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Beth Parker

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: East Montpelier Elementary School
School District: Washington Central Supervisory Union
City, State: East Montpelier, VT

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Beth Paker was nominated by Brittany Perry, the parent of a student.

"Beth Parker makes a positive difference in the lives of all of her students, families and colleagues on a daily basis," said Perry. "Beth has been my son’s teacher for the past three years, and my husband and I could not feel more blessed."

Mrs. Parker innately understands the developmental level of her students, both academically and socio-emotionally. She continually seeks professional development opportunities, such as her recent “Life is Good” training to work on helping her students develop the skills of being human. She naturally embeds all the supports that help students access their education, including morning outdoor movement, yoga, flexible seating, appreciation of others, perspective taking, and helping students understand and express their emotions. Ms. Parker utilizes PBIS to help her students get to know how to best regulate themselves, even supporting her students in the creation of an evening of wellness that they shared with the community.

Mrs. Parker involves families and her students to explore the larger community and world. She regularly walks with her students to a local sugar shack in the early Spring to share this Vermont tradition. During the devastation following Hurricane Harvey, her class partnered with a sister classroom in Texas, communicating with them and raising money for them. In addition, EMES has partnered with North Branch Nature Center to have a program called ECO, where students and parent volunteers spend quality time outdoors understanding nature, the human impact on nature, and positive interactions in their environment.

Mrs. Parker is a master of helping all students access academics in meaningful and inspiring ways. She collaborates with her colleagues in her school and across the district to enrich her curriculum. Students in Mrs. Parker’s class are historians, geographers, scientists, authors and so much more.

As a colleague, Mrs. Parker learns from and pays forward her knowledge and wisdom. She recently earned her Master's degree along with a cohort of colleagues. She has been asked by her Master’s program to come back and teach courses for them. Mrs. Parker is the model of a reflective practitioner and lifelong learner. She has served as the mentor coordinator for WCSU and has helped many mentor and mentee relationships develop to nurture the next generation of educators.

"Mrs. Parker makes a positive difference in the lives of her students, family and colleagues. I, for one, know that when I drop my son to school, he will feel safe, loved and challenged," said Perry. "As a parent, I hope all children have the opportunity to have someone like Mrs. Parker in their lives."

Comments (8)

Janice Guyette Posted over a year ago

I am the proud mother of Bethany Parker. I have had the opportunity to volunteer in Beth's classroom many times. The enthusiasm and attentiveness of her students always amazes me. They are learning but, best of all, they are learning to love learning. As a teacher, you deal with children with unique challenges and a variety of personalities and learning styles. Beth meets every child "where they are". By this I mean she works to understand every individual child and what they need to be successful. It fills my heart to see her in her classroom. I might be a tad prejudice but, if you were there, you would agree. Good luck, Beth!

Sheila Paterson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to Beth for being nominated as a Life Changer. If I had to choose a word to describe Beth, I believe it would be inspirational. She inspires both her students and the adults working with her on a daily basis. Her ability to create joy, grow the good and cut to what is truly important is amazing. She celebrates all students and always looks for the positive in all students and situations. She was built to be a teacher and, in doing so, I have observed her changing lives in a positive way on a daily basis.

Simeon Chapin Posted over a year ago

Beth is a shining star in my children’s school. From teaching mindsets for growth to encouraging my son and his friend to organize a wellness night, she is always guiding children to stretch and develop themselves. I truly believe she deserves this recognition.

Alicia Lyford Posted over a year ago

Beth is an outstanding educator who truly is a "life changer" for each and every student that comes into her life. She is always willing to go the extra mile for her students and is constantly thinking outside the box to come up with new and creative ideas to meet each individual need. Her positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and she plays a vital role in our school community. I am so proud of her for her nomination as a Life Changer...she is 100% deserving of this award!

Jessica Mishaan Posted over a year ago

Beth Parker has been my dear friend for over 35 years. Anytime I have struggled in my life, not only is Beth there with a kind ear to listen, but she springs into action like a guardian angel often with ideas and suggestions I had never considered. What's more, her ideas have often been true lifechangers for me. She has literally changed and improved my life in so many ways that I have now lost count. This is her nature. She doesn't expect thanks or anything in return, this is just who she is. I am so thankful to have her in my life and so grateful that she is being recognized in this amazing way.

Kathy Christy Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t agree with Brittany Perry more, in her recommendation for Beth Parker as a “life changer”. Beth is a true professional, always looking to do what is right, what is best, and what is true for each of her students. Most importantly, Beth brings JOY into her classroom for ALL students. Everyone is important, cared for, challenged and loved. Beth is always looking for new ways to meet the needs for her students and their families. She is a lifelong learner, who thrives in an academic environment. I am honored and blessed to work with such a gifted, talented colleague.

Hilary Paquet Posted over a year ago

We feel so very fortunate that our daughter has had the opportunity to be in Mrs. Parker’s class for the last two years. Our daughter can often feel anxious and Mrs. Parker’s gentle and caring way puts her completely at ease. Our daughter has gained confidence in herself as a learner, community member, and friend since joining Mrs.Parker’s class. Mrs. Parker takes the time to get to know and understand the whole child. She meets the students academic, social, and emotional needs each day. Children feel safe and loved while in Mrs. Parker’s care, because they genuinely are. Mrs. Parker is a life changer for all of the students and families with whom she works.

Dani Chaloux Posted over a year ago

My son had Beth Parker for a teacher in kindergarten and first grade. He started school struggling to control his frustration levels, believing in himself, and communicating appropriately with classmates. Beth was so incredibly patient, understanding and supportive of him. She researched different techniques to help him develop self control, and communicate respectfully with classmates. Most importantly she taught him to love and believe in himself because he was worthy of it. I honestly believe Beth started my sons school career out for success. My son would not be the kid or student he is today with out her unending and unconditional support and love. Thank you Beth for being the person and educator you are.