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Karin Farkas

Position: Director of Special Services
School: Plesantville Public Schools
School District: Pleasantville Public Schools
City, State: Pleasantville, NJ

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Karin Farkas was nominated by her colleague, Vanessa Jerkins.

"Ms. Farkas is a caring person who is always looking out for her staff," said Jerkins. "Ms. Farkas looks out for the safety of the Student Special Service Department in all different schools throughout our district. It's a privilege to nominate her for this award."

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christine Grabowski Posted over a year ago

Karen Fargus is my supervisor as I am a special education aide. She is most definitely worthy of winning this prestigious award because Mrs Fargus is for the students and for her staff. She is dedicated, and puts her heart into every decision she makes and puts her students first. She has good insight into what our staff needs to be productive with regards to educating our students.