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Cheryl Tupper

Position: Instructional Facilitator - ELL Students
School: George Junior High School
School District: Springdale Public Schools
City, State: Springdale, AR

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Cheryl Tupper was nominated by her colleague, Nina Woodall.

We have all heard the saying, "Dynamite comes in small packages."  Ms. Tupper brings that saying to life.  Her charismatic energy ignites the drive in anyone around her, and her love for students and staff is beyond measure.  Whether working with students during her lunchtime or after-school tutoring, attending field trips to expose students to new adventures and college opportunities, presenting professional development for staff, meeting with parents, or working with individual teachers in effective teaching strategies, Ms. Tupper is always planning or working for the improvement of student success in academic and personal/social skills.

Ms. Tupper will go the extra mile to help anyone, and her care for others is genuine and heart-felt.  She creates a "family" for her students, encouraging them every day to do and be their best.  She ensures they have food for the weekends, keeps a clothes closet in her room, connects families with community resources, and does her best to meet any other needs her students might have.  Her dedication to students, parents, and staff has contributed to student improvement in grades, attendance, test scores, and the overall atmosphere of George Junior High School.

"I invite you to meet this small package of dynamite we all lovingly call 'Miss Tupper.'  She will light up your day," said Woodall.

Comments (31)

Risto Samuel Posted over a year ago

I know that Mrs Tupper is one of the best teacher and amazing teacher.and friends even she had a big smile,and appreciate that you always there with me also thanks you Mrs. Tupper for your help and you are my hero without a big smile.

Aikuj Posted over a year ago

i love you tupper you always there with me and thanks you tupper i love you

Khang Posted over a year ago

I remember from 2 years ago. Mrs. Tupper was the teacher who take me first step in GJHS. She also my History teacher, she helped me a lot by telling other teacher about my pronunciation problems. Almost 2 years in this school, my English improve a lot because of her. She also help student understand how study can help them better in life.

Brayan Salvador Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Topper, you are my hero without a cloak.

morton jibke Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Tupper is nice person in George Junior High.She helps me a lot with math.

Damaris Ramirez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tupper is one of the best teachers I've ever had. She's an amazing teacher and friend I wouldn't know where I would be without her support. She's one the most patients persons I have ever meet, teach a new language to a group of people who has no idea what you'are saying is HARD. I said that because I was one of her students, she taught me a lot of things while I was her student, she taught to never give up when the way gets harder, she taught me to be patient and be respectful. Mrs. Tupper cares about her student's weather is academic or personal. There is no doubt she has is a life-changer.

Carlon Clinton Posted over a year ago

Well let see where do I even begin, Mrs.Tupper was the best teacher I ever had. I had her my middle school years and when it was time for me to attend my junior high n high schools years I saw dat they were no teacher like Mrs.Tupper. And I will never forget the day she took my n two of my other classmates to her house, which she had a lot of different animals and a very big land.

Brent Tupper Posted over a year ago

How do you define a hero? I am Cheryl Kaye's husband. We met on E-harmony in 2006 and were married in June, 2006 after becoming best friends on E-harmony for 4 months. I relocated 1400 miles west to become married to Cheryl Kaye. Cheryl Kaye is my ultimate hero... she loves animals, students that are less than privileged, and other families that are less privileged. Cheryl Kaye has always gone the extra mile to clothe and embrace other nationalities that want to enter legally into the United States. Cheryl Kaye is my hero because she loves others unconditionally and supports educational causes so that students can graduate. I am not sure how else to describe Cheryl Kaye. She is extremely happy, great with students, always a positive influence, and loves her kids and their families. She meets them at Walmart and they always hug her, tell her they miss her, tell her they love her, and their mamas do the same. I wish I could be that musch of an influence on the next generation. I love you Cheryl Kaye. You are my hero.

Evelin Moran Figueroa Posted over a year ago

I know that Mrs. Tupper will win, Do you want to know what I'm sure about that? It's because she's the best EVER, she has tried and continued to try everything so that her students understand and learn everything that they will need in the present and in an unknown future. She taught me a lot of things. And thanks to that and God obviously, now I can understand better a new language. I am thrilled to know that such a wonderful woman who helped me when I felt strange in a new country is now recognized for her effort. We love you, Mrs. Tupper. God take care of you and fill you with blessings...

Louise Jikit Posted over a year ago

Ms.Tupper has a big heart that is full of loving, caring, and kindness that she share with her students. She's a role model.She help every students that need help and students know that if they need help, they always go to her for help. She always remind her students that they are capable of doing anything. I remember my first day in her class when she gave me this big smile on her face that make me feel welcomed and that I belong to George Junior High School. She will make your day and your everyday the best day of your life. I've found parts of me that I wouldn't have if I wasn't in her class. Especially being able to be myself and feel comfortable with everyone in the class. I never forgot this one thing you say to me. "Do great things in life. Don't do little things. GO BIG!!". Thank you for your love for me and everything that you taught me. I love you so much and I miss you so much. I miss seeing you every morning with your bright smile.

Akineti Toani Posted over a year ago

Mr.Tupper is nothing more then a loving, caring, sharing, and best teacher ever and she has big heart. I’ve been Ms.Tupper student since i came here and until now. Even if I’m far from you but you always the best teacher in my heart Ms. Tupper. You always have time for your student more then yourself. you always got our back. Always have faith in us.Pushing us to make our dream and hope come true. You never get tired of us even if we give you headache you still push is through.You really desever this nomine Ms.Tupper. Thank you for everything Ms.Tupper. I will always nomine you as the only and best teacher ever.

Jaime Posted over a year ago

Cheryl works tirelessly to serve any and every student. Her contagious positive attitude propels her to ensure students’ needs are met both in and outside of the classroom. She also encourages her colleagues in their work to ensure excellence for all students.

Gwen Shankle Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tupper has a big heart and uses it to love her students. She is very insightful and strives to meet the special needs of each student, I Love her example and kindness with all she reacts with in the field of education.

Kelly Posted over a year ago

Tupper is THAT teacher. She makes things happen behind the scenes, cares for kids, and helps build young teachers. Our ESL kids know they can go to her for anything and I can always count on her to help me when a student needs tutoring in math or English, science or SS. She’s a big cog is an ever changing machine and always puts kids first. Congrats and a shout out to Mrs. Tupper.

Angela Ludwick Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tupper defines hospitality as she welcomes every new student at GJH with a smile. The students may not be able to understand English, however she has the ability to make that student feel welcomed and that they belong here at George. She is a great ambassador and will go above and beyond to take care of students, visitors, staff, etc.

Murilik Junior Korok Posted over a year ago

I don't know a more deserving nominee to receive this honor more than Mrs. Cheryl Hyde Tupper, she is the epitome of a Life Changer. I know from experience that she has touched many of her students life, I know that for me she did just that in fact she went even deeper as to enlarge my believe in my capacities and my dreams. She is the very reason I was able to accomplish many great feats in life, she instilled in me the lesson of figuring it out. I have been to college thanks to her major role in supporting, and guiding me navigate through the struggles life threw at me. I along with my fellow peers, see Mrs. Tupper as a mom and a life changer, someone we know we can count on to bring the best in us, and to be the pillar of support.

Natalie Dominguez Posted over a year ago

Cheryl is great with our students! She is always checking on students and making sure that they have what they need in order to be successful. Not only do students know that she cares about their grades, they know she cares for them as people. My students are always asking for Mrs. Tupper. They know she will help them with whatever they need, whether is be school related or personal! Cheryl is a role model to all her coworkers and students!

J. Lisa Davis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tupper always goes out of her way to make students feel included and supported. She is fantastic with strategies to help all students, but especially our language learners. As a side note, she tries to make sure that all students know what resources are available in the community other than educational, too. I also appreciate her instruction and support of faculty at our professional development meetings. She helps us navigate all of the challenges of working with a diverse student body in a positive and caring way.

Kimberly Ann Bramall Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Mrs. Tupper in two schools, and I can tell you she is a shining star! Her care and concern for the whole student is admirable and inspirational to us all. Her joyful spirit is infectious and creates an atmosphere in which we can all work together. She is most certainly a lifechanger in our book!

Brianna Belote Posted over a year ago

What a wonderful opprotunity to celebrate all the things Mrs. Tupper does for our students! I have watched as she tierlessly collects clothes, money, food and other things to ensure our students have their basic needs met so that they can learn. she even takes money out of her own pocket - what a heart! I can't imagine how hard it is for a student not to have food, or proper clothing for the weather and then try to come in and focus on school. A students educational needs can't be met until their physiological needs are met, such an important role Mrs. Tupper has made a difference, She has changed lives and given students the ability to learn without worry! This is your award winner, she is totally deserving.

Tamika Pennington Posted over a year ago

Cheryl saw me as a long term maternity sub in Spring 2017 and said, "you love students. You belong here." Ever since then, she has been my mentor and cheerleader. I have felt so supported my first 2 years of teaching because she is also looking for the beauty and light in things. If a student is in need, Cheryl is there. If a teacher is in need, Cheryl is there. Cheryl is ready to love on those who need it most. She always makes jokes about her age, but she has one of the most youthful and joyful spirits I have ever encountered. Cheryl deserves to be LifeChanger of the Year because that's exactly what she has done - changed lives.

Carla Torrijos Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tupper goes above and beyond to show students that they are loved. She works hard to find resources and connections for any student or family member at our school. She has had an impact to our community all by reaching out to students and their families. From organizing food, clothing, gifts, and medical support to just giving hugs and attention-Mrs. Tupper is a blessing to everyone she meets. "Teach one, Reach one" every single day.

Brooke Pierson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tupper goes above and BEYOND for all students at our school— she checks on their academics, food security, clothing needs, and social/emotional well being. She is an overall rockstar!

Dani Reynolds Posted over a year ago

We love you Miss Tupper!

Andrea George Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tupper is in a league of her own. Her generosity, sincerity, and work ethic for student success are unmatched. She loves her kids. She loves all kids. Mrs. Tupper builds these kids up, those coming to us from unsafe, unfamiliar environments, and makes them believe that they CAN do and be anything and anyone they want to be. She is this force of positivity and kindness that I wish was more prevalent in our world. She makes our students and our staff strive to be better. Cheryl Tupper is a role model for all around her, and I am so honored and proud to work alongside her.

German Torrijos Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tupper has a heart for kids, their families and our community.

Carla Torrijos Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tupper is one of the best people to work with. She not only helps her co-workers but she helps every student she comes in contact with plus seeking out to help ones she may not know. You can't help but know your blessed to be a part of her life. We love here. Our school and community are better because of her. "Teach one, Reach one" is something she is doing daily!

Amanda Ladish Posted over a year ago

This is a totally appropriate nomination! One student referred to her as "an angel straight from heaven"!

Monica Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tupper is ALWAYS all smiles! She takes money from her pocket to protect, feed, clothe and teach our Language Academy kiddos, not just here at school but at home as well!!! Just so you know she even kept in touch with a previous student and landed him a job here at our Junior High! She's still guiding him! She's THE mother hen! I love her to the moon and back, I follower her as far as well!!!!

Kendall Ruff Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Tupper is absolutely outstanding and the clear impact she has on our students AND teachers at George Junior High was evident as soon as I began working here. She shows enthusiasm towards her students every single day and makes them believe they are capable of doing anything. Many of our kids struggle with confidence, but Mrs. Tupper ensures students are equipped with the tools they need to achieve things they never thought possible. In my first year of teaching I have do doubt Mrs. Tupper is a life changer, not only for her students but for her colleagues as well.

Cassondra Beers Posted over a year ago

I first met Cheryl Tupper 3 years ago when coming to work at George Junior High in our Language Academy for newcomers to the country. Mrs. Tupper had been teaching in the Language Academy for years before I met her, and she was already an expert at meeting her students' individual needs. She took students who were far from home, in a strange new place, and made them feel comfortable. They loved coming to school and they obviously felt safe in her class and the classes of the other teachers in the Language Academy. It is often said that we cannot meet students' intellectual needs until they are physically cared for, emotionally secure, and feel socially accepted. Mrs. Tupper is aware of this and she goes above and beyond to meet her students' needs in all of these areas. Years later, students return singing her praises. I know all of our students and staff are blessed to work with her and count her among the GJHS Wrangler family!