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Emita Williams

Position: Instructional Coach
School: Michelle Obama Early Childhood Academic Center
School District: Riverview Gardens School District
City, State: Riverview, MO

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Dr. Emita Williams was nominated by her friend, Lisa Wilson.

Dr. Williams has been in education for 20 years. She taught early childhood education for 19 years before transitioning to an Instructional Coach role this year. She has served as a teacher mentor, student teacher mentor, and currently serves as secretary of the District-wide professional development committee and many other committees in her building. Dr. Williams is on the Building Leadership Team and continues to develop professionally by attending Professional Development programs.  

Dr. Williams has a positive attitude in life and encourages everyone to reach their goals, both personally and professionally.

"She has served as my mentor to help me complete my Master’s Degree in Special Education. She has touched many lives in her years in the classroom, teachers, families and scholars," Wilson said.

Dr. Williams completed her Doctorate while balancing work, home and school. She aspires to lead in the school setting as a principal. She is an author, dance teacher, and volunteer at community centers in East St. Louis.

"Dr. Williams is an inspiration and is a LifeChanger," Wilson said.

Comments (10)

Ericka Mitchell Posted over a year ago

Dr. E’mita Williams is one beautiful person that truly deserve “Life Changer of the Year.” I have watched her grow in the last 15 years that I have worked with her at RGSD. She is reliable, compassionate, and always offering a helping hand. E’mita knows no strangers and whenever a person needs her help she is there. E’mita had many obstacles that she overcame and never let it get the best of her she held her head up higher relied on God and continued to push forward. She is not only my friend but a sister that I will always cherish and love.

Donald Williams Posted over a year ago

My wife is totally amazing a true life changer. I was admired by her deep will to help people. She connected with a mission group and spread her helping hand and heart all the way to Africa totally amazing. Endless numbers of charities she volunteers for, from coat give aways to serving the hungry. She always willing to serve on whatever mission the church has. I haven't even begun to talk about the many schools activities and fundraisers and functions she spend endless hours on. She has a heart for children and so super amazibgwith the elderly. Dr.Emita Williams my wife is a true live changer.

Atefa Glasper Posted over a year ago

Personally I've had the opportunity to witness Dr. Williams love and compassion for children both in the classroom and out of the classroom.Whether she is teaching or mentoring she demonstrates compassion for our future doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs and citizens. She ensures them that they can accomplish anything they set out to accomplish. It is truly an honor to support this nominee. Atefa Glasper

Rachel L. Posted over a year ago

Emita has a wonderful love for people. Her enthusiasm about children and serving in ministries is contagious. She is a Life Changer because of her compassion to improve how children are learning and how they can improve their social/emotional health. She is a light wherever she goes!

Tracy Sidney Posted over a year ago

Dr. Williams is a phenomenal woman. I have known her for over 30 years. I have witnessed her hard work as she has dedicated her career to education. She has always been an inspiration to many. Dr. Williams is a friend, sister, mother, teacher and woman of God. She has positively influenced many with her positive outlook. SHE is a life changer!

Judy Kulczycki Posted over a year ago

It is a pleasure to add my support for E’mita Williams' nomination for the Life Changer of the Year award. I have known E’mita for more than 14 years and as a consultant in a state-wide early childhood program, I have had many opportunities to interact with her, observe in her classroom, and see her interactions with children, families and teaching colleagues. E’mita has always been committed to promoting the success of every child. She relates to children in a positive, respectful manner. One of E’mita’s strengths as a classroom teacher has been her ability to support children’s academic and concept development within the context of learning experiences that both engage and challenge them. E’mita is a highly motivated individual who is always trying to increase her knowledge base and skill set. She pursued both her Master’s and Doctorate degrees while working full-time in the classroom with children. E’mita has always been viewed as a leader within the Michelle Obama Early Childhood Academic Center. E’mita became Instructional Coach at the Center at the beginning of this school year. This gives her an opportunity to support and mentor teachers on a daily basis, develop professional development opportunities, and most importantly, serve as a role model for professionalism in the early childhood field.

Debra Westbrook Posted over a year ago

Dr. Emita Willliams has become a good friend of mine. She is a caring and friendly person. She has shown to be dedicated and very gifted in our dance ministry at our church. Her committed life is an excellent example for others. I am very proud of her accomplishments. Dr. Williams is a life changer.

Syreeta Posted over a year ago

Dr. Emita is a wonderful, loving, and hard working person. We work together for RGSD, where she is the Instructional Coach. I know that she may help out others on a daily basis, but when I think of her, I will never forget how she helped me when I was in college. I was taking a Literacy Class, for my teaching certification, in which I really struggled. Dr. Emita was so quick to jump in and assist me with different tasks I faced within this course. She broke down the material in a way that I’d go on to completely understand. When I spoke negatively, she encouraged me to speak positive words about my goals and encouraged me not to give up. She stayed up late with me, on the phone to make sure that my assignments were completed and that I had complete understanding of the material! I feel that she helped me so much, not only because she has the biggest heart, but also I feel as if she wants me to be the best teacher that I can be. Dr. Emita is always there to offer a helping hand, with a smile on her face. Never, not one time, have I ever seen her angry or flustered when it comes to the caring of scholars! Emita would be a great choice for this award!

Kimbrell McBride Posted over a year ago

Emita is truly an INSPIRATION! Her genuine love for people and willingness to help others succeed is such a blessing! She goes far above and beyond the call of duty. She is definitely a Life Changer!

Dee Posted over a year ago

Emita is amazing! We have served together in ministry for 3 years. Her compassion for hurting people is genuine & her love for saving families is unmatched. I have watched Emita stretch to capacity to better herself to expand her platform to serve. Dr. "E" is definitely a life changer.