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Amy Berry

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Sharon Dawes Elementary School
School District: Kanawha County Schools
City, State: Miami, WV

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Amy Berry was nominated by her colleague, Angie Slater.

Ms. Berry is an amazing teacher, and she puts her whole heart into teaching her students. She uses her own money to create a safe and fun learning environment. She listens to the needs of her students, and she goes above and beyond the call of duty to help them. If any of her students need anything, such as materials, clothing, or food, she provides it to them. They don't even have to ask. She is warm, caring, and makes learning fun for her students.

Ms. Berry will dress up for activities to get her students interested in what they are learning. She does hands-on activities to make her class fun, and her students enjoy them to the point where they don't realize they are learning. She is a team player with all of her co-workers, and she never complains. Ms. Berry is even available to both current and former students after the bell rings at the end of the day. She attends their ball games to encourage them, and she even tutors after school. When she had to miss work due to battling cancer, she FaceTimed her class to say hi to her students and to check on them.

"I've worked with her for seven years, and I've never met anyone like her," said Slater. "She teaches me something new every day. There are many teachers that care for their students, but Amy is one of a kind. You can ask anyone that knows her and they will tell you the same. If the world had more teachers, and people in general, like Amy, it would be a much better place. Then again, it's already better for having her in it, and I'm a better person for knowing her."

Comments (9)

Jamie George Posted over a year ago

Amy Berry fills her classroom with excitement, joy, adventure and above all learning. She is the teacher parents dream of for their children. She truly has a passion for teaching and her students that is seldom seen. She lifts up her students and they feel important and special. The world needs more people like Amy.

Paula sparkman Posted over a year ago

She deserves to win this cause there is no other teacher in this world like her!! She has the biggest heart when it comes to helping children learn and she makes it fun!! She tutors my son twice a week with reading and he’s brought his test scores up from F’s to A+’s and if he could, he would love to be tutored 7 days a week by her!! If the world had more teachers like Amy, then the kids would LOVE to go to school!!

Bill Hypes Posted over a year ago

I have knowen Amy since she was a little gril . She is a careing loveing peson and wants all of her students to learn . I have seen her teach this students she is amazing with them and is verry verry understanding of them .She goes above and beyond with her students so I belive she needs to win Life changer of the year award

Jenn Liddle Posted over a year ago

Amy touches not only every student she teaches but she also touch everyone she comes in contact with..she has away of bringing out the bst in everyone. She has a contagious smile and laugh jst being with her makes ur day brighter. Even on her worst day she makes it her goal to put a smile on her kids faces and make them feel loved and wanted. She truly is the definition of what a teacher should be she’s there bc she truly wants to be there to btr her kids lives. Amy u are truly loved by the whole community!!!

Karli Stevens Posted over a year ago

I have been in the classroom with Amy and you can easily see how much she loves what she does. She is very hands on with the kids, to help them in a way they learn the best. Amy is completely deserving of this award.

Danny Berry Posted over a year ago

I’ll have to see this lady is amazing. I am very fortunate to call her my wife. Amy goes above and beyond in everything she does . I think she needs to be named life changer of the year.

Sheila Pack Posted over a year ago

She’s the best teacher my daughter ever had, she has my vote

Hailie Keeney Posted over a year ago

Love Mrs. AMY BERRY!!! She is an Amazing teacher to our students at Sharon Dawes. She wants nothing but the best for our children. Goes above and beyond for each one of them. Mrs. Berry fights hard for her health and fights even harder for her students. She totally deserves this life changer if the year

Ramona Freeman Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the privilege of working with Amy for several years. She does an amazing job teaching her students. She makes learning fun for them. I think Amy should win. She wants all her students to be the best they can be.