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Ethel Hicks-Brewster

Position: Assistant Lunchroom Manager
School: Marion C. Seltzer School Pre-8
School District: Cleveland Municipal School District
City, State: Cleveland, OH

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Ethel Hicks-Brewster was nominated by Marvin Menifee, a member of the community.

Ms. Hicks-Brewster's job is to oversee the lunchroom operations for hundreds of students at Marion C. Seltzer School. She is phenomenal, but her job with the students goes far beyond the cafeteria.

One day, a student told Ms. Hicks-Brewster that she wanted to commit suicide because of the bullying that was happening at school. From that day on, Ms. Hicks-Brewster mentored this student and ultimately helped her beat depression. This inspired Ethel to create ‘Beyond Outlets,’ a non-profit organization that helps girls feel comfortable in their skin and discover new passions. With community grants, she is able to provide after school activities twice a week for girls to enjoy and learn new things. The activities range from Zumba and Yoga to painting projects. They even talk about “girl stuff,” which can range from romantic relationships to puberty. She loves to help young girls with personal issues, family issues, and even school issues because she has been in their shoes before.

"As part of my job, I visit different schools in the Cleveland Public School District. I always mention The Life Changer of The Year award and ask for nominees," said Menifee. "Several teachers mentioned the positive things Ethel was doing at Marion C. Seltzer, so I had to meet her. I noticed her interact with a few of the kids at the school, and I really admired the way they respected her. If anybody's a LifeChanger, it's Ethel!"