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Jennifer Kelly

Position: EL Teacher/Coach
School: Union Parish Elementary School
School District: Union Parish Schools
City, State: Farmerville, LA

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Jennifer Kelly was nominated by her friend, Anna Ramírez.

Ms. Kelly is a teacher/coach who also works with migrant students, which is how she and Ramírez met. She is a superhero to a lot of her students. She holds multiple teacher/parent conferences, and she always makes sure that parents from multiple ethnicities understand by printing every flyer in different languages. Ms. Kelly goes beyond her means to make this happen. 

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Carol Smith Posted over a year ago

I am so proud of the work Jennifer does. As the parish EL and Migrant Coordinator, she goes beyond her job duties to serve our Hispanic student population. Jennifer spends countless hours online seeking ideas for improving our educational program. She, also, scours the web searching for alternative ways to fund activities that would be so beneficial to the students and their families. She has become an advocate for the rights of our EL and migrant students and their parents, both inside and outside the school. Because of her dedication to her students and her tireless efforts, Jennifer is truly a Life Changer!

Karen Rigal Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! I appreciate the work Ms. Kelly currently does at UPES. I am a 1st grade teacher in my 3rd year of teaching. Ms. Kelly happened to walk into my classroom at a moment I was overwhelmed and needed to step away. She talked me through what happened and she took over my class for a few minutes giving me time to take care of myself. It is not easy being in the classroom all day and she remembered that and empathized with me. That meant a lot to me, especially on that day!

Seth Gorton Posted over a year ago

Over the many years I have known Jennifer Lee Kelly, I have witnessed the amazing ability she has with reaching the children that fall behind or through the cracks. She has this ability to find them and the strength to work with them and their parents to bring them up to grade level skill and at times succeed even more. She has dedicated many extra hours with long nights to design and work out a better plan for these children where the normal teaching philosophy just doesn't work. She has also gone as far as to help train the other teachers in her school to utilize these plans for these children and to also look for others that may also need the extra help. Her eagerness to help these children not feel ashamed for not being able to learn as their peers do drives her every morning when she gets up to go to school as it also convinces herself that she can stay up just another hour to finish a lesson design or research study to help just one more child. I have witnessed so many lives she has been able to change and been able to see these children come back after school to extend gratitude for her not giving up on them. Majority of these children would just be another statistic of the system failing to support them. They are not that statistic of failure but a statistic of success after they meet Jennifer Lee Kelly. I write this in hopes that her success in helping change the lives of the children who had no one in their corner supporting them will be recognized and she will get some acknowledgement even when she herself feels accomplished when one of these children comes running to her to show her their test or report card. The smile and joy in those faces is what she does this day in and day out.

Andrea Ambrew Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Kelly is an extraordinary educator.She is a great mentor with a wealth of knowledge. She is never too busy to help a student or colleague. Mrs. Kelly taught me the importance of approaching all situations with a positive attitude and how to find solutions in the most difficult times. Above all, she has a heart of gold, and that makes her a life changer.

Melanie Lynch Hobbs Posted over a year ago

I taught with Mrs. Kelly at Morehouse Jr. High school. Mrs. Kelly is talented in so many different areas. I’m am amazing at her creativity and problem solving skills. She is encouraging to both teachers and students.

Holley Cuppia Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kelly is such a devoted teacher! She spends hours getting to know her students, as well as their families, to make certain they understand and can act on issues, whether it be in or out of the classroom. She can often be found working ‘behind the scenes’ to get it done! She is a go-getter and goes non-stop to ensure the success of the young scholars entrusted to her care. She truly makes a difference in the lives of her migrant students and their families.

Shemeca Lewis Posted over a year ago

Beautiful person! She always keeps us update to date and informed of any activities going on at the school. Without her we would be lost!

Susan johnson Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is a dedicated educator. She strives to help students as well as her peers. She is a life changer.

Nike Banks Posted over a year ago

Oh my my my!!!! I just love Mr. Kelly. She is one of the ones I look for whenever I am picking up or dropping off my daughter. She’s so positive and bubbly no matter the weather and she always tells my baby girl she loves her and to be safe. I love this woman here!

Jennifer Jeselink Posted over a year ago

Mrs Jennifer is always a joy to be around. When I have things going on with my son she always helps whatever I need. She is very good at calming a mothers worries. My son loves seeing her. She makes him smile. You never see her without a smile on her face. It's apparent that she loves her job and that makes a difference in children's lives. She is very deserving of this award.

Cindy Garcia Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Kelly is such an outstanding lady I see her every morning and afternoon when I drop and pick up my son! She's always on the go and has so much energy to recieve the kids! I love how she shows her happiness around the kids to make them feel welcome to school! Go Mrs.Kelly!

Angela Simpson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination! Jennifer taught our youngest son when he attended school at D'arbonne Woods Charter School as an elementary student. She is an amazing person who truly loves what she does and it shows by her commitment to not only her students in the past but most importantly to the field of education. I always found Jennifer to be a kind, creative and sincere educator who truly loves what she does and has impacted many lives over the years. She always impressed me with her openness and approachability when our son was a student of hers and she still has those wonderful qualities years later. Even after her students moved on to the next grade and even after she moved on in her career and she no longer worked at DWCS, she always asks about our son when I see her somewhere. Jennifer maintained a positive relationship with parents of her children she taught throughout the school year. I always found her helpful and supportive when our son was picked on in class for being shorter than other classmates and in all honesty she really helped him to "own his shortness". Her rapport with children is natural and instinctive and our son blossomed as a learner while in Jennifer's class. Good Luck Jennifer! The field of education needs more teachers and educators like you that truly care about what they do and the impact it can have on students.

Barbara Gombossy Posted over a year ago

Jennifer has taught me that success is grounded in expectation. I know that she will be there for me should I ever need a brainstorming session. I know that Jennifer will freely give her time and expertise until we find the best solution. Jennifer is a problem solver. Her students succeed because not only does she expect success, she puts in place a plan to make it possible. Jennifer Kelly is committed to the individual success of each and every student. Her belief in them, her expectations, make them believe they can succeed. That is truly life changing.

Le Ann Allen Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is a tenacious woman of action! She has taken on numerous responsibilities, many of which, others find too overwhelming to handle. She works closely with students in order to develop an in depth understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, then develops and implements needed intervention to improve their skills. Jennifer wants only the best for children and provides work, guidance, motivation, encouragement and the external push many require to reach their potential. She works tirelessly on behalf of not only the Hispanic population with whom she works, but with all students at her school. When she sees or hears of a need, you'd better move out of her way because she WILL find a way to meet that need. Jennifer fights for all children and is very much deserving of this honor.

Martha Perez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kelly works with the English learners in our district. She has made my responsibilities easier to accomplish. She works with enthusiasm to find the best way to help the students under her care. She is always happy and ready to meet new challenges. I really appreciate her help!

Elizabeth Thompson Posted over a year ago

I met Jennifer Kelly a few years ago at a Teacher Leader Conference. She was awesome, so I made it a point to introduce myself. We have been friends since then. She is passionate about her work with English Learners. To her, all children deserve and have a right to the best education possible. Jennifer goes beyond her normal job duties to ensure that her progress in their language acquisition journey. I have asked her help in planning lessons for my program in St. John, and she was more than happy to help. I always look forward to connecting with her at all the workshops and conferences around Louisiana.

Rosa Garcia Belina Ed. D. Posted over a year ago

I have had the opportunity of working with Jennifer in conducting a pilot of the ESL Coaching Model. I have never found a person so dedicated, responsible and enthusiast as Jennifer in fulfilling not only her responsibility but also going far beyond supporting the teachers, the students and the families with whom she works. Jennifer is a talented person, a wonderful advocate to make sure that every student achieves to high expectations, regardless of his/her English language proficiency. It is with educators as Jennifer that there are so many students succeed in school and in their lives. Jennifer is the role model of people is worth to follow.

Dr. Keith Courville Posted over a year ago

She is an amazing educator and very deserving of support!

Jennifer Bryan Posted over a year ago

Although I have never worked with Jennifer throughout her career as a teacher, I've recently come to learn through working with her at her second job that she is a highly intelligent, funny and hospitable person. She's a people person, loves engaging with others and is 100% dependable. Even if it's someone she barely knows, she truly cares about them. So happy that she's nominated for this! She deserves it!

Barbara Gombossy Posted over a year ago

Jennifer was my go to person whenever I needed help creating a working solution for any problem that appeared insurmountable. I could always count on her working with me to identify the specific outsomes I wanted to achieve and and then a detailed map of how to acheive them. She was never too busy to brainstorm. If a teacher needed a resource or a tool to accomplish a learning goal, Kelly always came through. I am please to have known her as a colleague and as a friend. So, Congratulations for this well deserved recognition.

Claudia Martinez Posted over a year ago

I completed my Masters with Jen. She is the type of educator that positively impacts both scholars and colleagues. Congrats on this nomination, Jen!

Hannah Barton Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is a inspirational person. She is kind, empathetic, intelligent and witty. Congratulations on your nomination, you truly are a life changer. Well done!

Shelia Minor Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination! The title is most appropriate for you are definitely a Life Changer! Many students, as well as colleagues, have reaped success from your dedication and tireless efforts. Best wishes!

Sydney Miles Posted over a year ago

As an ESL teacher myself, I know the importance of bridging the gap between students, teachers, and parents. I see Jennifer at multiple conferences and have had the privilege of getting to know her on a personal and professional level. She is the epitome of professionalism and an outstanding caring and compassionate teacher. She is very deserving of this award for all she does. We need more dedicated educators like Jennifer Kelly!

Alison Rini Posted over a year ago

Jenn is an amazing educator. I spent two years in a Masters program with her in New Orleans - her insights and approaches taught me a lot about our field. She is dedicated and passionate and I know her students must be thriving in her care. She will do anything to help others - she is truly a special woman.

Emily Lee Posted over a year ago

Jennifer has been my mentor and friend for several years. She pours her heart and soul into educating and loving her students. She is the best kind of educator in the way that she is always determined to learn something new. I am blessed by her presence in my life, she has always pushed me in ways that benefit myself and my students. I can not think of anyone more deserving of this award.

Leroy Guy Posted over a year ago

I met Jennifer on a trip for educators to Costa Rica. As we traveled and shared teaching stories and ideas, I grew to respect her passion for teaching, her desire to help her students find success, and her compassion for students. Since meeting Jennifer, she has continued to share thought provoking information and ideas about best practices in the classroom, and I am always interested in what she shares. She helps those around her be their best. In short, she's changing lives every day working with her students.

Josh Nutt Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kelly is an inspiration to children. If more adults behaved like her this would be a much better world. Through her good deeds she provides a good role model for children that might have no role model at all. .

Christy Weitz Posted over a year ago

I met Jennifer when we traveled together on a teaching fellowship to Indonesia. We presented about English language instruction to a large audience and it was clear that she was experienced and comfortable training others. She clearly has a lot of knowledge about the education field and was genuinely curious about and open with the people that we met. Congratulations, Jennifer!

Martin Green Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Kelly is the most influential teacher I have ever had! In elementary school I was with her through 3rd and 4th grade in reading remediation. Ms.Kelly taught me about my disabilities with reading comprehension, (ADHD and Dyslexia) and how to overcome them. The methods she taught me I STILL use to this day! She did an amazing job at not making me feel like an outcast and at the same time she educated me about my own learning difficulties and how it differed from the rest of the status quo. She definitely deserves this nomination because she is a life changer. By teaching me how to deal with my learning difficulties, she effectively turned a disruptive, angry, young man into a teacher's pet by simply taking the time to help him, essentially help himself.. -MARTIN R GREEN .

Katie Warner Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is an awesome educator who goes above and beyond for her students. She cares about her students and all aspects of their education and lives. She is dedicated, hard working, and multi talented. She is a teacher very deserving of this nomination and award.

DEWI SUSILAWATI Posted over a year ago

Ms Kelly is such a wondeful teacher. She inspires no only her students but also people around her. She teaches with her heart.

Dolores Williamson Brister Posted over a year ago

Jennifer and I went to college together. She's always been very innovative and creative in the educational field. I'm very proud of everything she has accomplished professionally and personally. I am proud to be associated with her.

Lori Wingfield Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of working with Jennifer for several years. Her kids are always her FIRST priority. She makes sure each and every student receives every accommodation they need. She is the definition of a life changer for every student that has ever entered or will enter her classroom door.

William Fields Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. Jennifer Kelly on your nomination for Lifechanger of The Year Award. I had the privilege of working with Ms. Kelly for about 3 years at Union Parish Elementary School. Ms. Kelly always conducted herself in a professional manner both inside and outside of the classroom. She always gave 100% when working with her students. She is a strong advocate for children and families who are less fortunate and she’s a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Ms. Kelly is National Board Certified and she always go over and above the call of duty. She is definitely a Lifechanger in my book!

fitri agustin Posted over a year ago

I met Jennifer in a workshop in Indonesia.. having her in a one day seminar gave me a wonderful impression on how she could bring things into reality..she is indeed a great life changer!

Transica Hester Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kelly is an awesome teacher! She's so hard working, and presents things in multiple ways. She is kind and patient with her students and is an example to other teachers.

Tammy Soileau Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is a true educator. Not only does she show compassion for and understanding to her students, but she has a genuine desire for each of them to learn.

Kaley holton Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kellywas one of my teachers in school she was always there when you needed her. She is fun, caring, and sweet. She one of the reasons i am who i am today.

Pat Bell Posted over a year ago

I have found Jennifer Kelly to be an outstanding professional who wants to make a difference in every role she plays.

Don'a Delgado Posted over a year ago

You could not have choosen a better candidate. I have know Jennifer for many years and work along side her. She is truly one of the most dedicated educators I have ever know. She always puts the students first. She goes above and beyond to help her students to learn. Not only is she dedicated with the students but she will help anyone else to be a great teacher as well. I have been blessed by her so many times and she has helped mold me into the educator I am today.

Zakkariyya Carrizales Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Kelly Is so caring she Had help me alot the last past 4 years she has helped me in so many good ways! She Pushes me To keep my grades up and make sure I never Give Up Whenever i need her she is ALWAYS there! Ms.Kelly is very hard working and she Never Disapoints Me Or My mother.

Heather Hubbard Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Kelly has a positive outlook on life and education. She constantly strives for ways to better herself as a person and educator.

Jennifer Posted over a year ago

I have known Jennifer for almost 20 years. I watched her work endlessly to ensure her students were heard and understood. She works hard to develop a curriculum to help this students move forward. On a personal note, Jennifer has helped me become a stronger leader and mother as well continue to motivate me to continue with my education. She is the godmother to my daughter due to her strength and love. She has always been able to look at things in a different light.

Anu B Posted over a year ago

I got to know Jennifer during my Indonesia visit. Jennifer really is a great mentor and a wonderful person. She has a great personality and a beautiful smile. She goes out of her way for the children and everyone in her day. No one is ever left behind and everything she does is amazing. She is a great leader that brings global perspective to her staff and students. She is a positive Life Changer to so many!

Alex Kelly Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is my mother and she's definitely been a life changer for me. She's taught me all about hard work and dedication even in the most bleak of situations. She's been an inspiration for me and many others. I've had former students as well as parents come up to me, and talk about how much of an impact she's made on their lives. All in all she's a really wonderful person who works really hard to be as helpful as she can be for anyone that needs it.

Jennifer Kelly Posted over a year ago

Thank you for this nomination!