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Cathy Jackson

Position: Special Education Team Chair
School: Brockton Public Schools
School District: Brockton Public Schools
City, State: Brockton, MA

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Cathy Jackson was nominated by Michael Walker, a member of the community.

"For the first time in eight years, I feel like my child and I were heard." How heartening to hear a grandmother in the community say those words after a meeting with Mrs. Jackson. That grandmother went on to state that Mrs. Jackson listened and actively listened - the words were palpable. A grandmother felt "heard" for the first time in eight years.

Consistent with the report of that grandmother, Mrs. Jackson actively listens. She genuinely cares. Mrs. Jackson sets out to discover the truth about the multi-cultural urban school district from those who participate in it. She hears the voices of teachers and minority parents, immigrant families, Latino educators, and the children themselves. She is a difference maker!

Comments (17)

Marvin Gans Posted over a year ago

I worked in the classroom with Cathy for several years as an English teacher at Brockton High. Greatest teacher and person I ever worked with. Kids loved her and she really did the job. I'm retired now but always will have a special place in my heart for her.

Frank & Dorothy Barbour Posted over a year ago

We are friends of Cathy Jackson, attending the same church, Messiah Baptist Church, Brockton, MA. She is very active in the church, involved in several organizations, who always goes out of her way to speak and converse with others. On many occasions, she has mentions positive comments about her students, which demonstrate the expression of joy that she has exhibits. One can understand her devotion and dedication toward her teaching of students. Cathy is a beautiful person, God fearing and deserving of this award and recognitions as LifeChanger of the Year.

Juanita Janey Posted over a year ago

Cathy: What can you say, growing up with the family in church and in school, Cathy is an inspiration to all who know her. Cathy goes above and beyond with helping anyone in need, whether In church or in school, Cathy is there for you, dedicate to her student and fellow co-workers. Mrs. Jackson, you can't ask for a better person to be their for you when needed. Thank you for being my family, friend, and go to person if needed, and never ever turn anyone away, that is her personality and good grace I see in Cathy.

Rozita Waltower Posted over a year ago

As a former teacher, friend and resident of Brockton I know that Cathy is first and most importantly; i well equipped, dedicated and caring to all of her students who need her guidance and expertise as they encounter the various issues in the Brockton Public schools. She builds the bridge that is needed to help the child/parent/system in their time of need. Her passion for helping others extends to the Brockton Community which includes her church where she, her family and I attend.

Vena Ulysse Posted over a year ago

Cathy has been a teacher, colleague and a community supporter for decades in our district. This is a well deserved award for her! Oiur community is proud to have experienced and dedicated educators like her.

Nicole Posted over a year ago

Cathy Jackson is an amazing team chair. It is a daunting feeling walking into IEP meetings, she always makes you feel comfortable and a team member. There were several times as a new SLP in Brockton that Cathy assisted me and smoothed things over for the team to work well together. She is a wonderful, caring person and deserves this award!

wanda alves Posted over a year ago

As a co-worker, I see Cathy Jackson approach her position as a special education team chairperson with professionalism, representing the Brockton Public Schools as she seeks to provide the best possible care and services for our children that BPS can offer. Cathy does not see differences among people, all are treated with respect and kindness. As the other grandmother to her granddaughter, I see first-hand how much she values education, faith, family and community. She models service and commitment and compassion for all. In her job, Cathy changes the lives of her students by helping them to have a successful educational experience that will translate into a better life. Outside of work, she serves her community with the same passion to help where she can. This nomination is well-deserved!

Laura Milano Albert Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of working with Cathy for a decade now. Cathy displays kindness and compassion toward all students and families. She genuinely cares about others, including her colleagues, and is a joy to have in the workplace. Her sense of humor and passion for her work are contagious. She is a person of integrity, grace, and humility. Cathy Jackson is truly deserving of this award!

Toni Todd Posted over a year ago

I have known Cathy for about 20 years both as a colleague, church member and friend. She is a Life Changer. The care and support she gives those around her is priceless. Families in the Brockton Public Schools have been gifted with a knowledgeable and caring listener. I know of no other person who gives of themselves more and is more deserving!

Dulce Dealmeida Posted over a year ago

I met Cathy years ago at Brockton High school,and right from the beginning i could tell that she was a great professional,a person with great integrity,and above all a good Christian.Going to meetings with her has always been a pleasure.she conducts the meetings with such regard for the student involve giving them a voice in the decision making, that inspires one to continue to do the job we were called for. Cathy deserves the award.

Lana Staton Posted over a year ago

Cathy Jaskson, in her teenage years,attending Messiah Baptist; she had the Ability to lead through her Christian training.Cathy always had that speciol gift with skills to lead by example with compassion and patience. It takes a strong Professional educator with skills/Role model to work understanding the different cultures. I am proud to say as her past Youth Director, Cathy Jackson is so well deserving of this award.

Maureen Smith Posted over a year ago

Cathy is a professional and caring educator who can work with everyone. She deeply cares about students and their families and can help them to see how they can help themselves to be the best they can be. Cathy sees that high school students with special needs have a plan so they can go on from high school to have the work experience or further education that is right for them.

Jenelle Blount Posted over a year ago

Cathy is a kind and patient person. She takes the time to listen to you and to understand you. Then her advice or instruction is always well thought out and considerate. Cathy deserves to win this award because of her tireless and selfless efforts towards her students, her colleagues, and her community.

Gwen Nauls Posted over a year ago

As someone who has known Cathy for many years, and a fellow educator myself, I know that she goes above and beyond for her families as well as the students that she works with. This award is well deserved.

Coralotta Darwin Posted over a year ago

What A Committed, Dedicated, and serves Brockton Public Schools and her community Brockton and surrounding communities with love, kindness, understanding, professionalism, integrity, honesty and genuine respect for all! My Sister sets goals and she accomplishes them since a young school girl. She's compassionate and passionate, celebrated 40yrs. Of marriage to her childhood sweetheart, in which, both of them are great people, whom make a positive outstanding difference in the world, and her dedication to special education over numerous years, I know she is so humble, intelligent, special and deserving of this award, and yes, im her proud young sister, Rev. Dr. Coralotta Darwin. Cathy Jackson is an exceptional enthusiastic teacher, leader, role model to her students and the entire Brockton community and surrounding communities.

Marie Posted over a year ago

Cathy uses her abilities to problem solve, to reach out to others with clarity, to listen and connect with the real issues of students and families. She brings together the three entities that make a school system successful: student, family and staff.

Deirdre Smith Posted over a year ago

Cathy Jackson is an amazing woman and educator!