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Megan Pintus

Position: Business / Marketing / Accounting Teacher
School: John Marshall High School
School District: Marshall County Schools
City, State: Glendale, WV

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Megan Pintus was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Pintus goes above and beyond to create opportunities for students to succeed, both in the classroom and in Career and Technical Student organizations. She helps with organizing fundraising experiences and creates positive learning games for students so they can learn the concepts of her classroom materials.  She treat everyone's project as her own and makes her entire school a more successful place by helping everyone with their work. Ms. Pintus also volunteers with 4-H and community organizations.



Comments (16)

Kat Posted over a year ago

Ms.Pintus is one of the best teachers I've ever had. She's made going to class more fun. When I need someone to talk to she's always there to listen. She gives great advice and is an amazing leader. She has helped me do so many things I never knew I could do. She taught me everything I know about business and how to be responsible.

hayden blazer Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pintus is an amazing teacher and an amazing person. She was my very first accounting teacher at John Marshall. She not only pushed me to be the best I could, but helped me become the person I am today. When I went to college and majored in accounting I was well prepared. I was even tutoring students that were further along in the accounting program than myself. Ms Pintus not only gave us an amazing education, but she cultivated an environment of leadership! She takes students and inspires them to make a difference. Her classroom simulated a real-world work environment which integrated our business skills with our leadership ability. Ms Pintus is truly a great educator and leader in the school as well as the community!

Kelli Gonot Posted over a year ago

I’m recalling an incident recently where Megan used her room as a safe place for some students who were experiencing some difficulties; she didn’t think twice about doing this. She didn’t even know the situation but that didn’t stop her from opening her door. Also for the many times I’ve stopped in her room to get Monarch Moolah or to ask her a question about the store or check on a student, she is ALWAYS helpful, friendly, kind, and has a GREAT GREAT smile too??Megan sure deserves this nomination.

Kelly Wright Posted over a year ago

Megan gives her all to her students. She is committed to her programs and all of her students. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Wonderful teacher!

David Gaudino Posted over a year ago

Ms. Pintus is a very hard working teacher who uses innovative techniques to interest and motivate her students in the field and future careers in business. - This business field is one of the most difficult to create and keep interest in students and Ms. Pintus has seen an increase in enrollment each year. She is a true role model for her students and she is actively involved in a variety of student activities sponsored by the school. Ms. Pintus is truly an example of a teacher who's work day does not end at 3 pm and who's school year extends throughout the summer.

Linda Fisher Posted over a year ago

As a counselor, I could always count on Megan to take certain students under her wing. She goes above and beyond

Teresa Riley Posted over a year ago

Megan goes above and beyond, she taught my son and gave much needed him encouragement and direction. She made a difference in Curt and contributed to him reaching many goals that he may not have obtained otherwise. Megan encourages each of her students she creates an environment where they can learn and obtain knowledge that will stay with them lifelong. Her ability to positively impact the lives of her students is absolutely incredible. She is an amazing leader!

Marilyn Wehrheim Posted over a year ago

Megan is just amazing with students and in the classroom. She respects the students and teaches them life lessons as well as academic standards. I've ben a school counselor over 35 years and have observed interactions between teachers and students, and Megan has such a positive impact on so many. It is not unusual for her to spend much of her spare time helping with extracurricular activities and assisting with student needs. I am proud to work with her and wish her continued success!

Nicki Cooke Posted over a year ago

I have known Megan since before her teaching career. Therefore, I knew she would be an amazing educator. She has not disappointed me. As far as her students are concerned, she is caring, helpful, and interested in making all of them succeed. She is an amazing person and teacher. She is worthy of any award that is available to people with her attributes.

Deanna Georgetti Posted over a year ago

Megan is a wonderful teacher and human being. She deserves this award. When she speaks of her school and students her face lights up. She’s one of the great ones. Hope you win Megan!

Kasandra MoskL Posted over a year ago

She is the sweetest teacher. I love her! However, she is also incredibly strong. The huddles she has overcame are imense. She is always there to help her students and goes above and beyond. She is a true role model! I would vote for her a million times if I could!!

Sierra Roberts Posted over a year ago

I've known Megan for many years as both a student when she was a substitute teacher and as a family friend. She truly cares about her students and making sure that they are given the opportunity to learn skills that will stay with them for years to come. She has sacrificed personal time to further give to her students and provide them with opportunities and experiences that otherwise they may not have had. She is a wonderful example of a teacher who puts her heart into her work and invests in her students.

Sandy kotson Posted over a year ago

Megan took over the posting of the menu for the lunch program. We have tvs to post the menu on everyday. she has her class do the work to teach them how to chAnge it everyday and about deadlines and all the things that go into promoting the lunch. She has done a great job at it and the kids are excited to see their work show up everyday on the screen. She goes so far above and beyond what is required of her everyday and in so many ways. She is so deserving of this award.

Julie Yearego Posted over a year ago

Megan is a worthy recipient of this award. I have personally and professionally known Megan Pintus for the past 10 years. We worked on our Masters in Education together and have collaborated for several projects for our Career Technical Student Organizations (DECA and FBLA) and both serve on the state board for West Virginia Business Education Association. Megan has been a leader among her peers from the start. Her drive and expertise has made her well known across our state. The training she has shared (and continues to) with her fellow Business Education Teachers at our state conferences has been invaluable, providing best practices in our fields of study. She manages a school based enterprise (school store) that is student-run, from tracking and ordering inventory, scheduling shifts and cash management, she helps her students gain real world experience both in and out of the classroom. Ms. Pintus goes above and beyond for her family, peers and students and is an outstanding example of commitment to excellence to all who know her.

Sarah Dennison Posted over a year ago

Megan is awesome. She has always helped me out with any questions or problems I've had concerning FBLA or my business classes. I can tell with all the things I've seen her do that she is an excellent teacher and FBLA Advisor. She deserves this award and fully recommend her for it.

Tom Royster Posted over a year ago

I believe Megan is able to communicate on the student’s level. She is able to understand their feelings and emotions. She shows a genuine concern for a student when they are down and delight when they are up. Megan believes in her students and the field of CTE.