about young children, including her own! I was teaching ESOL at that time. Ms. Bajpai has always had such a grace about her and such an interest in children of all ages. She is patient and cheerful, calm and kind. I would also add the word spiritual, as nothing seems to bother her.. She is a student from years ago who remains in my mind as having the ideal of a what a teacher's personality should be. She is encouraging and joyful. I believe she should receive this award as a Life Changer of the Year for these exceptional traits. I am a retired teacher from Baltimore County and well aware of exceptional work! Thank you, Anu, for your continuing success in science and education! ~ Janet Corson

Shelley Harris Posted over a year ago

I have known and had the pleasure of working with Ms. Bajpai at two school, Southwest Academy and Windsor Mill for over 12 years. She has always been innovative, creative and passionate about teaching and learning. She takes it to another level. I have observed the way she engages her students motivating and fostering a love of learning science. I have observed her put in numerous hours before and after school to develop creative lessons that capture the attention of her students. She also, seek opportunities for students to expand their learning through field trips, guess speaker visit and project based activities. Ms. Bajpai does not stop there, but she also seek out opportunities to further develop and enhance her own ability as a teacher and scientist. It is evident that she has a love of learning and shares her passion with everyone she comes in contact with. I invitations to her class to observe and participate in what her students were doing. In addition, her students are always excited to share what they learn. Ms. Bajpai exemplifies those key elements that make an excellent teacher. Simply put, she is a gem!

Susan Hahn Posted over a year ago

Ms. Bajpai is an excellent representative for our school system.

Corey Carter Posted over a year ago

I observed Ms. Bajpai's science class for a few weeks when I was completing my education coursework in college. I thought I was there to observe class procedures and management techniques. Ms. Bajpai demonstrated this and much more. The power of visiting a classroom is to see the intangibles, the human element, the joy and art of teaching. Ms. Bajpai is a master of her craft not only because she is an excellent scientist and educator but also because she teaches the little humans in the room with compassion, hope and caring. I saw her wield the attention of her students and the natural wonder that they have for the world while infusing scientific knowledge of the how and why. The approach to teaching that Ms. Bajpai demonstrated helped me hone my own philosophy and toolbox of techniques that ultimately helped me become BCPS Teacher of the Year in 2016. To this day Ms. Bajpai continues to inspire children and uplift her colleagues and community. Thank you Ms. Bajpai!

Andrea Campbell Posted over a year ago

Ms. Bajpai has been a educational mentor to both of my daughter beyond the 3 years they have spent at Windosor Mill Middle school! My daughters are now sophmore and junior in high school and Ms. Bajpai's imprint for science and learning still lives with my girls. They can't get enough of her motivation and high energy and continue to volunteer with her today. Thank you Ms. Bajpai for your endless love to all who encounter you. I'm forever grateful for you! ~Andrea Campbell

Alesha Pryor Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai was my middle school science teacher for both my 6th and 7th grade years. She was such an encouraging and positive influence in my life in and out of the classroom. And still while I go in to my 10th grade year I remain in contact with this amazing teacher as she continues to push me in my academic endevures and personal goals. No one in the world deserves this award more. Thank you Mrs. Bajpai

Shatia Holeman Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai was my middle school teacher. She was awesome then and just as awesome years later as my daughter is now one of her students. She absolutely deserves to be be chosen !!

Mandy Kalirai Posted over a year ago

I had the great pleasure and honor of working with Anu Bajpai for two years at Windsor Mill Middle School. Anu always went above and beyond to make sure her students would excel. She is one of the most caring, dedicated and passionate teachers I know. In her role as my Science department head and colleague she always went the extra mile to make sure I would excel. She always took the time to check in to see how I was doing both inside and outside of the classroom. On numerous occasions she would bring me her delicious cooking. She always was so giving of her time. She is a great mentor and friend. I’ve never met a more giving, dedicated and hard working teacher.

Michelle Brown Posted over a year ago

It has been my pleasure to work with Mrs. Bajpai for over 15 years. She is very passionate about teaching and she has a wealth of knowledge that she does not mind sharing with teachers and staff. Mrs. Bajpai goes above and beyond the call of duty for her students so that they may meet with success. It is a delight to have her as a member of our teaching staff. I believe Mrs. Bajpai is most deserving to receive the LifeChanger of the Year award.

Sarah Durkin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is a dedicated educator with a passion for teaching. She is a frequent attendee at STEM educator professional development workshops held at the United States Naval Academy, and is always looking for ways to add engagement and active learning in her classroom.

Natasha Schuh-Nuhfer Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai's enthusiasm for teaching and finding ways to support her students is evidenced by the many professional enrichment workshops she has taken through our organization over the years. She is eager to learn about real-world research to excite her students, find resources and opportunities not only for herself but her students as well, and make connections with professionals in industry and academia who can help her students gain a better understanding of science and math concepts. It has been a pleasure knowing Mrs. Bajpai and I look forward to seeing her every year when we visit the Baltimore area. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her students are very fortunate to have her as one of their teachers!

Marian Pugh Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of a more deserving educator for the LifeChanger of the Year award than Mrs. Anu Bajpai. She is an exceptional educator who continually embraces opportunities for advanced learning and professional growth. In addition to the mastery of multiple foreign languages, and, the pursuit of Advanced Educational certificates, Mrs. Bajpai, has traveled abroad to explore educational systems of foreign countries (to Indonesia with "Teachers for Global Classrooms; and, to South Africa with NEA Global Fellows). Mrs. Bajpai mentors aspiring and new graduate educators yearly. She works effectively with our general and special needs' students, inspiring their love of learning, and, supporting their own educational pursuits. Amongst other undertakings, Mrs. Bajpai has served as our annual STEM Coordinator. Still, she makes time to coordinate an annual donation program for our families-in-need. Needless to say, Mrs. Bajpai is highly respected and appreciated by colleagues, students, and, parents! I wholeheartedly support Mrs. Bajpai's nomination for the LifeChanger of the Year award!

Raimon Cary Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai and I have worked together over the last two years in coordinating a parent resource vehicle called the Parentmobile, to visit Windsor Mill Middle School during parent/student events after school. The Parentmobile is a mobile resource center to promote parent involvement in their children's learning. This is just a part of her overall effectiveness in creating an overall positive atmosphere for students and parents.

Jacqueline B. M. Davis, LCSW-C PPW Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Bajpai since the opening of Windsor Mill MS (WMMS) in 2005 (13 years). My role as a Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW) assigned to WMMS interfaced with the responsibility of special student enrollments, enforcing the Maryland Compulsory Attendance Law, verifying student residency via home visits, coordinating Intake Conferences for students returning from hospitalizations, participating as a Student Support Team (SST) member on IEP teams, serving as a disciplinary resource for noncompliant students referred to me on a PPW Suspension and providing case management services for students suspended to the Superintendent Designee so as to assist with their reinstatement back to school hopefully with coping & wise problem solving social skills to improve their noncompliant behavior. I mentioned some of the various services/interventions provided by my PPW role at WMMS because Mrs. Bajpai would inquire of me the status of her students and would offer tutorial assistance and positive behavioral interventions to help her students attain academic and behavioral success at WMMS. She even volunteered to attend an evening at the local Courthouse to observe the intervention/resource of Project Attend (a resource to improve school attendance) so that she could follow-up with her students and their parents to assist them with attaining daily on time attendance with the goal of achieving a life time habit of responsible behavior punctuality and accountability. Ms. Bajpai enjoyed the varied responsibility of how the role of the PPW may positively impact the students, families , staff, home & community that while working full-time as a Science Teacher and Department Chair at WMMS she took additional post graduate courses to be certified as a PPW. Mrs. Bajpai's concern and willingness to positively impact the well-being of students, their families, staff and the community makes her very deserving of the accolade of the LIFE CHANGER OF THE YEAR!!! Jackie Davis, LCSW-C, Pupil Personnel Worker, 12-13-2018

Edie Windsor Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Anu for almost a decade to support an inspiring group of STEM scholars at UMBC. As members of the Meyerhoff Parents Association, we both bring our commitment as parents and teachers. I am always impressed by Anu’s enthusiasm and generosity. She provides a great role model for young people considering a focus in the sciences for their studies and life’s work. Anu Bajpai is, indeed, a Life Changer; her thoughtful interaction with both parents and students generates a wonderful positive atmosphere.

Stephen St. Germain Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai's commitment to her students and to their education is unflinching and inspiring. She always finds a way to make her students feel valued and "seen". I do not believe there is much more we as a society could ask of a teacher.

Courtney Mosley Posted over a year ago

Anyone who has met Mrs.Bajpai immediately knows that she is a life changer. She has been my Science department chair for the past two years and I've witnessed first hand how she goes above and beyond her call of duty everyday. She engages in all of her relationships with the same passionate intensity of a loving mother, a supportive friend, and a caring human being. I can honestly say that she is one of the most self-less and thoughtful people I have ever met. Her commitment to excellence propels her to be the best educator that she can be -- and she has been a shining example for us educators at Windsor Mill MS. It is our hope that she is able to share her life-changing light with the rest of the world.

Nicholas Barrett Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is the paragon of a community leader. From the very first day I met her made my new school feel like home. From that first day I knew that my department chair was going to make sure I was supported in and outside the classroom. Her passion for education is infectious and her dedication is unparalleled. She continues to inspire me everyday to be the leader that goes the extra mile. She is patient and gritty when it comes to her students. She is supportive and generous when it comes to her colleagues. She is quite literally a life changer for her students and colleagues.

Frederick Oliver Posted over a year ago

Ms. Anuradha Bajpal was selected to receive the NTA Baltimore Chapter 2017 Teacher of the Year Award at the 37th Annual Scholarships and Awards Banquet on June 2, 2017. The National Technical Association (NTA), is a national organization founded in 1925 and incorporated in the state of Illinois in 1926 with one of its goals being to encourage youths to choose careers in science and technology. The Baltimore Chapter was founded in 1958. Members consist of scientists, engineers, architects, mathematicians and science teachers. Ms. Bajpal was selected because of her efforts in making opportunities available to students at Windsor Mill Middle School and her efforts in coordinating the Windsor Mill Annual Science Expo. I can strongly support the selection of Ms. Bajpal as the Life Changer of the Year without any reservations. Fred Oliver, Secretary and Former President, Baltimore NTA Chapter

Keana Posted over a year ago

Ms. Bajpai's was my science teacher in for two years straight while I was middle school. I greatly appreciated the amount of time she devoted with me and my fellow classmates back in 2014 and 2015. Ms. Bajpai shows the same amount, if not more, of that devotion to the students she currently teaches. Ms. Bajpai was my favorite teacher during my stay in middle school just for the simply fact that she cared for everyone around her.

Kristen Shannon Posted over a year ago

In education we often talk about educating the "whole child". Anu embodies this idea, and takes it to another level of being able to relate to her colleagues in the same way. She is a kind soul, with a spirit for collaboration and making sure that she isn't the only one who benefits from her unique opportunities and experiences. I had the pleasure of coming to know Anu through her participation in the NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship, of which I am the programmatic lead. The Fellowship requires educators to push their boundaries and practice by delving deep into a year-long of professional development on how to globalize curriculum and bring the world to the classroom. As a part of her participation in the Fellowship, Anu embarked on a 9-day international field study to South Africa, where she visited a variety of schools across the country, and learned more about the sociopolitical vestiges of Apartheid on the country's education system. She also co-authored the UN SDG-aligned curriculum "12 Lessons to Open Classrooms and Minds to the World". It has been a pleasure working with her, and she is truly a life changer through and through. Best wishes! Kristen

Shampa. Dhar Posted over a year ago

Anuradha Bajpai is very supportive and helpful person She takes all responsibilities with utmost dedication Her presence sends positive vibes I am very lucky to have her as my friend

Robin Cothorne, RN Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Bajpai for the past 13 years. Mrs. Bajpai never fails to listen to and support our student. She is always looking for innovative ways to engage the students and make learning fun and exciting. Mrs. Bajpai never stops working to learn and share her knowledge with everyone she meets. She enjoys being involved in the community and encourages her students to participate in community service--because" it's the right thing to do." She is an awesome teacher and I am proud to call her my friend.

Wendy Rago Posted over a year ago

Anu Bajpai’s is the kindest and most giving person with a true passion for helping others. She was my co-teacher in Indonesia for the teachers for global classrooms fellowship. I would not have made it through that challenging experience without Anu’s patience, honesty and thoughtful commitment to teaching. She knew how to capture our students’ attention with creative songs and came prepared with gifts to brighten each student’s day. She left a positive mark on my life and the lives of many Indonesian students. I am so blessed to now call her my friend. Any Bajpai is a life changer!

Debora Johnson Franklin Posted over a year ago

It has been a pleasure to work with Mrs. Bajpai over the last eight years. Her mastery of the content makes anyone that comes in contact with her feel as if they are capable of expanding their knowledge base with her guidance. She has a very gentle, kind spirit. This is why her students look forward to coming to her class. Her dedication, tenacity, resilience, and humbleness is what allows her to participate in fellowships across the globe and come back as if it’s all in a day’s work. I am grateful to have her as a friend!

Karen Anne Furman Posted over a year ago

Ms. Bajpai is a one of the sweetest people I know. She cares about her community and is supportive in any capacity. A team player in every aspect. The Meyerhoff Parents Association is blessed to have her as a board member. I personally are honor to have her as a friend. A well deserved award to a wonderful person inside and out.

Cynthia Baker Posted over a year ago

Ms. Bajpai is one the most caring and selfless person I know. She is funny and makes science class fun. WMMS students are her main priority at all times. She truly connects school and home for our students and their families. She works endless hours and wears numerous hats through not only the school day but on evenings and weekends. She takes pride in what she does and we are so lucky to have her in our school. She is the only science teacher who is there since school opened. She ran the first mentoring club "Building Bridges" and organized countless field trips Including a week long trip to the outdoors called Norh Bay! I loved to be chaperon on her field trips as she is very organized. Mrs. Bajpai is a true Life Changer for so many including three of my children. Go Mrs. Bajpai!

Anna Beggs Posted over a year ago

Ms. Bajpai is an amazing teacher! In my 22 years of teaching I have never encountered an individual who is more dedicated and passionate for teaching and the well-being of their students. Ms. Bajpai truly holds all students to high standards and is there for them unconditionally. Her instruction is engaging and hands-on, and her students thrive in her classroom. I wish I could have had a Science teacher like Ms. Bajpai when I was in middle school. As a new middle school mom, I wish that my daughter could have Ms. Bajpai as a teacher! Ms. Bajpai is a wonderful role model and is 110% deserving of the Life Changer of the Year Award!

Deborah Yahve Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is one the best Teachers in the bcps system. She is always prepared, punctual, and very generous. Mrs. Bajpai has inspired hundreds of children and leaves an excellent impression on her students. One of the reasons that I know this to be true is because Mrs. Bajpai has taught two of my grandchildren. Aaron Milan, whom Mrs. Bajpai taught at Southwest Academy. Aaron, has graduated from Stevenson University with a BS Degree in Computer Information Systems Technology and a Masters Degree, from Stevenson University in Business Administration and Computer Technology. My other grandchild, Delayah Milam, whom Mrs. Bajpai taught at Windsor Mill Middle School, graduated from Owings Mills High School and was awarded a Scholarship to Bridgewater College in Virginia. Thank you Mrs. Bajpai for all that you do, you are very much appreciated.

Rick Barney Posted over a year ago

As I walk the halls each day, I walk pass Ms. Bajpai's classroon. I always observe a positive classroom of students engaged in their day to day learning. I believe Ms. Bajpai is reaching in to the students minds and changing them every day for the better. Whether she is teaching or being a good role model it's working.

Anita Jackson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to Mrs. Bajpai. I worked as the Front Office Administrative Secretary for Windsor Mill Middle School for six (6) years. During that period I had the distinct honor and pleasure to work with Mrs. Bajpai. From the moment I met her I loved her very caring and professional spirit. Mrs. Bajpai always went above and beyond the call of duty to assist her science students to greatnes She also consistently prepared snacks and healthy drinks for her colleagues. She is very well loved by the students and staff. Any projects or reports that were required of her were always submitted in a very timely and professional manner. I never had to ask twice for anything...from the daily attendance reports to any reports requested from our Principal Mr. Harvey Chambers. In other words, in my opinion, and as someone whom greatly admire educators, Mrs. Bajpai is an ideal teacher and role model. I truly admire her get up and go attitude, She is awesome inside and out. I wish her continued success in all her future endeavors. Best wishes, Anita Jackson-Nelson

n cohen Posted over a year ago

We are so fortunate at Windsor Mill to have Mrs. Bajpai. For the past 24 years, it has been an honor and a pleasure to be her colleague. I am never surprised at her vast knowledge of not only science, but of the world around her. Her thirst for learning continues each day as she shares her love for the classroom and what it represents. As a department chair, teacher, mentor, and participating in after school activities, her work ethic proves her to be an amazing woman. Mrs. Bajpai is a shining star and I am proud to be her friend.

Emily Pedrotti Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is a wonderful teacher and a caring person! Along with her efforts in the classroom Mrs. Bajpai also supports the community by holding a coat drive for people in need. She shares her love for science and learning with her students and colleagues. She is very deserving of the LifeChanger award!

Sabah Khan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is a perfect candidate for the Life Changer of the Year award! Her passion for teaching goes beyond the classroom as she tries to build a meaningful relationship with each student. It is clear that she loves what she does and will do whatever it takes to make her classroom a safe learning space. One of my favorite teachers!

Vipul Gupta Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is a passionate teacher with an incredible love for science. She truly loves the work she does and cares for her students greatly. The things she has done in the past years have really proven that she will go to any degree to further the education of those around her. Such an incredible teacher!

Aasha Gupta Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is such an inspiring teacher who certainly wants the best for all students that come into contact with her. Such a well-deserving woman who truly embodies the meaning of the word teacher!

Vibha Agrawal Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is so wonderful and well deserving!

LISA WASHINGTON Posted over a year ago

The love that Mrs. Bajpai has for teaching is evident in the eyes of her students when they grasp the science concepts that she teaches. They enjoy coming to her class and learning. Her spirit for teaching shows that she truly cares about her students and their success. In addition, she has been a great coworker, making me feel at home here at WMMS and even remembered my birthday by bring me a special treat and a card. Both in the classroom and out she is truly living up to this basis of this award...A LifeChanger for our students.

Regina Ridley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is passionate about teaching and this shows in her daily classroom experiences and lessons. She is a lifelong learner and is always willing to go above and beyond to help both students and staff. Mrs. Bajpai also does the little things that matter. Since I have worked with her over the past 5 years, there has not been a trip that she has taken, where she has not brought me back a token or souvenir from her travels. This might seem small to some, but to think of me (and others) on each and every trip speaks volumes about her personality and giving spirit. In addition, as the mom of a middle schooler, I would be thrilled to have Mrs. Bajpai teach my son the love of science! Overall, Mrs. Bajpai is a valued member of our staff and extremely deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year Award.

Ann Gresham Posted over a year ago

Ms. Bajpai is most deserving of the Life Changer of the Year Award. She has a passion for learning and teaching others as briefly demonstrated in her video. Ms. Bajpai teaches her students to think beyond the classroom. They eagerly take risk and are willing to share their ideas due to Ms. Bajpai modeling the way. She is knowledgeable, kind, and well respected by her peers, students, staff, and community members. Ms. Bajpai is a true leader, teacher, and friend. She exudes excellence in all that she does!

Niamh McQuillan Posted over a year ago

Anu brings light, love, and wisdom to our school. She is a dedicated educator and cares for everyone--students, teachers, administrators, and staff. She is our gem. She lives and breathes science and brings that passion to all her classes and lessons.

Tiyona McDowell Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is a very good and nice teacher.

Mikal Annis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is one of those teachers who is constantly going above and beyond for her students. She is constantly going outside of the classroom to discover new resources, field trips, speakers, etc. that will inspire her students and make meaningful life-changing impacts on their minds and hearts. She is always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it and remains positive and dedicated no matter what the situation. She is an expert at her craft and a teacher both her students and I truly admire.

LaShawn Thomas-Aulu Posted over a year ago

I have the privilege of calling Mrs. Bajpai my colleague and friend. Her humble demeanor is evident in her interactions with others. She gives because she wants to, not because she has to or what will be given in return. This same humble demeanor is shown with her students as well. Whatever a student needs, Mrs. Bajpai will provide. Moreover, do not expect to see Mrs. Bajpai lecturing away in the classroom. Students are involved and participate in hands-on activities! Mrs. Bajpai makes learning fun and this nomination is well-deserved.

Daniel E. Harris Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai is the most supportive teacher I've met since working here at WMMS as a substitute science teacher. She helped me personally become a better teacher and treats everyone respectfully she comes in contact with. The students all want to be in her class because she challenges them and encourages them to be their best. She truly deserves recognition for her unwavering commitment to the education and the spirit of excellence displayed daily. Her unselfish ways make WMMS a great place of learning.

Christian Woolcock Posted over a year ago

I met Mrs.Bajpai a few years ago while I was a substitute teacher. She was extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. I later had the opportunity to work as a longterm substitute for Mrs.Bajpai, and her support and belief in me as a teacher propelled my career and helped encourage me to become a full-time teacher. Mrs. Bajpai is a great Scientist and passionate person. She is endearing and always looks out for others.

Krystle Hockenbrock Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege to work with Ms. Bajpai for the last 7 years. When I first met her I realized her love for learning and showing her wisdom with her students. Once she volunteered to cover my class when I had a personal situation and showed my students how to dissect a cow's eye to get the lens out. She is always there to answer a science question and is ever so humble. On a personal level she is always giving. At least once a month I get a small gift from her whether it is earrings she hand made herself or some of her delicious cooking. She never says no and is always will to help someone to the best of her ability.

Mavis fotembe Posted over a year ago

Ms. Bajpai is not just an amazing role model but she is also a great educator, she helps out a lot around the school and the environment. she makes the school grounds neat and clean (thanks to her amazing green club), and she works very well with the kids, Ms. Bajpai is creative, helpful and kind-hearted, she is a great inspiration to all, she likes to explore the world and I like the fact that she always tells people of her adventures.

Agnes Mary Varghese Posted over a year ago

I was in middle school long ago from 2004-2007, but I still remember Mrs. Bajpai as not only was she a remarkable educator, she was able to make a great connection with the students as well. I look back fondly at her jovial personality, and wish her the best in future endeavors. She has made great strides these past years in the name of science, and is very deserving of this award!

Karen Quarles Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bajpai and I have collaborated for several years in building mentorship pipelines from Windsor Mill Middle School to Northwest Hospital. Her commitment to and love for education is exemplary. She has always sought out the best for her students and done it selflessly. Her kindness and genuine approach to life are what makes you feel fortunate to know her. Mrs. Bajpai has unmatched generosity and thoughtfulness and if anyone should be deemed a life-changer, you won't find a better person!

Christy Weitz Posted over a year ago

Anu is a kind and generous person. She is a very knowledgeable teacher and gives freely of her time and expertise. She has a strong curiosity about the world that she shares with everyone she meets!

Marybeth Benesch Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Mrs. Bajpai for the last 13 years. I can truly say that she has a passion to educate our students and to inspire them to make connections to science in and outside of her classroom each day. She provides a loving, nurturing and engaging environment for her students. A phenomenal teacher, colleague and friend!

Donna J Cuyler Posted over a year ago

Meeting and sharing time with Anu is inspiring. She is caring and present. Anu touches hearts and minds. Anu not only has a passion for education, she is life-changer as she works to empower her students to make the world a better place.

Janet Ernest Posted over a year ago

Anu Bajpai was a life changer for me, a colleague, and for so many students struggling against a myriad of challenges in their young lives. Her Science class was always tailored to be hands on and fascinating, leading her students to buy into and meet her constant high standards. We taught together at a difficult school, which often left us and our students discouraged and sad. But Anu's bright, positive outlook and supportive actions brought relief and hope into our days, which translated into progress for her students, and needed motivation for her colleagues. She treated me with such respect and honor, I couldn't help but look upon myself as a better person than I had previously. This brought out the best in me as a teacher, which increased her amazing influence beyond her own students to those of her colleagues. She impacted her entire circle - adults and children alike - in subtle yet powerful ways. She is too humble a person to step up into the light she so deserves. But the light shines on her, because it shines through her.

Dawn Bray Posted over a year ago

Ms. Bajpai is an inspiration to all. I work with many educators throughout the US and she is second to none. I consider myself blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Harvey Chambers Posted over a year ago

Ms. Bajpai is the epitome of what it is to be a great teacher. She is relentless in holding students to a high standard and they respond accordingly. I am always amazed at her ability to serve as an ambassador for teachers throughout her world travels. She is truly a teacher to be reckoned with.

Sarah Merchlewitz Posted over a year ago

Any has an incredibly kind and generous heart. She is an amazing educator who not only seeks out opportunities to explore her curiosity, she shares them with others. She does change lives!

Dewi Susilawati Posted over a year ago

Anu is a very great teacher. She ia a kind hearted woman. She inspires her students and colleagues to improve themselves. She is a very good listener too.

Jennifer Kelly Posted over a year ago

Anuradha is one of the most open, sharing, and supportive people I've ever met. She is a leader of peers and a mentor to beginners. I strive to be as caring and helpful as she is.

Nanette Trax Posted over a year ago

Anu is a lovely, kind-hearted person who is imminently patient. I traveled with her with the NEA global learning fellowship. She made it a point to greet, listen to, and engage each person she encountered.

Alicia Pahl-Cornelius Posted over a year ago

Anu made an impression on me within the first few minutes of talking to her. She told me about her goal of traveling to Antarctica and I was so inspired that I quickly scribbled some notes down in my joirnal about the program she mentioned. Within the next year I pursued the same program she had mentioned and became a National Geographic Certified Educator. Anu is one of those rare people that you meet and immediately know that you need to do whatever it takes to make sure they become one of your mentors. I’m so glad I met Anu.

Carah Casler Posted over a year ago

Anu is the most positive person I know! She is a life-long enthusiastic learner and I want to be more like her! Best of luck to you friend!

Laura West Posted over a year ago

I was a Global Fellow with Ms. Anu this last year in South Africa, and can attest about her high energy and commitment to learning. She took advantage of every opportunity we had during the trip and made great contributions during the year long Professional Development. She is also such a NICE person - during the 10 day trip she hand-made earrings and gave them out to teachers and others we met along the way. I enjoyed her company and know her students do too.