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Jennifer Lemoine

Position: Gifted & Talented Specialist
School: Red Hawk Ridge Elementary School
School District: Cherry Creek School District
City, State: Aurora, CO

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Jennifer Lemoine was nominated by her colleague, Yvette Wrona.

Red Hawk Ridge Elementary School has a challenging population of students who are low socioeconomic status, high mobility, or come from single parent homes. About 25 different languages are represented. Ms. Lemoine has been the backbone of Red Hawk Ridge Elementary since its opening 14 years ago.  There are no problems to big or too small for her to work on and apply her own time, energy, and resources on. This amazing teacher has changed the lives of so many students, parents, and staff.

When Ms. Lemoine was a classroom teacher, it was common for the more challenging students to be placed in her room.  She didn’t just “handle” having them in her room - she figured out what they needed and provided it.  Some students simply needed sound-canceling headphones, while others needed a calm place to go in the room (she built a fort for this). Many students needed food, and one needed to be by her side petting her hair to be soothed.  If she feels a student needs more than she can offer, she fiercely advocates for that student.  Her room has always been a place where students from other classes come to “take a break.”  She connects with these students and makes them feel a purpose for being at school.

A new student started at her school who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a baby.  Because of this, she is wheelchair bound and is essentially in a vegetative state. Ms. Lemoine advocated for her to be a part of her class and not tuck away in the ILC classroom all day.  She brought in beanbags so this student could be on the floor when the class was meeting at the carpet. Ms. Lemoine had her other students read to her when they finished their work, and this student was always part of a table group.  For the students in her class, this student was “just another student in the room.”

Ms. Lemoine also connected with this student’s mom.  The mom was struggling financially to get a wheelchair-accessible van, and Ms. Lemoine found a resource for her.  Then, when the family was going to have to move and needed a wheelchair accessible home, Ms. Lemoine put on an entire silent auction to start raising money for the down payment on their own home. Three years later, she still attends this student’s birthday parties.  Talk about life-changing!

Last school year, one of the fifth grade teachers had to start cancer treatment with about eight weeks of school remaining.  The school arranged for a long-term substitute teacher, but they had to cancel a week before the job was going to start. Ms. Lemoine didn’t want this teacher to stress about her class, so she arranged a new plan with the administration and the long term sub.  The long-term sub covered Ms. Lemoine's second grade classroom for the remainder of the year, and she took over the fifth grade classroom.  The switch alone was a daunting task, but Ms. Lemoine not only taught the students, but built relationships with them and really got to know them.

One of the most difficult fifth grade students revealed he was sleeping on the floor of their apartment because his family had been evicted from their previous apartment and had no furniture. Ms. Lemoine sought out resources to get a bed for this student, but after many attempts, ended up purchasing a bed. She and her husband delivered it to the student’s home, along with a new pair of shoes as well. 

All year long, Ms. Lemoine makes sure her students are fed.  She has teamed up with a local food program that brings food bags for each of her students' families to eat over the weekends when they do not have access to free lunch and breakfast. Because of the high mobility rates, this list changes weekly, and she makes sure to keep the list updated and new families informed.  She has also chosen and trained a group of students who deliver these food bags to classrooms. Not only does she coordinate this, but she makes sure that students are eating lunch at school.  If they do not have free lunch and have too many lunch loans, she has been known to buy their lunch.

There was one particular student who was not eating her lunch for about three days. Ms. Lemoine finally got the student to tell her why.  The student was embarrassed that her lunch was in a sack and didn’t want to bring it to the lunch room.  Ms. Lemoine gave the student her lunchbox with her lunch in it!

Every year, Red Hawk Ridge Elementary School has families who need support during the holidays. Guess who coordinates this? Ms. Lemoine. She makes sure families have access to applications for help and follows up with them to make sure they completed them.  After collecting them, if she has more families apply than she has sponsors, she seeks out more sponsors and shops for the remainders.  She does the same thing for Thanksgiving meals, but for these, she has to arrange a caravan of volunteers to go to the warehouse to pick up food boxes and bring to the school.  For families who don’t have transportation, she delivers the food to their homes.  Because of Ms. Lemoine, none of the families at our school will ever go without for the holidays!

Ms. Lemoine's school currently does not have a librarian, so in her “spare” time, she has adopted the library.  Over the summer, she rearranged the bookshelves and furniture and had walls painted.  She made a “Lego wall,” “Peg board wall”, Lego table, coloring table, author station, and thinking puzzles station.  When the students are done checking out books, instead of sitting silently on the story steps, they interact with these innovation spaces.  Students who previously did not value library time are newly invested in this space surrounded with knowledge!

Ms. Lemoine also took it upon herself to go to the district librarian training, and she has since trained a couple of TA’s and parent volunteers to help check in and shelve books.  She has also trained some fourth and fifth grade students to be “Junior Librarians.”  These students do all the checking out of books for their class and for the younger grades.  Because of Ms. Lemoine, her school has a fully functioning library!

"I realize that some of these actions are done by teachers, but for Jennifer, this is daily life," said Wrona. "This is merely a partial list of the numerous lives she has touched over the years.  She as a dainty “Unless,” written in her mother’s handwriting, tattooed on the inside of her wrist.  It is her reminder from Dr. Seuss that 'Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s just not.'  Jennifer LIVES by this!  Changing lives is what she does!"

Comments (78)

Margaret L Ponchel Posted over a year ago

I first met Jennifer as a student teacher in my classroom in Brockway, Pennsylvania. I knew from the get go that she was someone very special who had a true passion for children and a love of teaching. Glad to see her receiving recognition!

Jazmyn Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination! #GOREDHAWKS

Michael Mojica Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is an amazing teacher. I have worked with her first hand. She invited me to come teach the kids some Chinese on a weekly basis for a few months (b/c there was a new student from China and she wanted to make her feel welcomed). She demands respect from all of the kids and her students know they are loved.

Noelle Mojica Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is a true wonder woman. She is a doer. When faced with impossible or overwhelming challenges she is one of the first to problem solve and come up with impressive solutions. A true life changer is someone who reaches out and looks beyond themselves and their own trials and struggles. Jennifer is exactly that. She is an incredible mother and a motivating teacher. She has a love for learning that inspires all who meet her. I love that my daughters have been impacted by her example and light that she radiates. We are blessed to have her as a family friend.

Tela Bell Posted over a year ago

My son Jamal was in Ms. Bade/the fifth grade class Ms. Lemoine took over for last year. Before she took over he was not making good choices or decisions. However, after she took over I started to see a change for the better and my son had a positive end to his fifth grade year. I appreciate the extra efforts she put forth & shows how she truly care for her students. Again , THANK YOU!!!!!

Cheri H Posted over a year ago

I call Jennifer the resident Red Hawk Ridge Angel. I heard her say to a fellow teacher just last week...what can I do to make this easier for you? And it was a done deal. Her ability and insight to discern a need is her true gift-whether it is teaching our future, organizing projects to help anyone no matter who they are, or just an encouraging word to a fellow colleague who is overwhelmed. It's her heart! It's her mind! It's her soul! I am blessed to work with her.

Melissa Speight Posted over a year ago

When something needs done, Jen steps up without even being asked. She truly puts everyone before herself. She changes lives daily at Red Hawk Ridge and is an inspiration to teach with.

Christie Hastings Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lemoine was my son's teacher from 2nd grade to 5th grade honors. Now he has an apprenticeship with a great company and is going to be going to college. She had a hand in all of it. She knew what he was capable of and it shows. My youngest also had her for a teacher. She would always come home happy about her day. She is a great teacher.

Tonya Kurtz Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lemoine was my son’s 2nd grade teacher and my daughter’s GT teacher. She pushes the kids to do their best and challenges them with fun, yet educational projects. She takes on many extracurricular projects for the kids and never seems to run out of energy. She is a great asset to the school!

Rob Fichter Posted over a year ago

Jennifer was my son’s 2nd grade teacher last year. Jennifer did an amazing job in helping him overcome his classroom struggles. My wife and I really appreciated everything Jennifer did for us! Jennifer is a wonderful teacher!

Katrina Tobin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Lemoine was phenomenal. She helped my son when he had her last year before the switch and she helped him at the end of the year. I cannot express how awesome she is for our kids. One of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and watching my son learn from. I can only hope one day my daughter will get the chance to be in one of her classes! Congrats Mrs. Lemoine!

Deja Ames Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lemoine has made such an impact on my 9 year old daughter. My daughter came from another school into Ms. Lemoine's 2nd grade class two years ago. My daughter, who has Aspergers, had suffered from intense bullying by her previous teacher and classmates and was broken and timid. Ms. Lemoine scooped her up as if she was her own. She nurtured and supported my daughter, helping her find her voice and confidence in the process. My daughter, now a 4th grader, is confident, happy, and thriving. She still sees Ms. Lemoine almost everyday at school. We joke that she's her school mom!

Jenni Watkins Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Jennifer Lemoine for the past 6 years at RHR. I love working with someone who is so devoted to others and the betterment of Education and in life. Jennifer Lemoine is just such an educator and person. She is truly a superhero at Red Hawk Ridge. Beyond her magnificent talent for uncovering and encouraging the gifts that each and every student uniquely possesses is a Jennifer Lemoine who came in over the summer to reset and update the library at RHR. A Jennifer Lemoine who will drop everything to help a struggling student in any classroom or to fill in at any grade level or subject if something unexpected occurs for the teacher. The same Jennifer Lemoine who every parent and student will recognize as the superhero who championed our book fair this fall, giving her own time and resources to help the PTCO raise funding for new and updated reading material in the library. (Yes, she also made that delicious food that was offered during the book fair nights, yum!) I am weary just considering the additional things Jennifer does for all of her students, sometimes without praise or thanks, yet she does them unceasingly, willingly, and cheerfully. But her contribution only begins there. Her generosity towards those who are less fortunate during gift giving season and her food bag drive for students who would not otherwise have enough to eat may not directly impact each and every student in the same way as her educational superheroism, but those who receive her generosity never forget it. And those who have the fortune to witness it, to see the level of meaning it has for families and students, are changed by it, bettered, by the example that Jennifer Lemoine sets. Jennifer has already changed the world for the better, and she has done it by treating everyone with love, respect, and uplifting support. We at RHR are fortunate to have her working alongside us and inspired by her actions to do our part in making RHR a better place for everyone. She is truly deserving of this award!

Shawn Colleary Posted over a year ago

Jennifer- So proud of you. You always had out of the box ideas and solutions. You one constant was your commitment to students. I have no doubt about the hundreds of lives you have touched and changed. Congratulations.

Mary Miller Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for 4 years. I was a classroom teacher while she was the GT teacher for some of my students. The thing I remember most about Jennifer was how well she knew each student, and how invested she was in making sure each and every student was getting the education they needed. She did not shy away from hard work, but rather embraced it. I learned a lot from working alongside Jennifer, but the most important thing I learned was to value each person as an individual. She is very deserving of this award!

Rohan Cotah Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of being in Ms. Lemoine's class almost 15 years ago when I was in the 4th grade. A teacher with a kind heart like hers had a profound impact on me when my family life was falling apart at that time. Her caring self, her nurturing side- and the ability to see the best in people is what makes me so proud to see the achievements she has made over the years. From creating a Harry Potter camp for us, to so much more- my fondest memories are of her, and I know she's not only life changer of the year, but also life changer of a lifetime.

Jennifer Robinson Posted over a year ago

Our daughter, Emma worked with Mrs Lemoine for 3 years. Emma had a mystery illness and was in and out of the hospital. Mrs Lemoine came to visit her in the hospital and made sure that she didn’t fall behind scholastically. Mrs Lemoine was always in the lookout for books that might interest Emma. She truly loves Emma and looked out for her. We think the world of Mrs Lemoine!

Marci Mroz Posted over a year ago

Staying friends and in touch with your daughter's 4th grade teacher -- for over 15 years! -- is rare, but very possible with a person as nice and forward-thinking and present as Jennifer Lemoine. I feel quite fortunate that she was the teacher of my daughter's unique 4th grade class at Metrolina Regional Scholars' Academy in Charlotte, NC; she also taught some fun camp-type classes in the summer, which were highly enjoyed. We were disappointed when she moved away, but have been thrilled to follow her amazing teaching career and to read about all the ways she has impacted the lives of so many students over the years. Jennifer is a great choice to receive this award!

Angela Mckinney Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Lemoine is amazing! I really love helping her out in the library a couple days a week. I have been helped by her and have seen how great she is with students. She does so much for the school and puts so much time and effort into everything she does. She truly is a caring person with a big heart.

Kelly Risley Posted over a year ago

Jenn is an amazing teacher, person, and friend. She teaches her students to believe in themselves, always do their best, and treat others the way they want to be treated. She goes above and beyond for both her colleagues and her students.

Brittany E. Posted over a year ago

As long as I have know Jenn, she has always fought for the needs of students and staff alike. She puts so much time into putting together food bags each week so students don’t go hungry over the weekend. She also spent her summer redoing our library so that it could be more innovative. Thanks for all that you do!

Marly Lemoine Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Lemoine, my mom is the definition of the word kindness. My mom has a crazy life between my skating schedule and work I don’t know how she finds time for anything else but even when I think she can’t take on anymore she always finds a way to keep surprising me. My mom has taught me from a young age that isn’t about how smart you are or how athletic you are but how kind you are. I remember when I was around 4 or 5 she printed out cards that said you have received a random act of kindness now pass it on, when she would do a random act of kindness she gave that person a card so not only would she do something nice the next person would too. She also would take me around on rides to different places and we would have to find something nice to do it my favorite game! Not only has my mom changed my life but she has inspired me to change others. My mom has not only changed my life but many of her students. For example, doing food bags at our school and not only doing that but taking it one step farther by helping the special needs delivery people by looking at their schedule and telling them how much to give her and how much to give to the other places they go. At home many times when I ask her what she is doing she answers with something revolving around helping out a student. Once I went down the stairs on an early morning and when I ask her what she is doing she said she was looking for a mattress for a kid at school who needed it. My mom proves that you don’t have to be a stay at home mom to do something special, she proves that you can be anyone to change someone’s world whether that be a 12 year old girl or a 98 year old man. When I ask my mom how she does it she simply responds with you can always ding time to be kind ALWAYS! My mom has changed my life and many others without her I don’t know who I would be but I promise I wouldn’t be the same. My mom is not just a life changer but a world changer my mom is a univer changer.

Jamie Posted over a year ago

Jen is an amazing teacher, advocate, and friend. Jen not only does all of the above at our school but will help ANYONE in need. She is an angel!

Ryan Molloy Posted over a year ago

Life changer award is a bold title for any award. Fortunately, with regard to Jennifer Lemoine the definition of this award fits her perfectly. I am so grateful to her for everything she has done for our daughter. Truly blessed to have had her in our lives as a teacher, mentor and advocate to our little girl. No one more deserving!

Stacy Mroz Posted over a year ago

I had the honor of being a part of Ms. Lemoine’s 4th grade class almost 15 years ago. Ms. Lemoine is the most genuine, kindest, and most caring teacher that I ever had. She truly cares about the wellbeing of each and every student, not only in her classroom or the school, but students everywhere. She is able to change her teaching styles in order to connect with each student in her classroom and enable them for success. She even nominated me to be the “Student of the Week” on our local news channel which was later filmed in her classroom! Ms. Lemoine deserves this award as she has changed the lives of each one of her students for many years!

Jo Beth McKee Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is a natural teacher. I have known her since she was a child, and her wide open heart unselfishly gifts compassion and love. Jennifer is the kind of teacher that makes me proud of my profession.

Ben Naccarato Posted over a year ago

I met Jennifer 14 years ago as one of the teachers that was part of the first year of opening a new school with her. Jennifer Lemoine who’s official title at her school is gifted and talented teacher goes above and beyond to make sure all of her students have all that they need both inside and outside of her classroom.  I say “official title”because that is just one of the many roles she takes on within her school. I am choosing to not speak about the technical or professional school role that Jennifer fills. The role of Jennifer that is most important is the role in humanity that she gifts to all people who are fortunate enough of to be a family member, friend, colleague, student, or acquaintance of Jennifer Lemoine. The turbulent climate of today’s world filters into our daily lives. From our classrooms to our workplaces people are facing hard times and feeling stress and trauma in what I believe has been magnified in the last few years. Jennifer is a person who is perceptive and empathetic to know that most people are walking a hard walk that we do not all know about. Whether it be a student having serious problems at home or a friend going though a hard time Jennifer never wants a person to act or be something different than their own authentic true self. She doesn’t say “why is that person doing that”, but asks “what happened to that person that they are feeling or behaving in such a manner.” Jennifer truly honors each person exactly as they are and supports them from the starting point that they need. Her caring is individualized and responsive. This is a crucial and much needed asset in today’s society and schools. We all need a Jennifer to honor, support, care, and love us exactly as we are in the present moment. That being said, not only are the students in Jennifer’s school blessed with her heart and care but the entire community. As far as qualifications go for this award, I know that Jennifer and her community have already won by Jennifer being who she is consistently day in and day out.

Sydney L. Posted over a year ago

Jennifer’s passion for our school’s students is apparent each day. By organizing the food bag program and holiday help at our school, she provides an invaluable service to many families. We appreciate all you do!

Scott VanDenBerg Posted over a year ago

I am not sure that it is possible to sum up the generosity that I get to see every day in a short amount of time but here goes. Jennifer Lemoine is the embodiment of what it means to give everything you have to make a difference. Not just at certain times of the year when most decide to pull out their change and drop it in the Salvation Army bucket, but literally finding a way to make someone feel important, to make someone feel special or just bring a smile, every day. She mentors kids, coming in early or staying late. She deposits money on kids lunch accounts, buys clothes and sometimes even beds to sleep on. Always looking for ways to help so that kids can focus on school and not the pressures of their parent’s financial situation. Sorting through Christmas gift applications, making sure that Thanksgiving is covered, ensuring that kids have food for the weekend or buying a homeless person a meal, my wife does this without a second thought or aspiration of praise. It is bringing that joy to someone else that makes her smile. For her birthday I will ask her what she wants and most of the time it is random acts of kindness, one for every year on this earth. We will be in the drive through and she will purchase the meal of the car behind us. We will be leaving the store and she will deposit quarters into the toy dispensing machines on the way out, knowing that a child will walk up, see the quarter, turn the knob and get a prize. These are but a few examples and that’s not the extraordinary part! The truly extraordinary part is the size of her heart and her ability to give of herself without effort. All of these are not things that she has just started to do, it is who she is. My wife is completely dedicated to her profession. She tells me often how much she loves it. While being a busy mom, wife and teacher she finds ways to better herself professionally by taking on national boards, endorsements and this year potentially her doctorate. I have learned a great deal about kindness and giving from my wife. I am lucky to know her and blessed to get to spend the rest of my life with her.

Anne Naccarato Posted over a year ago

As a colleague of Jennifer for the past 14 years, I have been a first-hand witness to all the contributions she has made to our school community. Jennifer truly embodies what it means to be a life-changer. From her daily positive interactions with students and staff to bigger tasks like establishing and maintaining our school's food bag program, Jennifer has worked tirelessly for the people around her. She influences people so positively with her big heart. The connections Jennifer has made with students and families have resulted in more life-changes than anyone will be able to count!

Gloria Naccarato Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Lemoine is my teacher. She is a nice person. She helps us if we come in a little late. She teaches us lots of cool things like how to make an alien. She teaches me in Destination Imagination and small group.

David Herzing Posted over a year ago

Great work Jennifer!

Lisa Wruble Posted over a year ago

When Jenn was in second grade she took socks in her book bag for the little girl who wore shoes but had no socks in the cold PA winter. This was just the start of the kindness and acts of kindness she has shown to all she meets. So proud of the woman Jenn has become and the change she is making in our world.

Megan Hannan Posted over a year ago

My daughter went through a patch of dreading school, a combination of adjusting to the rigors of the new school year and being overwhelmed at everything she needed to do and wanted to do. Ms. Lemoine immediately saw what was happening and was instrumental in helping my daughter refind the fun and enjoyment in school. She’s now back to thriving! It’s so wonderful to know that she is always there, just a phone call away and willing to help!

Christine Hetrick Posted over a year ago

Such a good person. She comes from a gre family also. I’m thrilled she’s nominated.

Cathy Solida Posted over a year ago

I was one of Jen's high school teachers. I am so proud of her! Even as a teenager, she had a heart of gold. If she could find a way to make someone's world a little brighter, she would be all in. She makes an amazing difference in the lives of her students!

Ali Brown Posted over a year ago

There are a myriad of things the world could benefit from having more of… Jenn is one of them. She is a kind and dedicated person who goes above and beyond to help EVERYONE! There is no one more deserving of this award then Mrs. Jennifer Lemoine!

Addison Winston Posted over a year ago

One and a half decades ago I had the extraordinary fortune and privilege to have Ms. Lemoine as a fourth grade teacher. A twice exceptional kid with every "learning difference" under the sun, education to me had been not so much a challenge as a seemingly unscalable wall into which I had constantly bashed my head without hope for the previous few years. Struggling with Dyslexia and having made few successful strides to read or write my first grade teacher had advised my parents to put me "on a fast track to a janitorial career" and my third grade teacher overtly and repeatedly reminded me that I should never hope to amount to much of anything. It is no understatement to claim that of the inflection points in my life, my first day of school in her class belongs on the same list as the day I was born. It is nearly impossible to imagine that I could have accomplished anything without her that year. In under a year Ms. Lemoine took a nervous boy frightened of teachers and dreading school to the point of vomiting many mornings and formed a young student eager to face any challenge. All that I have or will accomplish I owe in a large part to her. Ms. Lemoine balanced my need to leave class for tutoring while keeping me a part of the class socially and academically, doing the same for other students with peculiar circumstances of all natures while never letting the rest of the class be disrupted or thrown off much less sink into boredom or indifference. When I think of Ms. Lemoine it is of course her kindness, her loving innate warmth, and her supernatural compassion for all circumstances for all of her students that come first to mind. There is also her superb knowledge, her humility in at times saying "let's look that up" that make her more than just an educator. Beyond this is her commitment to learning more about teaching, living out in her own life every virtue that others preach about never ceasing to learn and inspiring the essence of her noble ethic in her students. Ms. Lemone didn’t lift me over the wall of the challenges I faced but she gave me a boost while showing me where to reach and how to pull. She showed me that I could do it. She is the platonic ideal of a life changing teacher and no one could even theoretically conceive of a more deserving recipient for such an award than she. I know this well because Ms. Lemoine changed my life.

Ali Brown Posted over a year ago

There are a myriad of things the world could benefit from having more of… Jenn is one of them. She is a kind and dedicated person who goes above and beyond to help EVERYONE! There is no one more deserving of this award then Mrs. Jennifer Lemoine!

UnSuk Zucker Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Lemoine not only provides a positive learning environment for our son that stretches his thinking, she creates a safe space for his tender heart. She understands his uniqueness and not only accommodates his needs, she LOVES it and promotes a sense of self-confidence that only she could do. We are so very grateful for her impact on our son!

Abby Johnson Posted over a year ago

I am so thrilled that Jenn is nominated for this! She is so deserving! Jenn is one of the most selfless teachers I know! She is inspiring to work with and I'm proud to also call her my friend!

Gretchen Wilkinson Posted over a year ago

I agree! Ms Lemoine is an outstanding educator. Her compasion for her job is amazing. Ms Lemoine goes above and beyond to care for her students and others in the community. When I had the opportunity to work with her, I remember the work she did with a local food bank. To help our students get food on weekends and breaks.

Adla West Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Lemoine is an example of altruism. She sacrifices her time, energy and even financial resources to support all that cross her path in need of help. Her levels of empathy are remarkable and make her not only a very effective teacher, but also a trustworthy friend to staff and families. Jenn works hard to connect families with a variety of resources, mediates and clarifies misunderstandings between school staff and families, and is always ready to listen to somebody in distress. In addition to having a wonderful heart, Jenn is also very bright and is always striving to implement new ideas for the improvement of students' academic performance and well being. I highly recommend Jenn as a recipient of this award; she changes the lives of students, families and co-workers in more ways than we can count!

Emma Robinson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lemoine is the reason I was able to be successful in elementary school. Because of an undiagnosed autoinflammatory disorder I often would miss weeks per quarter. Ms. Lemoine was my primary teacher in 4th grade. I can remember her visiting me in the hospital for hours on more than one occasion. One day when I came in tearful, because I had been unable to wake up due to my illness to decorate the Christmas tree with my family, Ms. Lemoine promised me that I could decorate her tree and make cookies. She made good on her promise, and I always knew that she loved me and everyone of her students. In 5th grade she was my honors teacher for reading and math. To instill more readership in her students she offered the 1 million reader club (ice cream party) up to 4 million where she (out of her own pocket) would buy you any book. This is where Ms. Lemoine instilled a love of reading that has never left me. We would often read the same books, and she would let me stay on her lunch to talk with her. Although this was a deeply difficult time for my family, and I was often in a lot of pain, Ms. Lemoine taught me to love learning. She is truly one of the most dedicated, selfless, and caring person I have ever met.

Chris VanDenBerg Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is one of the most caring loving and giving outstanding person I have ever met. She is very deserving of this award

Les VanDenBerg Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Wruble Lemoine is all of that. Beyond your talent you have insight to recognize the potential of each of your students to elevate above their adverse conditions to change how they perceive themselves. You are a ‘one in a million’ teacher.

Cyndi Burdick Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer last year as an interim administrator and saw this caring teacher in action. She is such a positive force in her classroom and for her school. She sees the potential in each student and engages them as individuals with unique interests and strengths. Her students respect her as their teacher and know she is an advocate for them. She is one of those special teachers whose former students come back year after year just to check in with her and tell her what they are doing. They know their connection with her remains, even after their year is over. She changes lives each day is very deserving of this award.

Katharine Welch Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Lemoine is one of the greatest teachers EVER! My son Mason had her in 2nd grade and I doubt either of us will ever forget her. She made such an impact on both of us. We were going through a hard time outside of school and she was right there with us. She was so helpful and supportive and I will be eternally grateful for all that she did for the both of us. She's not just a teacher - she is so much more than that and to know her is to love her. She gives and gives and gives and works so hard to make sure that her students succeed. She's amazing and deserves this award more than anyone I can think of. She's hands down the best!

Kate Welch Posted over a year ago

There are not enough wonderful words to describe Jennifer Lemoine. She is absolutely the most incredibly, wonderful, amazing, kind, loving, and best teacher out there. My son Mason was in her 2nd grade class and we were going through such a really hard time and she was right there with us. Not because she had to but because she wanted to. Not only did she help Mason, she was right there in it with me. She doesn't look at this as a job - it is her life's joy. She loves each everyone of those kids and will do just about anything for any one of them. She has left a lasting impression on both me and my son. I will always be so grateful that she entered our lives and I will never forget her. Neither will Mason. We love you Ms. Lemoine! Thank you for all you have done for us. You are absolutely amazing.

Diana Crawford Posted over a year ago

I don’t know Jennifer personally however I know her parents and as they say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” sounds like Jennifer. Having a disabled son and experience with those of special needs, Jennifer is amazing. Way to go and and thank you for helping those many in need in more than one way. ??????????

Mary Berrington Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Lemoine 'moves mountains' every day for not only the students of Red Hawk Ridge Elementary but in our community as well. When she sees a student or family struggle emotionally or financially, she will find ways to support their basic needs and make their day brighter. Jennifer is a pillar to this community and is truly deserving of this award.

Rob Vizza Posted over a year ago

Always has been a sweet and kind young lady.

Janna Remien Posted over a year ago

If there is any amazing/good thing going on at Red Hawk Ridge, Jen is part of it. I can say personally she had made a huge difference in my child's life as his GT teacher and is always willing to lend a hand or an ear to her colleges, no matter how small or how crazy the request.

Casey Martinez Posted over a year ago

When Red Hawk Ridge first opened, I was going into 4th grade. The past several years, I had attended Creekside Elementary, where I had many friends and fond memories. So, when I had to switch schools (RHR was now much closer to where I lived), you can imagine how upset I had been. However, in Jennifer Lemoines 4th grade class, I found a home. I found guidence, friendship, confidence, and a role model. Jennifer truly and completely gave herself to each student and their families. She created so many beloved memories for me in the 2 years I attended RHR and beyond, so many in fact, I cannot list nearly all of them. My little sister and I spent afternoons in her classroom (after the school day ended) working on homework, playing games, etc. I especially struggled with math, so Jennifer would work through each problem with me until I understood. After a short while in the classroom, Jennifer would drive my sister and I to her home while we waited for my mom to come pick us up after work. I remember playing with her cats Flea and Pumba, the chubbiest cat imaginable. Her dog Stoney was my favorite though. He was sweet, gentile, and always up for a hug. After a long day of teaching children, Jennifer happily took care of 2 more little girls so they didn’t need to go to an after care. Memories of braided hair, whimsical crafts, and friendship have meant an indescribable amount. Jennifer helped to shape the person that I am today, who I am happy to report is a graduated CSU student with a degree in Art History, currently working at the Denver Art Museum. She went light years beyond her post as a teacher. She attended karate belt ceremonies and my high school graduation. She has offered countless words of wisdom and kindness. She showed compassion to a quirky little family back in 2004 (I think that was the year... I’m quite terrible at math, as previously mentioned) and opened her home to 2 strange little girls out of the immense amount of kindness in her heart. There is much, much more I could share about my unforgettable moments with Jennifer Lemoine, but instead I would like to conclude with this: Thank you. Thank you for everything. You are an extraordinary human being bursting with love. I have never forgotten your warmth and trust, your joyfulness and encouragement, your unbridled devotion to each student that steps through your doors.

Lex Daly Posted over a year ago

I was a student of Mrs. Lemoine’s at RHR eleven years ago. As a fifth grader I was placed in her advanced English class. At the time, my family and I moved around frequently - the year I had her as a teacher was one of the most difficult personally because I had only recently left my hometown across the country to an entirely new environment. I will never forget that class, it was the one place during my time living in CO where I was entirely comfortable, had friends, and felt noticed. The attention and care Mrs. Lemoine provides for her students really does leave a lasting effect for the better. I’m now, at 21 years old, an English major considering a career in education. When I’ve thought about the sort of classroom environment I’d want to create, one of the teachers who will always inspire this goal is Mrs. Lemoine. Thank you for everything!

Elizabeth Collett Posted over a year ago

I was Jennifer Lemoine's student teacher in the spring of 2017. I have been so fortunate to have her as a mentor for the better part of two years. She is an extremely hard working and compassionate teacher who takes the time to build meaningful relationships with her students and coworkers. She also created a positive learning environment not only for her students, but for me, too. As a student teacher, one of the hardest things to gain confidence in was classroom management. When I took over her classroom, I was initially overwhelmed by the behavior of one student in particular. Instead of taking control of the situation, Jennifer allowed me to take matters into my own hands. She was there to coach me but not tell me what to do. It was okay for me to make mistakes and learn from them. I wouldn't be the teacher that I am today without her guidance and kindness.

Michelle Escamilla Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is currently my son's gifted and talented teacher. My son has never been so excited to go into the class and talks nonstop about the amazing time he is having. I love the way that she makes my son light up about school- to have a teacher that is dedicated to teaching and wanting kids to enjoy school is truly amazing! And I truly believe Jennifer deserves this award because of this!

Trisha Schultz Posted over a year ago

From a very young age I never felt accepted.I remember being in school an hating being there.Once I moved from New Jersey to North Carolina I landed in her class.She made everyone get along an made everyone be friends.Even to this day almost 20 years later many of the people from her class are still friends an we keep in touch.Learning wasn’t just about what she could teach us in the books it was about how she could influence our lives.She made my educationional experience feel like it had meaning.From then on I never had to like I didn’t matter because because of her,we made life long friends.

Jordan Gruber Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is one of a kind and our school would not be the same without her. She cares so deeply and always figures out a way to support anyone in need.

Arden Lemoine Posted over a year ago

It may not be appropriate for me to comment since I'm not a teacher, nor am I a resident of Colorado but I've known Jen for a long time so here goes. I know what a wonderful caring teacher she is but had no idea of the depth of her involvement and dedication to her school. Tears as I read this, she makes me proud and I try to 'pay it foward' by her example as often as possible. My granddaughter is the luckiest girl in the world to have her as a Mother and she is well on her way to following in her Mom's footsteps to do good and help others too. She definitely deserves this award!

Joe Wruble Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is the most caring person I know. She takes charge with confidence to do tasks like helping needy students and their families. She leads by example and sets the right standards for her Students to achieve a high level of education. She also teaches life skills that will help with the quality of life for all her students and any one she comes in contact with. Jennifer has started programs like lunch and back pack meals for her students and families. She also goes one step further like shoes for needy kids and even beds for kids that have none. She pays for Christmas gifts for families out of her own pocket just to bring a smile on their faces. She has a gift when it comes to teaching kids. She can take the most difficult student and make them want to learn. She also is a great team member and goes above and beyond. I could write many kind words about Jennifer but seriously all you need to do to know how worthy she is of this award is read all the comments everyone else has written. I truly think the world of this great teacher and love her dearly because she makes me proud . She is my Daughter.

Nancy Maffei Posted over a year ago

What an powerful tribute to an amazing teacher! I know her parents and they are the base of what she is...their kindness, caring and compassion for people is definitely being carried on by their daughter. Teachers like Jennifer so often go unnoticed for all their time, energy, caring, heart and love of what they do. The children and families Jennifer has touched will be remembered by them forever.

Nancy Maffei Posted over a year ago

A truly amazing teacher! Her heart is all for the children no matter what or difficult their needs may be. The world needs more teachers like this.

Chris K Posted over a year ago

I know Mrs. Lemoine as the Gifted and Talented teacher for both of my children. She is a fantastic and caring instructor who has built a huge bond with my children while creating a drive to learn and explore in each of them through their classroom work with her. If this was the only thing that Jennifer Lemoine was doing with her time she would still be a "LifeChanger" as an educator. And that was why I wanted to support her here. Then I read about all of the other amazing things that she is doing for her students, her school, and her whole community and I am in glorious disbelief. There is no doubt in my mind that Mrs. Lemoine is changing lives, and making a resounding positive impact through her role as an educator. I am so glad she is being recognized here because I can think of no one more deserving!

Mary Whitney Posted over a year ago

Jennifer truly is the heartbeat of Red Hawk Ridge. The relationships she builts with her students and families are a testament to her kind heart. I loved learning about her, “Unless” Tatoo. How blessed are we that this is her motto-ingrained in who she is.

Jenna Higdon Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is such an amazing teacher!! She will do anything to make someone’s day better and brighter!!!

Kait Posted over a year ago

Not only do I get to work alongside Jen but my son is in her GT class. She has taken him under her wing and I am so thankful for her. However, he isn’t the only one who she has taken under her wing. Jen has the ability to find something unique and great in all kids. ??

Jennifer McCullough Posted over a year ago

I didn’t get to know Jennifer when I first moved to Colorado and my kids started at RHR in 2009. It was several years later. We lived there for 6 years. I am so sad that I didn’t get to know her from the beginning. She is such a caring person. She truly likes to help. I’ve heard different stories besides the few listed about her generosity and she is definitely a “step up “ person. She has also instilled that empathy and caring spirit into her sweet daughter. While there are many outstanding teachers at this school, she is one of my top favorites.

Ryan Loughry Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Lemoine or as I know her Mrs Lemoine has changed my life in so many ways! She was my teacher for a lot of my elementary school years and she gave me puzzles that made me smarter and reading tasks that made me more literature. I just can’t put into words how much her teaching means to me.

Keri Bade Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is more deserving of this than any person I know. She makes a difference in our community every day. She is not deterred by daunting challenges, she's inspired by them. And that is inspiring to others!!

Tracy Leming Posted over a year ago

Jennifer changed two lives in my family. First, she recognized that my son was struggling as a first grader, advocated for him to be evaluated so he could get the help he needed, and used part of her planning period every morning for months to give him one-on-one support so he could catch up in reading. Then she changed my life by supporting me as I created a Lego club at Red Hawk and discovered my true calling - teaching. She gave me the encouragement I needed to make the career change and wrote a glowing recommendation letter that got me admitted to a great teaching program.

Lisa Miller Posted over a year ago

I am the mother of that special needs girl who is wheelchair bound and in a semi-vegetative state that Jennifer aka Ms. Lemoine aka super woman took on with class and grace. Through my daughter she has become my friend who I value so much. She deserves this award hands down. She provides for others so much I am surprised she has anything of her own. Not only is she this wonderful exceptional teacher but she is one of the greatest friends and mother and wife. She is raising an exceptional young lady who also has a heart of gold like her mother. There is no task too big or too small that she would take on and complete. I’m so glad God placed her in my daughters life and in mine through her. She is a forever friend. And someone I will forever admire.

Emma Flanagan Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is an amazing teacher here at RHR. She is always working hard to help students and giving back to our school.

Chris K Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Lemoine is an incredible educator in everything that she does! I know her from her work as the Gifted and Talented teacher for my children and that was brought me here today. But after reading all the other amazing things that she does for her students I am speechless, as well as moved by her dedication to all her students and their wellbeing! I am certain that only as a GT teacher she is changing the lives of her students, I have seen it at home. But he work that she does beyond the walls of her own classroom make her deserving of this recognition, and all other awards for teachers who change lives! Thank you for all you do Jennifer Lemoine!

Amanda Lloyd Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is truly deserving of this award. She is always thinking outside the box to help not only her students but all students in the building. She is willing to drop what she is doing and lend a hand to anyone. So many lives have been positively changed because of her and I know that she will change so many more.

Julie Broadbent Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is an amazing teacher to all students. She is especially considerate and goes the extra mile for students with special needs.

Gina Bellizzi Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Lemoine is an absolutely amazing teacher and human!! She cares so deeply for people and has the energy, drive, and intelligence to really make a difference in people's lives!

Melissa Klemenz Posted over a year ago

Jennifer is so deserving of this award! She truly changes lives and impacts our students in a positive way every single day. She will go out of her way to help others no matter what and she truly makes this world a better place!