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Beverly Guy

Position: Eighth and Ninth Grade Math Teacher
School: Lakeside Junior High School
School District: Springdale School District
City, State: Springdale, AR

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Beverly Guy was nominated by her colleague of six years, Marg Moore.

"It has been my privilege to teach with Mrs. Guy at Lakeside Junior High School during the past three years," said Moore. "Co-teaching with Mrs. Guy in the Alternative Learning Environment provided the opportunity to observe her teaching students with extreme challenges. Mrs. Guy was never stymied by the students’ emotional or intellectual barriers; rather, she insisted that her students would reflect growth in their skills, in order to have a better educational and life experience."

The student population assigned to the ALE program reflect a myriad of problematic behaviors and other challenging issues that negatively affect their learning and achievement. Although Mrs. Guy is keenly cognizant of each student’s’ problematic history, she visualizes the promise of a great future for each of her students. She demonstrates strong efficacy through her teaching strategies, and she clearly understands the importance of making students’ learning experiences relevant and rigorous. She is careful, however, to appropriately include the relational aspect of teaching and learning. Mrs. Guy understands that “They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!” She provides a nurturing environment in her classroom that reflects a genuine concern for all students. Additionally, she reaches out to her students and their families to address and help provide for their needs.

"As a colleague, I have observed the most positive characteristics exemplified through Mrs. Guy," said Moore. "She leads by example. She is a team player, collaborating with the instructional team and reflecting the ability to listen and be receptive to others’ ideas. Mrs. Guy works diligently to ensure that the curriculum is rigorous, and that students are actively engaged in relevant learning. She differentiates instruction for all students, providing them with positive learning experiences. Additionally, I have observed Mrs. Guy reflecting a genuine concern for her students’ well-being, and demonstrating high professionalism relative to her students’ needs."

"Mrs. Guy is a shining example of professionalism and demonstrates instructional skills to assist her students’ academic and personal growth, with the purpose of transforming their life path from the negative to the positive. In conclusion, she exemplifies the professionalism, instructional skills, and personal integrity needed to be a LifeChanger," said Moore.

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Joanna Eaton Posted over a year ago

As an ELA ToSA of Springdale School District (Teacher on Special Assignment), I had a blessed opportunity to observe the teaching and interaction of students with teachers in many classrooms. When I was in Bev Guy’s classroom, I truly did not want to leave. Her expertise in the content was superb, but her love, understanding, and ability to motivate at-risk students to want to engage in the the learning was awe-inspiring. Her students know she cares. The feeling of confidence and acceptance in her classroom is palatable. Bev Guy truly is a life-changer on a daily basis.