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Chelsea Ottoson

Position: First Grade Teacher
School: Silver Crest Elementary School
School District: Jordan School District
City, State: Herriman, UT

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Chelsea Ottoson was nominated by a parent who wishes to remain anonymous.

When Chelsea first became part of the Silver Crest family as a student teacher in 2011, parents at the school immediately knew that she was a great fit.  Her high energy and contagious smile were a breath of fresh air for her students, the staff, and parents.  She was hired on the following year as a first grade teacher and has continued to stay loyal to her school ever since. 

"I had the opportunity to have one of my children in her first grade class a few years ago. She changed the life of this child of mine," the nominator said. "My daughter has some school related anxiety and before entering Chelsea's class had previously been seen by a counselor to help with no avail. Chelsea's love for my daughter and tools she provided her throughout the year were priceless. I will forever be grateful for the love and kindness she showed."

Although as an adult Chelsea is involved in many community plays, she shared with the nominator's daughter that she had once been quiet and shy herself.  Chelsea gained the student's trust and helped her learn to enjoy school.  She provided the student with some calming techniques that she still uses today.

Teachers are expected to teach children math and arithmetic. Chelsea goes above and beyond in all things.  She puts the children first. The nominator worked directly with Chelsea when she was last year's PTA teacher representative. 

"I was completely amazed by her willingness to help in that aspect.  She attended many meetings while she was off track, and was able to coordinate three spirit nights for our school as fundraisers," the nominator said.  "Not only did she show support to our PTA, in her home life she is a new mom, and has a baby on the way.  She tried her best to maximize the track time off to miss as little school as possible for maternity leave,  and did the same when she got married."  

Chelsea often arrives at school early to teach in the children's choir, and stays after school, helping with the school book club.  She never seems too busy to bounce ideas off, or attend performances of her students after-hours.

"Balancing life as a mom, wife, and teacher has got to be hard.  Chelsea has mastered this skill.  We are so grateful to have her at our school teaching and loving our children.  We hope to have her be part of our school for many years to come," the nominator said. "I know that if I could personally put her in my pocket and have her teach my daughter every year I would be delighted.  Everyone she comes in contact with is lucky to know her."

The nominator's daughter is doing well in school now, but there isn't a day that goes by where she doesn't walk down to Chelsea's room for a hug or high five to get through the day.  She is a different kid because of what Ms. Ottoson has done.  Her world has been opened and she is able to face new challenges. 

"I don't know where we would be with out Ms. Ottoson.  She deserves recognition. Thank you for considering her for this award," the nominator said.

Comments (26)

Kate Posted over a year ago

My son was lucky enough to have Chelsea as a first grade teacher! I volunteered weekly and saw first hand what an awesome and caring teacher she is!

Darrell Robinson Posted over a year ago

Chelsea Ottoson is well deserving of the Life Changer of the Year award. As a member of the Jordan School Board, which oversees her school, I have had the honor to visit her school and consistently talk to parents in our community. I have come to know Chelsea's amazing ability to see each student individually. She knows how to build confidence and respect with her students which results in students wanting to learn. I am grateful she is being considered for this recognition. Great teachers like this have a huge impact on the lives of our children.

Cherie Wilson Posted over a year ago

Chelsea is a fantastic, caring teacher! She has definitely changed many lives and deserves this award!

Tiernan Posted over a year ago

I was able to be a student teacher in Chelsea's room. It was an amazing experience!! She really taught me how to love every student! She was so good at seeing individual student's strengths and using them to build an amazing classroom culture. All of her student's knew she loved them and she gave so much for them! Working in her classroom was one of the best experiences I had. She helped every student feel like she was on their side. Her love and dedication are amazing.

Heather Derderian Posted over a year ago

Chelsea is a wonderful teacher and a fantastic coworker! She is positive, energetic, and smiling all the time!!!

J Posted over a year ago

Chelsea is the most loving and selfless person I know!! She goes above and beyond for her students and is an amazing part of the staff!! She puts everyone before herself!! Love her to pieces!! ????

Danica Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ottoson is an amazing teacher, she is always going above and beyond and we appreciate all she does for our kids. My son still goes to visit any chance he gets two years later.

Kristy Cefalo Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Ottoson has been a teacher to both of my boys. She has been wonderful.

DeAnne schow Posted over a year ago

My son had Chelsea as his teacher 3 years ago and still talks about her!!! She was hands down a great teacher!!!! I will never forget getting an email from her about how great our son was and that we as parents are doing something right. I was in tears that she actually took the time to individually recognize her students and parents. School is so much easier for children when they have teachers like her that really do care!!!

Aubrey Robinson Posted over a year ago

My son Alex had her in first grade. She was such a good teacher and was so fun!! She is the best!!

Heidi Hortin Posted over a year ago

My twins had Mrs. Ottoson last year for first grade, what a wonderful and caring teacher!!!

Melissa Posted over a year ago

We love Mrs. Ottoson! She is an amazing teacher and we are so lucky to have her at our school!!

Amber Posted over a year ago

Chelsea is an amazing teacher, who quickly became a friend. She is genuine and cares for the kids in such a great way. I have enjoyed working with her on the pta board as well. There are a select few who are as amazing as Chelsea!

Amy Moody Posted over a year ago

It is a privilege to know and work with Chelsea. I am always in awe of her example of patience and love for her students and any student.

Jenny Holmes Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to work with Chelsea as I was a Resource teacher at the same school. She is simply amazing and worked so hard for all of her students! We wanted her to have all of our students!

Joyce Nelson Posted over a year ago

From the first day I met Chelsea, I was impressed by her kindness and love for those around her. I knew she would make a difference in this world.

Paul Ottoson Posted over a year ago

I don’t know anyone who has a better attitude than Chelsea. She loves everyone she meets especially children. I have a coworker whose son was a student in Chesea’s class a couple of years ago and he tells me how much he loved her and still does.

Keeta McCracken Posted over a year ago

Cheslea is so sweet! She is always smiling and making you feel better about yourself. She really cares about others. She seems to always think about others before herself and is there for you. She totally deserves this award!

Patti Ottoson Posted over a year ago

I have been in Chelsea classroom and have observed how the kids listen to her. She is a very talented teacher who loves each and every child she teaches. Chelsea is always upbeat and positive. A natural born teacher. Grateful a parent saw her many qualities of her as a teacher. It is a well deserved nomination.

Carrie Posted over a year ago

I met Chelsea about 13 years ago while at girls camp and we instantly clicked and formed a strong bond. I am old enough to be her mother but we are such good friends. I've watched her grow and forge ahead when times are tough always with a smile on her face. She has worked hard to get where she is. She is always positive and kind. She is amazing with children. She used to tend my children when we lived in Texas and they love her so much. She is the type of person everyone loves to be around because she makes you feel special. I've watched her with my children, her own children and I've seen her with her students at school and the kindness and love she shows to them. She has changed my life and many others for the better! She truly is a life changer!

Jennica King Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of having an amazingly close experience with Chelsea and her family. Her best friend Sarah hired me as her birth photographer for her second child. I have never seen so much love and happiness between a husband and a wife. They love one another unconditionally and I believe the support of her husband has given Chelsea the space to truly engage full force into her position. She does have an infectious energy and smile! I could tell from the small amount of time I’ve spent with her that she has a gift for truly loving all individuals in her class as well as outside of it! Congratulations, Chelsea! This is so neat!

Kathy Sorenson Posted over a year ago

Chelsea is one of the most loving and giving person I know. She had many trials in her youth and I believe that has given her a great capacity to understand and empathize with the hurts and hardships of others. Chelsea has wonderful gifts that are a perfect compliment to her role as a teacher.

Alyse Ottoson Posted over a year ago

Although I have never seen chelsea teach in a classroom, I am privileged to see her teach in her home, which is truly one of the biggest blessings in my life. It would be an understatement to say that chelsea is a wonderful mother, sister, friend, and wife. Because the amount of patience and love she shows her own kids is surreal. Her two year old Oliver is unbelievably curious and bright and I know it’s because of the way she talks to him and teaches him. If the kids in her classroom are taught even slightly remotely same way, then I’m not worried about the next generation. I can honestly say I want to be chelsea as a mother, and I’m so proud that she has been nominated for this award. She touches so many peoples lives and I’m so grateful for her in mine.

Emma Hind Posted over a year ago

I am not surprised by this at all! I am so happy for Chelsea! She is by far the most kind hearted person I know. She goes above and beyond for everything she does! She would be a person who would deserve this. The things she has said and done for me have changed me. She will never know how much she has helped me out! That’s the person she is. It’s in her nature to be that way!

Cassi Posted over a year ago

So glad I get to call this Chelsea my best friend! She has changed my life for the better and I am a better person for having her in my life

Sarah Brough Posted over a year ago

I was privileged to have Chelsea as a roommate while she was doing her student teaching and into her first year of teaching. I consider her one of my dearest friends. While living as roommate I was amazed at how much she did each day to plan and provide great learning opportunities for her students. Chelsea puts her whole heart into teaching and it is no surprise to me that she has been so instrumental in this student's success. She is an amazing person with a unique ability to share her love and joy with others.