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Dawn Deshazo

Position: Middle School Migrant Tutor
School: Springdale Public Schools
School District: Springdale Public Schools
City, State: Springdale, AR

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Dawn Deshazo was nominated by her colleague, Tammy Guthrie.

Mrs. Deshazo has touched the lives of many students and their families.  Because of her heart and dedication to this group of students - who experience language obstacles as well as poverty issues - they have grown socially and academically.  Mrs. Deshazo has arranged to have medical needs tended to, such as scheduling mini-sports physicals, coordinating dental and eye exams, transporting students to the district medical clinic, etc.

Mrs. Deshazo is also committed to ensuring that no student or their family goes hungry during the holidays.  She has solicited corporate donations, organized food drives, and personally delivered meals to families.  Additionally, Mrs. Deshazo provides valuable information to families about resources available to them such as food pantries and assistance with utility bills and housing.  Furthermore, she has versed herself in academic data so that she can address a student's deficit area, with a focus on reading strategies to help students stay organized and use their time wisely. 

A very valuable and beneficial aspect of Mrs. Deshazo's work is her outreach to Marshallese families.  In order to better understand their culture and needs, Mrs. Deshazo attended a conference led by the Marshallese Education Initiative.  Because of her heart and high expectations for these students, she is looked upon as a mentor and advocate.  Let it be known that she doesn't simply focus on migrant families.  She is an asset for all.  Recently, Mrs. Deshazo spoke at a state conference to share her expertise on how to utilize community support.  As you can see, she is a LifeChanger!

Comments (120)

Harvey Posted over a year ago

all you have to do is go to this website and watch 2 minutes of what she did over spring break and it will support everyones vote that she is most deserving.

Joe Desoto Posted over a year ago

I support Mrs. DeShazo. She is just truly awesome in every way.

Isreal Lupinez Posted over a year ago

I herd about this so To the pepeole who are doing this I want to tell you a story about my family. Their are 9 of us who live in a 2 bed apartment with 1 bathtub. We work very hard for the Cargill company and get our money in ever 2 weeks. lot of time after rent and medicine for our children we have very little money for food. our kids eat at school and we are very thankful for the government who helps us. during holidays they do not have much food and Mrs Dawn brings us a box of food. I know that she takes her own money to get them snacks during the day when other kids have them and ours do not. we thank Jesus for her and she takes care of our family cause we doo not have much things. she should win

Hubby Posted over a year ago

Just a summary of Dawn's Spring Break Food Drive for her kids. She spearheaded the drive which collected over 4000 pounds of food to feed 70 families during the break. This is nutrition the kids would NOT have gotten as they are on the school lunch program. Not only did she organize the project, then she hand delivered the majority of the boxes as they weighed over 50 pounds which the kids could not carry. If the committee does not recognize this woman's commitment to kindness and making a difference, they will have missed the mark on their objective.

Angela Sullins Posted over a year ago

Dawn doesn’t have to feed kids. Dawn doesn’t have to worry about them after hours. Dawn chooses kindness. She chooses to take on the responsibility of those less fortunate. She doesn’t get paid to do this. She does it because it’s inbedded in her heart to care for others. She works hard with little recognition. This is her time to be thanked!

Temme Green Posted over a year ago

Dawn has a heart of gold and has had a huge impact on so many families. She goes the extra mile to help out anyone in need! It’s her gift to our community and we are blessed by her service.

Jill Bradley Posted over a year ago

Dawn DeShazo’s relentless efforts to serve and care for the families in our school district is a beautiful example of sacrificial love. She is a difference-maker!

Evan Posted over a year ago

To the judging committee: Simply put, she is at it again!

Jimmie Lynn Posted over a year ago

I will let the below facebook post by Mrs. Deshazio speak for itself. she does this ever time there is a break at school where the students doent get meals and she puts on a food drive to feed all her migranting students...if she did not do this they would not have food to eat when school is not going on. Jeff Lynn, Springdale, AR .IT IS TIME to start preparing for 2019 Spring Break Nutritional Support. The attached photos are from 2018, as you can see every penny raised and donation received is put to good use! This year I need a minimum of 55 boxes to help my most at risk families to have meals over the 9 days of Spring Break. Each box contains high protein foods as well as fresh fruit. I make sure they have something yummy & sweet too but that is from me I could never have been able to do this without help and am here to ask again. If you would like to contribute items, make a donation or know a vender that could help provide items PLEASE text/msg me. One elementary school has already offered to help with a couple specific items. I will list some of what was included in the past in the comments below. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR SPRINGDALE CHILDREN’s LIVES #LCOY

Barbara Arnold Posted over a year ago

This award would be perfect for Dawn! I feel so strongly that she is the perfect recipient that I am trying to type this with a broken arm! I am a retired migrant tutor who worked with Dawn for several years. She is the perfect advocate for the student population served by the Migrant Program. All she needs to hear is that any child needs anything, and this tremendous energy and determination appear until the need is met. Then she is on to the next issue! Dawn has even sold dog food to raise money for food-insecure children and their parents! These children badly need stability to help them navigate a life which is anything but stable. She provides not only stability but also love, encouragement ,kindness, and any sort of temporal need they lack. Dawn is the total package; the ultimate LifeChanger!

Flor Posted over a year ago

Dawn is an amazing women, she goes above and beyond.He supports each one of her students and makes sures they have everything they need to succeed.

JoAnn Tice Posted over a year ago

Dawn is very deserving of the Life changer award. I am a school nurse at SMS and have the privilege of working closely with Dawn in making things happen for our students.Dawn is very energetic, companionate and loves the students as if they were her own. She always has a great attitude and a smile on her face. I have a deep respect for her in all that she does concearning students and people around her. She is a difference maker.

Shannon Freas Posted over a year ago

She is a teacher at my childs school enough said. SMS Strong.

Coworker Posted over a year ago

Working with Dawn is like standing in middle a wind storm turning you from one direction to the next with lightning speed. She has us laughing to the point of crying with her elaborate way of telling an ordinary story, she carries on multiple conversations at the same time so our heads spin trying to figure out which person she was answering when somehow it’s all of us. I heard from a coworker that her 13 year old daughter told her she was “EXTRA”, and that she is! All in the most amazing way. She will never say no when asked to help even with an already full plate. Her arms are always full, just like her life, Sonic drinks for students that have met goals or snacks for those needing them or decorations for whatever holiday is next. Its always obvious a child has been influenced by Dawn. I had one of the students she worked with and that child came to our school getting C’s and D’s and had moved 3 times by November of 6th grade. Dawn knocked on that home and told the family that child needed to stay put and asked how could she help. When this child left our school May of 7th grade, it was a different child. Solid B student with a couple A’s, no unwarranted absences and confident with many friends. I have zero hesitation saying this was all due to Dawn and her pushy, loving, mom-like, stubborn nature. She makes each of her students believe in themself.

Jesus Morales Posted over a year ago

Last Christmas my wife and I did not have work but mrs. Deshazo found a way to provide our familie with a big Christams turkey and so presents for my children. She is a wonderful person for doing this and I did not even know who she was until she came to our house.My children like her very much and like going to h er school.

Jillian Elam Posted over a year ago

There are so many things I could say about Mrs. DeShazo but I’ll just start with a few throughout this year she has found a way to make me laugh and has always proven to be a kind person. She finds a way to pick people up when there down! Every time I see her in the hall I notice a huge smile on her face! Mrs. DeShazo is truly a life changer.

Hannah Elam Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Deshazo is one of the kindest and funniest people I have ever met. She is always there for me when I need help with something and she is always there to make me laugh. All in all, I believe that Mrs. Deshazo is very deserving of this award.

Taylor Kline Posted over a year ago

Dawn DeSahzo is more than deserving. She goes above and beyond to help her students and her community.

Sarah Downum Posted over a year ago

Sometimes you are blessed to watch a person do what they are called to do, and if you are really lucky, you get to see the benefits of their work from a very close perspective. Dawn's commitment to kids is unquestionable and unwavering. She is an asset not only to her migrant program students, but offers her assistance wherever and whenever there may be a need. I am proud to work alongside her.

Teresa Hall Posted over a year ago

Dawn is an amazing and tireless person who utilizes resources and reaches far beyond necessity to provide for the many families and students in need. She is well connected in the Springdale community and networking is second nature to her when it comes to finding provisions for those in need. There seems to be no task or challenge that is beyond her spectrum of talents and I do not know anyone who is more deserving of this recognition.

Bartley Webb Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the privilege of working with Dawn the last 3 years and can honestly say I don’t know if there is anybody else that cares for the kids in our school and in our school district as much as she does. She is a glowing example of what school employees should be.

rolo mandemortz Posted over a year ago

Misses Dawn has changed my daughters life by taking care of her so much. She was very scared when we moved to Arkansas but after about a weak in school Marianetta came home very happy telling us very much about a woman at her school who was kind to her and helped her with her schoolwork she did not understand. a week later Misses Dawn took my daughter shopping for new shoes and soks for her birthday. She came home very proud of her shoes and that she had a Chicn Filet for lunch which she had never before ate. I do not know the teacher but I do know that my daughter is very comfortable and now she likes going to school which she did not want to do before.

Veronica Baltazar Posted over a year ago

Amazing person and with our students in need even more with that strong dedication to help and how above and beyond she reaches out for these kiddos is truly amazing and helpful. And does it even with style! You go Dawn??

Jason House Posted over a year ago

Dawn is so deserving of this recognition. She is a tireless advocate for our students and goes above and beyond every day to serve there needs. Congratulations Dawn!!

Jen Posted over a year ago

She deserves this

Lenora Picolet Posted over a year ago

Dawn is INCREDIBLE! She works so hard to make sure students/parents have the help they need. Dawn listens to the students and is always available to them and their parents. She works even after work hours and always with a smile. Dawn Deshazo is so deserving of this award! Springdale Public Schools and Springdale are blessed to have this lady and her dedication.

Sheila Duffy Posted over a year ago

Mrs Deshazo, should you ever be able to hire an assistant or should you need to be cloned, please consider me. I would love the very tiring, very loving, very worthy work that you do! Godspeed!

Ursula Galvez Posted over a year ago

I am always impressed with all the work that Dawn does with her students. She goes above and beyond her duties and cares about all the aspects in the students’ life. She definitely makes a difference in the life of each student. She deserves to win this award.

James Gorzell Posted over a year ago

I’m nothing but amazed by all that Dawn has accomplished in the many years I’ve known her. Her relentless drive and emphaty has made a difference in so many lives. She is very much deserving of this award!

Mike Adams Posted over a year ago

I don’t know Dawn personally but I have seen things on Kieth’s Facebook Page about her and I think she is deserving of this award.

Laurie Adkins Posted over a year ago

Dawn should win this.

Jason Jett Posted over a year ago

There is not enough space for the allocates for Ms. Dawn. She changes lives daily as a personal objective and not as an exception. Just plain REMARKABLE!

Katie mcCraney Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Deshazo is a very genuine and kind hearted person, as that shows through her love for helping others. She is a great mentor and truly cares about making a difference. Her commitment and enthusiasm for helping others is inspiring and it is great to see her nominated for such an honorable award!

Sarah Deverges Posted over a year ago

Dawn is exactly the partner you want to have! Her heart for kids is inspiring.

Todd A. Loftin Posted over a year ago

Dawn has done so much for our kids. She organized canned food drives, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, along with providing gifts for students in need. She personally mentors and helps students in ways beyond their needs. She takes a personal interest in the success of kids. She is in true essence a life changer and is making a real difference in the lives of kids.

Jim Hurst Posted over a year ago

You are very fortunate to have Dawn Deshazo or your side! She defines the word and concept of tirelessness dedication to the students and causes is passionate about. I have no doubt that each of your nominees is deserving of this honor, but I am confident you will not find any one better than Dawn!

Andrea Long Posted over a year ago

What an impact she is making in the lives of our children and their families!!! I support Dawn.

Andrea Dittmore Posted over a year ago

Dawn is one of the most selfless and kind-hearted individuals I have ever met. Whether she is helping a student, friend, or organization she gives 200% of her time, talent, energy and love to the situation.

Brianna Gates Posted over a year ago

It’s amazing to see how Dawn has impacted to many! She has always been so kind and generous in my time of knowing this sweet woman. I believe she would be more than deserving of this award!

Kasey Bare Posted over a year ago

Dawn is amazing. She works so incredibly hard for this kids! She deserves every part of this!!!!

Tracy Blessing Posted over a year ago

Dawn provides vital information to our community on how we can help and who needs our help. She is a vital link between those that need support and those who can provide it. Her resourcefulness continues to amaze me. She always manages to find a way to fill a need. These are the reasons that she is a Life Changer. #LCOY

Melissa Wilson Posted over a year ago

We ?? Mrs. Deshazo at SMS!

Linda Miller Posted over a year ago

Dawn is incredible in her work with Springdale families! She has an infectious personality, smile and laughter that draws everyone to her! She has her priorities in order--Faith, Family and Friends--and radiates with love for others. She never puts herself first! She deserves this award for all her hard work and tireless efforts to take care of others! I am proud to call Dawn a Friend!

Debbie Flora Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Deshazo supports so many children beyond the children assigned to her at the middle school. She supports students at our elementary school, too. She goes above and beyond to be sure that students' physical, emotional, and academic needs are met. She is a motivator, who enthusiastically recruits others to help meet the needs of children. Her energy extends beyond the classroom. Additionally, she has supported students' reading during the summer months through initiating summer book clubs for neighborhood children. No need, big or small, goes unmet by Mrs. Deshazo!

Loekie Maddra Posted over a year ago

Most certainly deserves this honor! She does so much for the students in Springdale School District!!

Anita Pope Posted over a year ago

So deserving of this award!!

Kristen Billingsley Posted over a year ago

I support Dawn! Doing great things for all those in our community

Nicole Morrow Posted over a year ago

Dawn you are a very deserving person of this award and our family supports you all the way u have made our move to the area alot easier and made us feel comfortable with our girls in the Springdale schools. we were worried that they would have trouble adjusting to the bigger school but they have blown us away with how far off we were by getting some of highest grades they have ever received and wanting to get up and go to school everyday and we believe that you are the reason so thank you

Karla Posted over a year ago

I support Dawn!

Larry Morrow Posted over a year ago

Mrs D. Is awesome and has helped our family with info and helped get our kids a bed she is a sweet lady with a big heart she has made our family feel like we a welcome part of the community

Karen Killen Posted over a year ago

Dawn is very deserving of this award. She gives so much of her time helping our students and families in Springdale schools. She is a friend that can be counted upon any time there is a need.

Kaci Phipps Posted over a year ago

Dawn’s commitment to all our students— most especially Migrant students— goes back almost two decades. She always goes above and beyond to make sure that our students’ needs are not only met but are also exceeded. There is NO ONE more deserving of this honor than Dawn DeShazo.

Karen Killen Posted over a year ago

I support Dawn! She spends so much of her time giving to our community and schools. She is a friend that can be counted upon any time there is a need. She is very deserving of life changer of the year!

Alisha Carson Posted over a year ago

Dawn is an amazing coworker and I’m so amazed at all of the work she does for our migrant students. She deserves this award!

Mila morris Posted over a year ago

This lady has such a huge heart and is so incredibly deserving of being honored with this award for all of her hard work she does for the Springdale school system!!

Jamey Smithson Posted over a year ago

Ms Dawn is a servant before self. A true servants heart. We are thankful to have her in our community!

Aliah Jones Posted over a year ago

This sweet lady is well deserving of this award. I support Dawn!

Debby Andrews Posted over a year ago

Never ! Have I seen anyone work as tirelessly as Dawn on behalf of others. None of us know how she manages to do all she does. I wish we all had that kind of heart and energy.

Tyler B. Clark Posted over a year ago

Dawn is an amazing and kind spirit and so very deserving of this award! Springdale is lucky to have her as an advocate working hard for those who are often left voiceless. Tyler B. Clark Executive Director Single Parent Scholarship Fund of NWA

Donna Gorzell Posted over a year ago

Knowing Dawn for 15 years plus as a family friend, she is a kind and wonderful person. She loves people in general and very selfless. She deserves this honorable recognition.

Cathy Bowerman Posted over a year ago

I support Dawn DeShazo

Pat Bowerman Posted over a year ago

I support Dawn!

Gina Posted over a year ago

Dawn is a beautiful person inside and out! She is a dedicated and so loving to her students. What a good role model she is to all of us!!

Clydia Combs Posted over a year ago

What a perfect nomination! She truly has a servant’s heart!

Lasalo Menke Posted over a year ago

Mrs. D is the best. She helps me whenever I need help. She is a person who anyone can trust and a person to love. And she is also my life changed

Caroline S Holmesley Posted over a year ago

I support Dawm

Rene Griep Posted over a year ago

I support Dawn Deshazo!

kenzie ratcliff Posted over a year ago

yay mrs dawn!!!

Drew Bozarth Posted over a year ago

Dawn is the kind of person who ardently and selflessly fights for what she believes in, so it is not a surprise at all to see her as a candidate for this award. The award could not go to a better candidate, and I give Dawn the highest of recommendations.

Karen Posted over a year ago

Such a wonderful person

Ashley Marcum Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dawn Deshazo! Your hard work does not go unrecognized. You make a difference!

Cherryl Kierath Posted over a year ago

I support Dawn Deshazo doing great things!

Michele Banze Posted over a year ago

Congrats, Dawn Deshazo, for the recognition for a job well done! I support you! ??

Rebecca S Bowerman-Bozarth Posted over a year ago

Dawn is an incredible advocate for children. She has the most compassionate heart and will not cease in her pursuit to care for those who have a need, big or small. She sacrifices much of herself and her personal time to ensure children are cared for and loved. Her drive and determination are second to none and her love for children is inspiring.

Kristal Thomas Posted over a year ago

I can honestly say that my sister is a product of her environment and is now paying it forward and helping so many people! Growing up we saw how a community can change, help and give life to our little sister. They say it takes a village.... But it ALWAYS has to start with one person to drive the passion and bring life to the thought! My loving sister has been helping with this adventure for the last several years, but has gone above and beyond all of her life in touching and making a difference to so many! She has instilled this selflessness in her children as well! When there is a need at hand, the DeShazo's step up! Just like several years ago, with the tornado victims in Oklahoma. My nephew saw the need to help and the family stepped up and had supplies and shoes showing up at her front door from all over so that my nephew could go deliver and help these tornado victims. This is only one example! She is hard working, determined and a blessing to all that know her! She most certainly is a LIFE CHANGER! I'm very proud of her and honored to know that she has been nominated! This is why I have always looked up to her! #yourock #LCOY

Kara Posted over a year ago

Dawn deserves this award! She goes above and beyond for her community always!

Raul Casillas Posted over a year ago

I have been trying to decide what to say about Mrs. DeShazo because in just the last couple weeks there have been stores and incidents and I am not sure which one best describes her.  They all exude her qualities and accomplishments with her students and one really isn’t better than the other.  Maybe describing her will give a better picture than any story could. Dawn DeShazo is a mom, a wife, a friend and a fierce advocate for anyone she thinks needs anything. She is a red headed, lipstick wearing, talk with her hands, exuberant personality, afraid of nothing yet claims she is shy.  Sometimes she is just a hilarious woman.  You never know what to expect other than you can count on her to help with whatever you bring to her. Especially if it involves a child, and it does not even have to be one of her students. Medical attention-done, beds when a family of 5 share 1 bed-done, and with new mattresses and bedding, extra help on a school project-done, food to get through the weekend-done, sports equipment-done.... this woman cares for the whole child and that is what makes her a true life changer. She makes them see a future and that they can attain that future regardless of their heritage, background, or migrant status.

Joe DeSoto Posted over a year ago

Something not all may realize about Mrs. DeShazo, because she always seems to be right where she is needed at the right time, is that she works at all 4 of Springdale School District’s middle schools. Trying to be sure she stays connected to all of students is her priority. Every teacher and administrator knows her personal cell number 24/7/365, and she even gives it to all of her students and parents just in case they need her outside of school hours. Feeling connected to someone, to the community is something she wants for all her students. They may move into a school outside the time to register for school or city run sports. It doesn't matter, she picks up the phone or walks in the youth center and makes it happen. Coaches and directors know she isn't leaving until she gets that child on a team so they might as well accept it and give her the paperwork. More often than not her cell is the number to call, she makes sure the families get practice schedules, needed info for games and even the proper equipment required. I have heard her say that a child needs to know they are cared about to be able to care about themselves, any child lucky enough to be out in her path will know they are cared about. Thanks

Maria Nieto Posted over a year ago

Dawn is such an inspirations for many people. All hard work and long hours she puts in to make sure her students are provided everything they need: nutritional, educational, emotional and health support. The well being if her students is first than anything. For 3 years straight for spring break, Dawn has provided nutritional support, 40-50lbs of good protein rich food. She does all the shopping and packing and delivers to about 50% of the students unable to pick up due to both parents working or no vehicle. Dawn goes above and beyond for her students, she is a life changer!

Veronica Nieto Posted over a year ago

Manny local heroes go unnoticed. Dawn Deshazo is an outstanding women who is willing to go the extra mile to be able to provide for her students. Dawn never asks anything of anyone that she hasn't shown she is willing to do herself. A student may be new to the school, may not be dressed well, may not be popular, may not be confident and yet she finds a way to make them believe in themselves, to help them realize they are as normal as the child they sit beside in class and that good friends are forever friends no matter how far apart they may move. She was telling me the other day how a former ESL student still texts her when he is worried or needs help. He wasn't feeling well and explained they didnt have money to go to the doctor and his neck and Apple core hurt (he didn't know it's called Adam's apple:) She knew what school he was currently attending so contacted the nurse there to be sure she would call him in and check on him. It doesn't matter to Dawn that these children move away, in her heart they will always be hers to care about.

Jamy Livingston Posted over a year ago

Dawn not only goes beyond but is a great encourager to get her surrounding community involved to make the biggest impact possible! Thank you Dawn!

Becky Combs Posted over a year ago

I highly recommend Dawn for Life Changer if the Year. She goes above and beyond for all of our students!

Maria Vazquez Posted over a year ago

Dawn is a great caring person, she loves the kids and always does everything she can to help. Really hope she gets recognize for her hard work.

Jean Ann sadler Posted over a year ago

Dawn is a very caring person and would certainly deserve this award

blakelyn combs Posted over a year ago

go mrs dawn!!

Linden Combs Posted over a year ago

Dawn’s giant heart and pure intentions have impacted my life greatly. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help someone else. She is so deserving of this award!

Terri Mangel Posted over a year ago

Dawn is most deserving of this award. Her dedication to her students and their families is out standing. Without a doubt Dawn is definitely a life changer.

Stacy Davis Posted over a year ago

Dawn works hard for her students and families, always going above and beyond!

Karrie Combs Posted over a year ago

Dawn has a heart of gold! She works tirelessly and networks the community to help the kids that need it most. She provides support for these kids, but also creates relationships with families to just help them help themselves. She is SO deserving of any award and would use any recognition to benefit her kids!

Kenna Reynolds Posted over a year ago

You could not have chosen a person with a more giving & loving heart for her students than Dawn. I am honored to support her. #LCOY

Debbie Marino Posted over a year ago

Dawn’s dedication to helping others is amazing! I’m so proud of her! She deserves recognition for all her hard work to help others. Love you Dawn!

Candy Meyers Posted over a year ago

I have known Dawn as a young teen, her roots run deep into the volunteer community. At an early age, Dawn was able to witness what a community as a whole can accomplish. I can think of no other person more deserving of this accolade, I know in her mind, the recognition will not be about her, rather her cause. Good luck beautiful girl, your lucky Penny is with you’

Shirley Willett Posted over a year ago

I support Dawn Deshazo, her work is out standing and her heart is 100% .

Darrin Storms Posted over a year ago

Dawn is incredibly deserving of this award. She always goes above and beyond to help the kids that need it the most!

Bonnie Wolfe Posted over a year ago

I have witnessed first hand Dawn’s heart for students and their families. She is an advocate for many students who might otherwise not have anyone in their lives rooting for them.

William Murphy Posted over a year ago

My wife and I are proud to support Dawn for this most deserved award in recognition of you selfless support of the underprivileged.

Jim Struwe Posted over a year ago

Dawn, you are a very special person doing the work of angels. The size of your heart must fill your whole being. Service above self!!!

Blair Cartwright Posted over a year ago

Dawn has been and continues to be such a blessing to our school system and community. Her efforts are inspiring, impactful, and most appreciated!! We really do need more people like Dawn in the world.

M .Brooks Posted over a year ago

Support 100% . I’ve actually have meet and talked to a parent who’s child Dawn has made such a positive impact in thier child life, and those parents were so greatful for Dawn passion to help others ,they kept asking me do you know her but they didn’t pronounce her name where I could understand so I would sake my head and say naw but if I see her it shouldn’t be to hard to miss her wings .

Caitlin Parker Posted over a year ago

Dawn offers such great support! She is a valuable member of the team and we are lucky to have her working in Springdale!

Kylee Richardson Posted over a year ago

Dawn puts her full heart in soul into making the lives of her students better. Truly an inspiration

Robin Joseph Posted over a year ago

I am happy to show support for Dawn DeShazo. I work with her on a daily basis and can see firsthand her heart for the students she serves. She works tirelessly to fill their needs and advocate for them. Dawn oversees a large number of students and does so with compassion and grace. I highly recommend Dawn DeShazo for Life Changer of the Year.

Heather Dizney Posted over a year ago

I support Dawn 150%. She’s amazing! She loves each of these children as if they are her own and she works tirelessly to ensure they have everything they need. She has a servants heart and I, for one, am blessed to call her a friend! Couldn’t find a more deserving person if you tried!

Randall Craig, MSSW Posted over a year ago

There are many who see these kids as “others”, even a threat to American culture. Dawn values them, sees their potential as members of the community, and treats them with respect and dignity. She goes way beyond what would normally be expected, creatively finding resources to meet tremendous need. I wonder what this country would be like if there were more like her.

Kyle DeShazo Posted over a year ago

I've known Dawn for 25+ years and her heart is as big as the State of Texas. She works way above her pay grade to make sure her students are care for and loved. She makes the City of Springdale a better place to live and raise a family. She is a LifeChanger and I am fortunate she is a part of our family. Good luck and bless you for your hard work.

Tyler Hoover Posted over a year ago

What an incredible person! We need more people like Mrs. Deshazo in our School systems acrros the country. Keep up the great work!

Monica Lopez-Gallo Posted over a year ago

I met Dawn in a Migrant State Conference and she made a great impression on me, she is passionate about education and showing love and compassion to the students and their families. I am an immigrant a "privileged one", but leaving your country, family and culture is always very difficult and heartbreaking; I can't imagine the way some students feel coming to the United States not knowing the language or the culture, so afraid and feeling alone in the school. Dawn is a light for them, she is the friendly person, the giving hand, the open heart, the strong woman who helps and encourage the students. Dawn is a LIfeChanger.

NICOLE HUTCHISON Posted over a year ago

I support Dawn Deshazo! Dawn's love/support has touched so many lives and she has made a huge impact in the Springdale community. Dawn advocates for the less fortunate on a daily basis! Keep up the great work Dawn - keep being the LifeChanger you are!

Tamara Mcnelly Posted over a year ago

Dawn, is an inspiration. Someone who makes the community a better place and inspires others to do the same.

Ray Burwell Posted over a year ago

How can you not support someone who is working so hard to change lives on a daily basis? In an ever changing world, she is a world changer. Thank you for your selfless efforts Mrs Dawn!

Karla Dugger Posted over a year ago

The love Dawn DeShazo has for her students is that of a mother's love. The way she takes care to make sure they not only have everything they need to succeed at school, she also makes sure they have basic needs met at home through out the school year. She is an amazing person and we need more people like her.

Darcy Kline Posted over a year ago

Dawn DeShazo is a selfless person. She goes above and beyond to help her students. She works with the students in all academic areas to help them improve and get them up to speed with where they should be. She also makes certain that all their medical needs are taken care of. This means scheduling appointments, finding transportation and at times having medical professionals provide pro bono work in order to have students needs met. During the school year and throughout the summer Dawn contacts local businesses to collect food and toiletries for the students she serves to insure that they have food to eat during the holidays and throughout the summer. I can not say enough about Dawn DeShazo and the impact she has had on the students and families she works with.

Keith Deshazo Posted over a year ago

Of course, one would think I am bias in support of Dawn as I am her spouse but I must submit some remarks that the general public would be unaware of. In view of the criteria to be considered as Life Changer of the Year, I comment to each: +Make a positive impact in the lives of students: the migrant student population is in general, "lost" as they enter a new school on a revolving basis, some not speaking the English language or even knowing what their home address is. Dawn takes each and every one under her caring wing and dissipates their anxiety becoming the liaison between home environment and the school system. I see on a regular basis that these students cling to her as a security blanket and will communicate with her when they will not speak or engage with anyone else. Her nurturing compassion is contagious and the entire migrant population looks to her for direction. She teaches them manners, language, cares for their health, provides them resources, and interacts with parents who are as well, unfamiliar with the schools and benefits associated with it. +Enhance their school or district’s atmosphere, culture and pride: As noted above, she is the link, the moderator, the facilitator, the touch point, the psychologist, the crying shoulder and the mentor of children who others brush off as outsiders. +Demonstrate exemplary leadership at the school and/or district level; Not only that, she has spoken at the state capital in issues of child abuse prevention and proper social inner-action with children outside the mainstream. +Possess a proven record of professional excellence: Offered numerous positions within the school system which would be advancement or financially beneficial; she has turned them all down as the passion she has for those in need exceeds the day to day routine of administration. She protects and mentors these kids so they can continue to grow, produce, and contribute as the move through their life's path. +Adhere to the highest ethical standards: UNCHALLENGED It should be noted that Dawn goes far beyond the 8-5 regiment of teaching. Her heart felt concern for those in need is her greatest character asset…I know as I watched her stay up following the tornado in Joplin, MO which literally wiped out the town. Immediately she began heading a "shoe drive" all through that night collecting the most needed item in the disaster; 300 pairs of shoes which she drove to the relief center the next day. During spring break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas when the kids are on break from school, many of them do not have meals as they are on the school lunch program which is the only meal of their day. That just does not resonate well with Dawn as she beats on doors and networks her circle of friends in food drives so the students have food over the breaks. Some of these children live in conditions that I will not let her drive into the area alone. A SRO officer escorts her in some cases to deliver boxes of non refrigerated necessities. I could show you some pictures of my garage as I speak as it is full of shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes, tooth paste, and sanitary supplies which she has compiled along with mountains of hand me downs to put together some level of gifts for the kids for the holidays. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture…she is tireless in her efforts to help change these kids who need help in so many ways

Ian Hewitt Posted over a year ago

We need more people like Mrs. DeShazo in our schools and in our communities. Thank you for what you do and how you do it, Mrs. DeShazo!

Ronald Dean Bradley Posted over a year ago

I have seen Dawn go way beyond to help those students in need especially during the Holiday seasons and summer months. She truly has a servants heart and does so many things to help student that are less fortunate. She does this out of a caring and loving heart and draws no attention to her self. Thank you for all you do and the difference it makes in so many kids life's. Ron Bradley

Michael Bryant Posted over a year ago

I support Dawn Deshazo, her work is out standing and her heart is 100% .

Hope Resor Posted over a year ago


Corey Davidson Posted over a year ago

Dawn works really hard for the kids in Springdale. She wants to make sure they are all fed and taken care of. She works tirelessly in food and necessity drives to provide for the poor children in the area.

Lexi Cobb Posted over a year ago

I fill heartily agree!

Tammy Jill Guthrie Posted over a year ago

Way to go Dawn! Thanks for all you do